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  1. BTW, it's been over two years since I've been on here and I am doing MUCH, much better! Even slow progress is progress...
  2. Hi and thanks! How it came to be is being undiagnosed for 10+ years plus high mercury poisoning, MTHFR, sleep apnea...
  3. CaliSparrow

    White rice causing stomach issues?

    Right. I first had gluten-free oats back in '13 shortly after going gluten-free but they hurt my stomach and I haven...
  4. I folks, Have any of you travelled on Princess Cruises with multiple intolerances? I have so many intolerances...
  5. CaliSparrow

    White rice causing stomach issues?

    When I was first dealing with a gut in disrepair, I was unable to tolerate rice. A few years later, I have added it back...
  6. Sadly, this person was run off by the "moderator" here and I could've benefitted from this person's experience. Anyone...
  7. Thank you for your response. I received iv iron in '09 but there was more of an effort to increase my hemoglobin &amp...
  8. Honey, my intestines are't completely useless and there has been improvement over time. Anyone out there ever done...
  9. Hi folks, So my doctor saw a pattern in my old labs and said my body isn't absorbing nutrients and have been this way...
  10. CaliSparrow

    Please Help...feeling So Discouraged!

    I also found success with the food intolerance blood test. Mine was a different company. As soon as I eliminated those...
  11. CaliSparrow

    My Heart

    Thank you! I wish I had gone through Mayo years ago when a friend of mine recommended it. At the time, I was too ill...
  12. CaliSparrow

    My Heart

    Thank you for your replies everybody. My cardiologist says I have a mild-moderate leak in my tricuspid valve that needs...
  13. CaliSparrow

    It's Not Insomnia

    That's so good to hear I can't wait for normal!
  14. I stopped eating out until getting in better control of this thing. I haven't been glutened this year *knock on wood...