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  1. BTW, it's been over two years since I've been on here and I am doing MUCH, much better! Even slow progress is progress nevertheless. To all you newbies, may you champion self-care and HANG IN THERE
  2. Hi and thanks! How it came to be is being undiagnosed for 10+ years plus high mercury poisoning, MTHFR, sleep apnea and deficiency of a hormone that helps the kidneys hang onto water (so for many years, I was deprived of nutrition, oxygen, water and poisoned on top of it with a faulty mechanism...
  3. Right. I first had gluten-free oats back in '13 shortly after going gluten-free but they hurt my stomach and I haven't had any until just recently. I think they are just rough on the digestive track for some people.
  4. I folks, Have any of you travelled on Princess Cruises with multiple intolerances? I have so many intolerances and right now, I'm very nervous about getting on a ship and having no control over my food. How well does Princess Cruises accommodate those with Celiac & food intolerances? ...
  5. When I was first dealing with a gut in disrepair, I was unable to tolerate rice. A few years later, I have added it back in but don't eat a lot of it. Oats are still out of the question.
  6. The cold bug got me but, kind of a blessing right now.

  7. That is so good to read, Dee. Someday I hope you are rewarded with many grandchildren.
  8. [quote name="Waitingindreams" timestamp="1398709778"]Have you thought of trying paleo bread? It is grain free..it typically contains almond and/or coconut flour. You might be able to find some in the freezer section of one of the health stores near you! It's pricey at about $10.00 a loaf, but personally...
  9. CaliSparrow

    Turn It Around

    I can't get this song out of my head.
  10. This is a short vent. The assisted living my mom is in had a party Thursday night. They have one every month which has been good for the residents and the families. This time, it came right before Easter. I've got to tell them not to put their events so close to a holiday. It's not unusual for...
  11. I'm doing some gentle sun salutes before bed because some of you inspired me :)

  12. 106 days since last glutening. Longest stretch ever!

  13. [quote name="1desperateladysaved" timestamp="1397339451"]It sounds like you will be able to test it much later when you feel like rocking the boat.  Trouble is, if you are like me, you never want to rock the boat![/quote] Yeah, it didn't dawn on me that I would be rocking the boat. I toggle...
  14. Well, last night, hubby and I thought we'd treat ourselves to a little gluten-free bread. He had problems after eating it and I'm having issues today. Not leaving the house kind of issues. It's not something that is on my diet and I really didn't think a little gluten-free bread would bother me...