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  1. When I get glutened it is a general cramping pain, with some intense bouts, with nausea and usually heartburn later. If it's really bad, my lower back can hurt but maybe that's my posture. The lasting pain tends to be on the right side, down low and/or under the rib cage. It can be sharp and...
  2. Wow, I could have written the last two posts, more or less ! I think when you are glutened, you are already "down" - it doesn't take much to get you down further. I tend to avoid dairy & soy as well - but I can get away with a little now & then (of course I can never 'get away' with gluten...
  3. Interesting - I can't do Lay's stacks chips even though they should be safe - but then I think I'm developing a more sensitive dairy issue. Tostitos are hit & miss. It is SO hard to travel. I'm with family right now and we made sushi 2 days ago & I am still recovering. No obvious gluten...
  4. I KNOW I've been glutened by so called gluten-free items. I am a pretty sensitive celiac and a very careful one. When I am at home and get sick I can usually pinpoint exactly what got me, mostly because my diet doesn't vary too much. Off the top of my head, I know Kettle chips affect me, despite...
  5. What gives ? The bag says gluten free but my intestinal tract says otherwise ! A few months ago I tried the (gluten free) BBQ flavor and next thing I knew I had headaches & gut cramps...ugh, just let me lie down & leave me alone. So, I'm in Costco the other day and I see the baked...
  6. I'm an older athlete...not sure I have any testimonials to include (diagnosed in my mid 30s). At any rate, I think one of the hardest things with dealing with celiacs is avoiding gluten everywhere. This may be especially hard for younger folks. I'm a lifeguard & I work with a lot of teens and...
  7. I don't know what the "VH" stands for but does anyone know if this brand is on the safe list ? In Canada Extra Foods (and probably Superstore) carries it. I looked at it the other day & I noticed that it's lower sodium soy sauce doesn't list wheat - is it safe ? They have a variety of other sauces...
  8. After a wicked virus that triggered my celiacs, GERD was a big issue for me. I'm one of those that had stomach issues all my life but "mild". I had reflux when I was pregnant, a bit - but that is expected to a point. Well, after this virus I had reflux a lot, stomach pain, and lots of acid. I also...
  9. If you like to make your own, Knorr has a "Simply" line of broths that don't list gluten (ie. Simply Beef broth, Simply Chicken, and Vegetable). I buy this and have had success ! Knorr's other soups clearly list gluten after the ingredients ("may contain traces of gluten").
  10. Wow, sushi not gluten-free ! My recipe books make sushi rice with rice vinegar, mirin, sugar, and salt...no broth. I would expect *most* sushi places do not use broth at all. I find it's the soy sauce that can get me or the "fake" crab stuff - that imitation crab contains wheat. I make...