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  1. NorthernElf

    Celiac Caused By Virus?

    I had a bit of a finicky tummy all my life, but it was a virus about 12 years ago that took me down for over a week ...
  2. NorthernElf

    Amazon <dot> Ca

    I'm guessing most of you are in the US....it's new in Canada. I actually have ordered through US to a US address before...
  3. Oh my goodness !!! So we finally got gluten-free food through our amazon...instead of just books. So....I put stuff...
  4. I don't anymore...really hate getting sick ! Maybe I'm just sensitive but it's so not worth it.
  5. NorthernElf

    Hemorrhoids - When To Worry?

    Alright, you guys are a bad influence....um, have you tried the Enjoy Life 'Chocolate' chunks ? Mmmmm....,.
  6. NorthernElf

    Hemorrhoids - When To Worry?

    I agree it's probably a fissure. My whole journey here started with an extreme virus that 'purged' my body for a week...
  7. Keep plugging along....guess it's really all one can do !!! I am on my way to a rare blood disorder clinic next month...
  8. NorthernElf

    Swimming Question

    I work at a pool and love the hot tub. ;-) The chemicals in the pools breakdown things like lotion, sweat, etc. Hot...
  9. Right now Lupus in on m list of things getting checked out. There are several problems with getting Lupus figured...
  10. NorthernElf

    Calling All Canadians

    I am admittedly not a big coconut fan but I didn't like them. They are basically coconut mixed with icinjg sugar (first...
  11. NorthernElf

    Celiac And Ibs

    I agree ! I had IBS for years (couple of decades) before getting sick with a bad virus that wouldn't let me keep anything...
  12. Ditto - thought they looked yummy....read the warning...put 'em back on the shelf. Glad the warning is there though...
  13. NorthernElf

    Fasting After A Glutening? Pros And Cons?

    I agree with a light diet and lots of fluids. After a glutening it seems as if everything I eat has gluten...! It's really...
  14. NorthernElf

    Does Gerd Get Any Better?

    Definitely but you may still have to manage it a little. Don't eat too much at one time, watch the fatty food and the...
  15. NorthernElf

    Peanut Butter

    I have my own jar of peanut butter, well labelled & I can still react to pb. It's not a gluten reaction, it's a peanut...