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  1. I'm down the road from Vail. It's not the middle of no where and not far from Denver actually. I think it has something to do with being at 8500 feet. Altitude and cooking or something. Kansas City had good food!
  2. I remember Minsky's! I never ate there since being diagnosed but they had great gluteny pizza! I went on my first date there. Anyway...Colorado food pretty much is awful. I am making chicken drumsticks, homemade oven fries and asparagus.
  3. For me not at all. Sometimes getting sweaty makes my dh itch more. What you are talking about sounds like the rash that people get from Lupus. That is very light sensitive.
  4. Johnsons Baby shampoo has been helping my scalp DH. Maybe give it a try.
  5. Thanks. I used their find a product thing and they have it at my store. I'll give it a try.
  6. I am making taco salad tonight. I'm kind of not digging Pace salsa anymore. Anyone know of any good ones?
  7. Ditto to Squirming's pics. Mine looks EXACTLY like yours.
  8. They do that here too with the shorts in the freezing cold weather. Not me! I sit inside and hibernate. It doesn't get hot here in the summer, in fact, no one has air conditioning here b/c it doesn't get hot enough. Speaking of a weird bunch, we have no mail delivery here..We have to drive...
  9. Travel, where in the heck are you Russia? LOL. I thought -14 was cold. -30 makes my bones hurt just thinking about it. Heck I guess when it's into minuses, it all feels the same. Stay warm!!!
  10. Talk about freezing your butt off, you and me both! It was -14 here this morning. Yes, thats a minus!
  11. Ok, here goes....this should go down as an all time unhealthy celiac "dinner". Hubs working really late and I have been cooking ALL week so I had : 3 corn tortillas, pepperoni, a dr. Pepper and some lays stax. Whoooohoooo! I'll have fruit later..or wine.....or fruit.........ok...wine