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  1. GFreeMO


    Thanks Bart. What a wonderful doctor you found!!!! I hear ya about the regular Tylenol making my pain worse..That couldnt be more true. GP said ask gastro....I keep getting pushed around....crazy because it's just tylenol. I took regular Tylenol yesterday and by night, I had D 3 times and a migraine all day today....stupid corn.
  2. Corn gives me the same symptoms as being glutened. Really ticks me off b/c it's in every single processed food in this country. With that said, I need some corn free pain reliever. How would I get a RX for this so I could get it filled at a compounding pharmacy. I asked my gastro's nurse and she said take's a small amount of this to my gut and my migraine. Anyone know?
  3. Yeah...I'm more into the natural route. I have mint plants and I drink the mint tea every day. It really does help. You can buy plain mint tea at the store. I drink it hot with sugar. It's pretty good.
  4. I am dealing with the same thing. Cedar here too and the pine trees. I could have written pricklypear's response myself. I hope you feel better soon! - And Happy Birthday
  5. GFreeMO


    BabsV, Thank you for sharing that. I read on here so many times that people quit eating gluten and in 2 weeks they feel great. That is not the case with me. Some of my celiac issues have resolved but the gut pain hasn't. I am off gluten, all grains, dairy and soy. Hopefully in time I will feel better. I hope that I am ok with egg yolks b/c I eat hard boiled eggs every day for breakfast with fruit! Thanks for the tip on the water too!
  6. GFreeMO

    Can Cat Food Cause Glutening?

    I agree with the above posters. I have my cats on Costco brand grain free cat food. It's called Natures Domain. It has salmon and sweet potato and all kinds of gluten free goodness. My overweight elderly cat has lost weight and his coat is so thick and shiny now.
  7. GFreeMO

    Celiac And Ibs

    I am sensitive to very low levels of gluten. I avoid dairy but I do need to be more careful with corn. The gi said that I had celiac and " a touch of ibs" I guess I just need to be patient, more diligent and give it more time. Thanks!
  8. GFreeMO


    I'm allergic to coconuts but I'll try just water for a while. Thanks for the suggestion.
  9. GFreeMO

    Celiac And Ibs

    Thanks, I am going to have to start writing it all down so I can notice a pattern. I have a gluten type reaction to corn which really complicates things. Corn is in everything. I was first diagnosed with IBS and when my liver enzymes were elevated then finally I got them to listen to me and then I was diagnosed with celiac. I'm going to dig out a notebook and start writing everything down. Thanks.
  10. Does anyone here have celiac and IBS? Is IBS caused by the damage from celiac. It's impossible to eat both a gluten free and IBS diet since that IBS diet is based on so many things that celiacs can not eat. SO do we just eat gluten free and suffer the effects of eating IBS trigger foods? I have constant lower gut pain, gas and cramping, it's sore to the touch and very tender. It feels bruised inside. These are the symptoms that led to my celiac diagnosis but I am continuing to have problems with my gut. Anyone else?
  11. GFreeMO


    Thanks everyone. Most of my celiac symptoms have resolved. DH is just about gone, joint and muscle pain is about gone and no more bladder issues or migraines. I just have this constant nagging gut pain and that is hard to deal with.
  12. GFreeMO


    Thank you both! I am super sensitive and am reacting to lots of things right now.....and the GI said go home and eat gluten free. HA! If it were only that simple!! Thanks for the comments.
  13. My guts are killing me. My lower right side hurts and feels swollen and bruised. I was diagnosed with celiac at the end of Jan. I had several slip ups between now and then. Last week I was glutened by cc. Had major D for 2 days and D last night. Today I feel like a horse stepped on me. I cant take the pain anymore. The GI said that there is nothing else wrong but could be some IBS with the celiac. I dont know what to do at this point. I am down to unprocessed meats, fruit and veg, salt, pepper and olive oil and eggs...Water and lemonade and mint tea to drink...nothing else. My guts are searing. I have also been running a low grade fever with isn't helping matters. I have since I was diagnosed.