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  1. Okay - two sprint tri's down for the summer. Despite my lack of training as compared to past years, I did okay and had a good recovery. In one of our schwag bags we got mini Luna bars and I was surprised to see it was gluten-free. Is Luna Protien gluten free? www.lunabar.com At the beginning...
  2. Open water or pool? Good luck! I would go to their website to see for yourself, only b/c I'm paranoid!
  3. I have done several sprint tris and half marathons but none as a celiac yet - first one this summer is in 2 weeks. My standard pre-race is 1/2 pb sandwich (Udi's this round) and a 1/2 banana. I use Nuun tablets in my water during the bike and it appears they are gluten-free: ARE NUUN BRANDED...
  4. I had a biopsy that was "compatible with celiac" and normal blood panel. I have had a pretty good dietary response 1-month gluten-free. I've limited dairy also and that seems to help some. My father didn't do any tests and went gluten-free after my diagnosis - great dietary response. Seems to...
  5. I'm two weeks gluten-free and am having some trouble sleeping, too - lots of tossing and turning and strangely I seem more restless/anxious on my back and left side (usually my go to side) ... ?