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  1. I have been a biopsy diagnosed celiac for 12 years. I have never tried oats and I want to... do any of you eat the truly safely???
  2. OMG I am an idiot. Celiac probably causes me to be a dork too :). Thanks Karen - you know I'm a nervous nelly.
  3. I have had celiac for 12 years...does this mean I am also going to get MS? This scares me. I just read some really frustrating study and I am confused...
  4. For the poster with anxiety - Lexapro paired with a small dose of Buspar has been the only combo that has worked for me recently. I have had biopsy diagnosed celiac for about 12 years and no amount of gluten free food or supplements have helped.
  5. Are there others of you out there with celiac disease (I have it) + anxiety who also take SSRI's and find they help? Thank you...
  6. Hoping to get some feedback from anyone taking lexapro. I've just recently started this medication and wanted to see if any other Celiac's take it? THANKS!
  7. Hi guys...does anyone take extended release Effexor (or venlafaxine) - do you all know if this is gluten free? (The generic is Teva). Thanks.
  8. I haven't but I've never really gotten glutened by a Starbucks yet thank GOD!
  9. Guys - Just double-checking...it's still okay to drink plain brewed Starbucks coffee right? I just bought a bag of it (ground) and wanted to drink some...
  10. Perfect...thank you so much guys... thanks psawyer - always love your posts.
  11. I recently switched to Maxwell House Coffee after learning from our support group that Folgers says there may be "trace amounts" of gluten in their coffee. Do any of you drink Maxwell House (called Kraft and they seem very knowledgeable about gluten). Just checking...thanks a million. Amanda
  12. i need to check ou the nuun stuff NOW! i have a swim event on Sunday.
  13. Hi guys, I'm looking to find out if any of you are biopsy-diagnosed Celiacs who do Ironman or triathlons? I do and I wanted to just talk to someone about their nutrition during training. Thanks - please write back! AmandaD
  14. is online today.