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  1. Thank you all for your information and replies. Since I was dx'd in Oct. 2004, I have learned everything I know about celiac disease from the internet or from reading books. I did see a dietician, several months after being diagnosed, but that turned out to be fruitless, as I knew more about the...
  2. I am new to the boards here, so please excuse me if this question has come up previously. I am wondering what type of doctor do you see for your celiac disease? I am most interested in who you are seeing for follow up work and ongoing care? I was diagnosed almost accidently in November 2004....
  3. Like many of you, I also have been struggling with sleeplessness. I had no considered the possiblilty that it could be a symptom of celiac disease, as I have other health issues that cause pain and fatigue, so I have just chalked the sleeplessness up to being related to those problems. The past two...