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  1. I picked up a box of the cinnamon ones just the other day - both the Cinnamon AND Chocolate had barley malt in them. I put them right back on the shelf.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions! Moldlady... I'm hungry... not wanting to chose foods to combat anything. I just want food on my stomach, I'm afraid garlic isn't going to do the trick! I ended up eating some of my daughter's pretzels because starches really "help out" when I'm starving but not quite...
  3. When I'm sick, all I want is chicken noodle soup and saltines. I'm not feeling good, at all, right now.... and I'm sooo hungry. But, I haven't a clue what in the world to eat. Are there any "ready made" chicken noodle soups on the market that are gluten free? I really can't handle making...
  4. Yep, I'm totally aware of that. I was just hoping that perhaps... on a long shot, *something* at a fast food restaurant *might* be ok. FF usually isn't my first choice, but DH was heading there this evening - and I was hoping he could bring me back something. No desire to cook this evening. ...
  5. Anyone have any clue whether or not these are gluten-free?? I've searched high and low online, and BK doesn't even list them on their website. They are listed under "regional favorites" and show nutritional information, but not ingredients. Just curious to see if anyone has any confirmation on...
  6. I'm no where near the South, and we have Sonic on every other corner. =) I love my Route 44 diet Dr. Pepper! =) I was also told that the Tots and Fries are gluten-free, but CC can be an issue if there is not a dedicated fryer.
  7. Merry Christmas! I hope your family has a great one.


  8. I've become really anal about reading ALL ingredients prior to letting my daughter have ANYTHING... and as proof positive that we need to read ingredients EVERY SINGLE TIME.... the last package of cheetos we purchased had a "contains wheat" statement on it. I was very surprised, honestly. But...