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  1. OP here, I have the MTHFR gene, I'm homozygous which means I have 10-20% efficiency in processing folic acid which means I have high homocysteine, low B12 and folate levels. I found out when I plugged in my raw dna data from ancestrydna into the promethease website in May. Every other day I...
  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. YAY!!! Thank-you!!! Some good news: I had milk in my tea today with no reaction. I also had some butter on my baked potato. Small steps.... Can't wait to order those gluten-free snacks. I definately have to be more careful with the CC thing, especially now that I know just a teeny...
  4. jayhawkmom: floridanative: O.K. so cheetos could have gluten in them. I think I did react to gluten. Not to milk. The coughing and congestion I had on Saturday, from eating the rice and milk, turned out to be the start of a cough/cold. I think the stomach ache I had was because...
  5. Thanks AndreaB and Guhlia. I fugured it out, I think... Right after I posted I ate some rice and drank some lactose free milk. It's the first thing I've eaten all day. Now I know it's definately the dairy that's causing the problems. I have a stomach ache and I'm coughing and congested....
  6. O.K. so I ate a bowlful of cheetos yesterday and got a fairly minor skin reaction within 1-2hours later. Previously I had a full body DH rash for about 7 months. The rash went away when I went gluten-free. Every once and awhile I accidently eat something that triggers a skin reaction. This time...