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  1. Prayer Request

    Prayers for Harli and her Family. And Prayers for the Family that lost their little girl from the tragic pool incident. Prayers for all God's children. In Christ Our Lord Jesus, Brother Raymond. God Bless us All!
  2. Hi Lonewolf, My name is Raymond. I noticed this topic for weight problems so I entered the topic only to find that it is for weight gain issues. After reading few of the posts I noticed that ur issue with weight is exactly what I need for a remedy of my weight issue. You seem to have a problem gaining weight and I have had a problem of losing weight ever since dg'd 12/06. I have been gluten-free since dg'd except for an occasional cheat or cc. I used to weigh 200lbs solid and after 2 mo's gluten-free I barely weighed 161lbs. I have never been able to regain my weight loss; at 6'4", 161lbs is not a good target weight for me. If I could be so bold to ask, could you please share with me the gluten-free foods you are or rather were consuming that caused you to gain weight? As I stated above, your dilemma is my cure. Please help. Also, if you have any recommendations, advise, or directions on preparing quick fix breakfasts as my time is very valuable, and lunches that do not need refrigerated I would be very grateful. I live alone and I am a truck driver that normally gets home daily; but to make ends meet, occasionally, I have to accept a load that keeps me overnight. The travel was no issue till I got dg'd and ever since I have practically been out of work. I have finally been able to stabilize my weight loss only because of remaining at the house where I have the amenities of a stove and refrigerator; but like I mentioned, I cannot seem to regain what I lost. When I was working regularly 'local only', I would just wait till I got home in the evening before eating. This was easy for me due to a medication I take for the 'dh' skin rash, it has a major side effect of curbing ones appetite. Sorry for such a long reply to ur post but I am really at my wits end; in fact, I will state even further, I feel I no longer have any wits. This disease has really devastated me in my regular daily life. I stand to lose everything that I have worked so hard for, now that I haven't been able to accept work that would keep me out overnight. Who would have ever thought something so simple as food or lack there of could put a man out of work, but it has. Don't get me wrong, I have learned a very valuable virtue in humility, as I am a man that Loves God and He has revealed me to desire only what He desires. So I have grown in my Faith, and Spiritually. I have learned to 'Love and Live' the Perfect Holy Will of God Our Father and it is my desire that all souls do the same. It is how we become the person God wants in us, denying ourselves, (that is, 'our will') picking up our cross and daily following Jesus to Heaven. Please reply; if you can help with any of the above, it is highly appreciated. Thank you sincerely. Blessing to you and yours Sister. In Christ Jesus, Our Lord and Redeemer, Brother Raymond.
  3. Hey, where did all these other symptoms come from? I thought all we had to worry about is gut problems and the other serious side affects of having a weak imune system constantly fighting the gluten. My teeth are not so great also practically no enamel left, and I am not sure what clubbed nails are but I noticed lately my fingernails are building ridge lines in the pink area that are very course. Fyi, I have been gluten-free now for 15 months except for an occasional cheat or accidental exposure. The diet is a sure fire way for anyone who wants to lose weight. I lost 39 lbs the first two months after diag, and I was not trying to lose any. I got really skinny. In Christ, Brother Raymond.
  4. Any owner operators got this same sickness that has practically drove me out of a job??? None of the food accessible to a truck driver spending time away from home is acceptable. If there are any of u drivers out there dealing with this same issue I would love to hear ur methods of coping in the trucking industry and any advice as I am going broke since I can no longer accept loads that keep me away from home. Please help!!! Blessings to All. In Christ Our Lord Jesus, Brother Raymond.
  5. I wasn't aware that any of the mainline cereals were gluten-free!!! I would love to have a bowl of coco pebbles, lot better than the Nutty Flax though I am getting used to them. Any other cereals that are gluten-free? btw, the gluten-free oatmeal has a horrible aftertaste and it takes at least 20 - 30 min to cook.
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