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  1. Can anyone tell me about their experience on Dapsone? I just started it yesterday. I will do anything to relieve this horrible rash.
  2. I already had a skin biopsy but they did not conduct direct immunoflorence which seems to be the only way to diagnose it. Anyone know of anything else that could cause this kind of thing?
  3. I think that I could have DH but my Dermatologist says it is eczema with edema. They did a biopsy but did not do a DIF on it. They also took the biopsy directly on affected and very inflamed skin. My Primary Care Doctor believes it is DH and wants me on a strict gluten-free diet for one month and to see her back. I have not had gluten in 4 days and not getting relief from the rash. How long does it normally take to go down once you are gluten free? Does this sound like DH? It began about 6 months ago on my elbows, and it was very itchy, but I assumed it was eczema or dry skin. Then, it spread to my forearms, then my lower legs, and more recently my hip, near the top of my butt, my shoulder blades on my upper back (less severe there) and my hairline on my neck (also less severe there) and now to the backs of knee. It is on both sides of my body symmetrically- although currently only behind one of my knees. Overall, it begins as a few clusters of raised, bumpy, inflamed red skin, then spreads out into more distant, spread out sores and blisters as it heals, then new lesions appear close by or a new location on my body and the process begins again. I cant get any relief. The itching is horrible and keeps me awake at night. I just have a hard time believing that I could get eczema, for no reason at all, for the first time in my life at age 32 with this level of severity. But if it is DH, how come it is not responding to a gluten-free diet yet? Can anyone tell me about their experience with getting diagnosed? I feel like the dermatologist thinks I am crazy and just keeps giving me different creams, steroids, antibiotics and nothing is helping. If its not DH? What else could it be? I would also appreciate any other diet tips, for example, I have read some about iodine and some about cornstarch. Anything else to look out for? I appreciate all your thoughts! Thank you!! Here are some pictures. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1np6Oje1qRMNktiUGxYU1hPZW16SU0zZUoyQTZQUG1mX3ZZ/view?usp=sharing
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