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  1. Thank you all for your wonderful responses! I think I just needed reassurance that I wasn't the only one this happened to. Since going gluten free, I have not had a bladder infection in well over a year (they were almost a monthly occurrence) nor any sinus infections, allergy congestion (unless I accidentally came in contact with gluten) , and my dental checkups have been great (where as in the past my gums had given me problems). So, for me, I will not go back to eating gluten again. What I will do is keep a better food diary, and watch for signs from my body telling me it didn't like something I ate. It might just be a matter of me giving up something for a year, then re-introducing it to see if it's still an issue. Of course I will see a doctor if anything serious starts to occur, but I know from a past experience, when describing to a physician that the little blisters on my face occurred after I accidentally ate oats, and then being told by them (with a slight smirk) 'I've never heard of that', that listening very carefully to my own body is, for now, my best defense, along with this community here on these forums. You are all a wealth of information and I am very grateful!
  2. I went gluten free 2 1/2 years ago on the recommendation of my previous doctor, who had no explanation for my frequent bladder infections and skin rash flare ups. He would always prescribe antibiotics (which helped), but he felt I was taking too many, and made the gluten free suggestion. He did not feel spending $300 on a test was worth it, as I might just have a sensitivity to gluten. His suggestion was life saving, although even after 2 1/2 years, I still get reactions to things without realizing they contained gluten and have to change what I am eating (certain vinegar in salad dressings, gluten-free Oats, Ice Cream). But the more I gave up, the more sensitive I became to even the slightest amount of anything that I might be sensitive to. I developed canker sores in my mouth, and had to find a gluten-free toothpaste. My allergies all of a sudden became extreme until I found gluten-free shower soap and body lotion. Now it's happening to some of the foods I eat. Last week I had some gluten-free guacamole and became bloated and uncomfortable, when before it never bothered me. I then had some fresh avocado on my salad and immediately felt my tongue start to tingle and knew I was having a reaction, and spent the next 2 days with muscle aches and tiredness until it passed. Every time I think I have healed, I consume something that gives me a reaction and I have to start all over. I read labels very carefully, and have a gluten-free app on my phone, which I use to scan items in the store to see if they are Gluten Free. But I wanted to ask if there was anyone else this has happened to? Are there things that used to not bother you, but do bother you now? My new doctor understands my Gluten Free lifestyle, but she's not a specialist and I have found that doing my own research works better that asking her. There is no way I could go back to eating gluten so I can take a blood test just to 'prove it'. I would become too sick.
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