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  1. Thanks a bunch!!! It sounds like we are already headed in the right direction since hubby is going to start an elimination diet which includes the foods you listed. Hubby read along with me, laughed, and said "well, I guess we're in it together. Partners in crime." As far as excercise, I'm trying...
  2. My throat has felt really irritated for a long time but I guess i never really thought there was a major problem because my doc would look into the back of my throat with his light and tell me it looked fine whenever I complained about it. About a year ago I started noticing that when I would sing...
  3. Just recently we have come to discover that my husband has narcolepsy. His sleep problems have caused many problems both at home and at work, but we had previously just chalked it up to him being lazy or out of control of himself for no good reason (poor guy!) When I found out that I had celiac...