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  1. cavernio

    Sensitivity To Other Foods.

    I either react to gluten free hot dogs, udi's buns, or both. I'm presuming it's gluten cc. I don't have an issue with...
  2. Are you crazy?? Enjoy the forbidden foods while you can! Speaking bags of gluten, the week before my dx I had scoured...
  3. cavernio

    Favorite Emergency Food

    This is stuff at home, I don't go anywhere that require stocking a car or office. It's also dairy free, and chocolate...
  4. cavernio

    Developed Dairy Intolerance?

    Do you get that same feeling from just a glass of milk? Have a large glass of milk on an empty stomach one morning, see...
  5. cavernio

    Battling No Food

    Mental health problems are a symptom of celiac disease just as much as diarrhea is. I wonder where you'd be without...
  6. cavernio

    Battling No Food

    How about you tell me why you, personally, would get into the situation that the OP gets into, and furthermore, chooses...
  7. cavernio

    Battling No Food

    The OP's name is Unhappycoeliac. They themselves report failing at accomplishing a necessary part of their life, grocery...
  8. cavernio

    Battling No Food

    Your better tomorrow never comes because you seem to eat gluten regularly. Prayer isn't going to help. Not eating gluten...
  9. cavernio

    Weird Reaction To Unripe Pineapple. Wtf?

    Huh, maybe that toxicity's why I heard about that folk remedy about eating only pineapple for a week will make you pass...
  10. You can TOTALLY make gravy from scratch gluten free...well, provided you aren't a super-sensitive celiac. Roast drippings...
  11. cavernio

    Pelvic Pain Girls?

    I have all sorts of weird pains, most of the time nothing bad though. I did notice, however, that the worst of them,...
  12. Yes, feeling like I had only eaten candy all day or bit my tongue or cheek in the middle of the night is a symptom I...
  13. I actually don't see a problem with that beyond other medical professionals perhaps not believing that you have a gluten...
  14. cavernio

    Long Time Gluten Free Still Having Pain

    If it's cc from your house or work or someplace else besides the food product itself, journals will miss it because it...
  15. cavernio


    That bean company doesn't seem to want to call me back or answer their phone :-/