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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Sensitivity To Other Foods.

    I either react to gluten free hot dogs, udi's buns, or both. I'm presuming it's gluten cc. I don't have an issue with soy, (no issue with tofu), I don't have an issue with corn, (corn on the cob is fine), I don't have a problem with whole rice, etc. But it really doesn't matter what in them doesn't make me feel good, I avoid them.
  2. Are you crazy?? Enjoy the forbidden foods while you can! Speaking bags of gluten, the week before my dx I had scoured the store for one because I wanted to try making some vegan dishes with it. What a waste of my money! Also, my personal experience is that I hardly felt better being gluten-free after 2 weeks. It's reaching a year now and I still suffer. If I did not get tested for celiac disease, and it didn't turn up positive, I would likely have ditched my diet ages ago. But I also wasn't as aware as you are of celiac disease, or of non-celiac gluten intolerance.
  3. Favorite Emergency Food

    This is stuff at home, I don't go anywhere that require stocking a car or office. It's also dairy free, and chocolate free and grain-free. -Fruits: apples, bananas, oranges, grapefruit, grapes, whatever's on-sale and doesn't require lots of prep (like, say, a pineapple) -Meat: Roast is a super easy, if long, meal to prepare, and if you buy a giant roast, you have leftovers that can last a week. Snacking on roast is as easy as opening the fridge and tearing/cutting off a hunk of meat. -Vanilla flavoured Almond Breeze. -Natural peanut butter mixed with honey. Sometimes dip an apple into it. -Eggs. Well, these require cooking, but they're fried or boiled soooo quickly. -Avocado -Carrot sticks -Pre-mixed salad, pre-washed, add your favorite gluten-free dressing, homemade or otherwise. -Squash, potato, sweet potato, as leftovers. I love all of these mashed with some fried onion. Make a whole giant squash or pounds at a time for lots of yummy snacking. -gluten-free bacon. You can microwave bacon, it's so easy! -I believe coconut and apple-cinnamon larabars are grain free too, but haven't had any in awhile. Forgot one, can of coconut milk wish sugar stirred in.
  4. Do you get that same feeling from just a glass of milk? Have a large glass of milk on an empty stomach one morning, see what happens. If that's not an issue, it could be something you're adding to the yogurt or the culture in the yogurt. If the glass of milk DOES affect you, you could then try a glass of milk or a glass taking a lactose enzyme or just a glass of lactose-free milk, and see what happens. If the lactose-free milk doesn't bother you, then it's a lactose problem. If that still bothers you, then it's the fat or more likely one of the many proteins in milk that's bothering you.
  5. Battling No Food

    Mental health problems are a symptom of celiac disease just as much as diarrhea is. I wonder where you'd be without your husband supporting you Gemini, if instead he thought your diet was a sham and decided to divorce you over it, instead of baking you bread. You're 'molly-coddled' at home regularly as far as I can tell.
  6. Battling No Food

    How about you tell me why you, personally, would get into the situation that the OP gets into, and furthermore, chooses to eat the gluten instead of not eat the gluten. And then think about why you'd continually do such a thing. The answer "I would never do that" isn't allowed. Place yourself in a state of mind and social context where that would be what YOU would do, no matter how ridiculous or unlikely it would be. Now tell me that getting outside help wouldn't be one of the best things to help you, or that you would be in a perfectly healthy mental state. "As I pointed out, she may have housemates who are gluten eaters--and to her, all of their food is available and tempting--but she is overlooking the fruits, veggies and other foods she could be eating." And this is just as assumptive as what I said, if not moreso. But I'm not bashing you for saying that, unlike you who so quickly pointed out that perhaps I am wrong. In any case, I'm not even contradicting that, I am saying that someone who is that weak-willed as to have their roommates affect them so, is someone who I would say could benefit greatly from outside, professional help, or from avoiding the temptation as much as possible, via something like moving out. You wouldn't suggest to an alcoholic to live with people who drank at every meal and simply tell them to choose orange juice without vodka and expect it to work. I don't see how it is anything but crystal clear that the OP has willpower problems that need to be addressed. As has been pointed out, 4 years is a very long time to still be succumbing to this. To anyone who is confused or angered by the OP's actions, then you obviously don't understand them and so your advice probably isn't going to be the type that will work for them.
  7. Battling No Food

    The OP's name is Unhappycoeliac. They themselves report failing at accomplishing a necessary part of their life, grocery shopping regularly. At least I am offering suggestions besides 'don't eat gluten dumbass'.
  8. Battling No Food

    Your better tomorrow never comes because you seem to eat gluten regularly. Prayer isn't going to help. Not eating gluten will help. However, if this is me, my next decision is to go to a gas station and buy something, or else suck it up and drink a lot of water hoping it'll keep me from being too hungry. You can go a looooong time without eating before you get repercussions from it, much longer than a day. You need to break this cycle you seem to have, the 'eat gluten-->feel s$#&ty-->don't plan groceries properly or don't grocery shop at all-->eat the only food in your house which contains gluten'. If you honestly feel so bad so often that you can't feed yourself properly, and all the shopping and planning that entails to be 100% gluten free, you would qualify as disabled by canadian standards and you should get help. Either government or medical or family or friends. There's nothing to be ashamed asking for help. You have a medical condition, and being weak in your diet to me means you suffer from pretty bad mental issues. Ideally, and likely, they are gluten-induced, but it really seems like you need extra help right now, even if being gluten free would eventually make them go away. An addiction counsellor might help a lot. Of course I'm also kinda worried that you have a fridge full of gluten so you're obviously living in a shared house. If you have never felt better, even when you've been super, super careful for months, you are likely getting cross-contamination and your own house seems an obvious place. If whoever you're living with isn't supportive or just refuses to be as careful as they need to be (even if they act kind and caring), it's time you moved to your own place. Get welfare or try for disability if you need financial assistance. You are killing yourself whenever you eat gluten. You need to do whatever it takes to stop eating it. Period. Also, if no one has reached a point in their lives when no, they don't care about their health a good chunk of the time, the only thing that matters is the here and now and you're hungry so you're going to goddamned well eat something, you don't get it. Tough love doesn't change drug-addicts, alcoholics, gamblers, pretty much any other addiction, so I don't know why people keep thinking it's necessary or even helpful. Furthermore, if you have depression or social anxiety etc, 'tough love' is going to hurt far more than it helps, as you fall farther away from society and loved ones.
  9. Huh, maybe that toxicity's why I heard about that folk remedy about eating only pineapple for a week will make you pass any hookworms/tapeworms you have. It's damned hard to find a good pineapple. The bottom always ripens faster than the top, and I find that by the time it's ripe enough on top, the bottom has started to rot. I get around that a little by storing it on it's side instead of upright, but it doesn't always work. It's very hard to find one that's ripe right of the store shelf. Actually, one of the best pineapples I've eaten in recent memory was when I cut it up, some of it not quite ripe as usual, but we left in the fridge for over a weak in a container. I was really worried when I remembered it, but it seemed to have ripened really nicely in the fridge during that time period. I also think I'm allergic to pineapple. I'm definitely allergic to the pointy outside, it itches when it touches me, either on my lips or my fingers. But I never notice it once the outside's gone, so I still eat it. Maybe that's dumb, but I don't notice anything untopical from it ever, even if I eat it unripe.
  10. You can TOTALLY make gravy from scratch gluten free...well, provided you aren't a super-sensitive celiac. Roast drippings, (put hot water in the bottom of the pan and then scrap it clean to get as much flavor!) a bit of starch...corn, tapioca, or potato, water, maybe some salt, heat in on the stovetop and whisk continually until thickened. If you are having dairy you can add a bit of butter or use some milk, but it's not necessary. I find that a roast chicken makes the most 'standard' gravy taste, the taste closest to what you'd get in most restaurants. I've made some safe-for-me gravy using buckwheat flour. My husband loved it, I didn't even really like it. I've also eaten some pretty delicious biscuits, but I'm not a good bread/biscuit maker, so no hints there from me. My favorite gluten-free pizza crust was O'doughs, didn't care for other types.
  11. Pelvic Pain Girls?

    I have all sorts of weird pains, most of the time nothing bad though. I did notice, however, that the worst of them, a constant pain on my left that seemed to go along my colon or possible fallopian tube, has gone away gluten free. That pain specifically would get aggravated with breathing...rather, when I breathed in the pain would go away, but come back with the outtake of breath. Clearly my diaphragm was pushing on something or the contraction of my diaphragm itself caused some sort of neural pain (I have neuropathy from my celiac disease). Luckily, it was one of the first things to get better for me. Still took at least a month to go away though. That said, I subdivide my menstrual cramps into 2 types. The first one is more dull, and comes and goes in waves, and doesn't usually get bad. The second type is sharp and feels like it will get excrutiating, and I seem to feel it in the muscles surrounding my anus (not the colon, butt muscles) and well as really, really low down on my pelvis, and of course the usual area closer to my ovaries. This sounds like endometriosis to me, but it's infrequent (1-2 times a year max) and it's definitely period related, and is well-treated with an ibuprofen and won't come back 4 hours after the ibuprofen. Never had it looked at medically. I have experienced some spotting since being gluten free, and my period seems to be moving back to a 28 day cycle from a 40~ish day cycle I had for many years.
  12. Yes, feeling like I had only eaten candy all day or bit my tongue or cheek in the middle of the night is a symptom I have. I also get gum/tooth pain, but it feels just like nerve pain I get in my hands, not like sores.
  13. I actually don't see a problem with that beyond other medical professionals perhaps not believing that you have a gluten problem. How you feel is a huge part of monitoring. If you feel bad, and you have celiac disease and you suspect that trace gluten is still affecting you, blood or intestinal tests could easily show up positive without changing your diet from what it currently is at all. Besides which, you can have non-celiac gluten sensitivity and still have no positive tests. Both diseases run in families with celiac disease, so all first degree relatives should definitely still get celiac disease testing and consider that they might have gluten intolerance if they are in poor health. There should be no need to put a name to something that obviously makes you feel ill to make someone believe you or cater to you. That's their issue, not yours. I honestly don't know what important monitoring you mean, maybe I'm just missing something.
  14. If it's cc from your house or work or someplace else besides the food product itself, journals will miss it because it's intermittent and not related to the food itself, but other things like who ate right before you in the kitchen, etc.
  15. Legumes

    That bean company doesn't seem to want to call me back or answer their phone :-/