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About Me

I had extreme pelvic, lower abdominal pain in 2007, and DH. DH was confirmed by derm. No mention of celiac. Steroid cream give, no effect.

No doctor knew why I was having the chronic pain. Had tons of tests and scans, but no blood test for celiac. Had a colonoscopy one week and the next week they removed my uterus, on my birthday! Nothing was wrong with the uterus. I was on so many pain meds and so used to them that I woke up twice during the hysterectomy. Docs didn't believe me until I told them about the basketball game discussion they were having a discussion about.

husband was trolling the internet in January 2008, looking for ideas why I was out of work for so long and in so much pain. He came up with the possibility of celiac because of the dh and all the pain. I gave the gluten free lifestyle a try and never looked back. Dh went away, pain mostly subsided. Every doc now accepts I have celiac, although I have wondered if I should have the tests done periodically.

recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism- June 30, 2017- and starting lowest does of levothyroxine for it. Hope to see a difference soon.

still have bipolar, on a low dose Latuda for it, although it deadens me a bit. I'm working hard to get off it. I have a ton of stress so I find it hard to sleep so I take trazadone and love it. I take a little blue pill for anxiety, can't recall the name of it, and I also take 5mg methadone once a day for the chronic pelvic pain I have from the nerve damage they did during the hysterectomy. Yes, the hysterectomy I didn't need gave me a lifetime of pain. Tried a year of pt to no avail. it's a lot of pills and I feel so old.

i have this tailbone pain that comes on at any time of day or night that's so bad it makes me cry. Docs have never found a reason for it. Goes away in about 20 minutes with 3 or4 ibuprofen and a heating pad. This pain comes intermittently. Could come twice in a week, or skip a month and come twice the next month.

also my body feels like all my insides are going to fall out onto the ground, and I get bad pelvic pain, when I've been standing and walking for most of a day, which happens usually several times a week. I always thought this is because I lack the uterus.

my lower back hurts a lot during the day and I feel like an old lady walking from the car to the house at the end of the day. Starting physical therapy now and hope to see results soon.

also ive got severe sleep apnea, and love my Cpap machine.

my very personal part of my life is good. I have a loving husband of nearly 30 years and 3 teenage boys who are all smart and don't get in trouble! 

Although ive been eating gluten-free for many years, I still learn things from this board every day. This is the best place to hang out and just read. I love people's stories and love to see people find their way and get better. I hope to be smart enough at some point that I can help people too!

  1. thank you for the detailed reply! I will continue to indulge when necessary. I'll take one for the team.
  2. So I was wondering, if a gluten-free food is supposed to be 20ppm or less, how much does that equal in a serving of the food? What if you eat several servings of the food, what would happen? I have been known to binge on cookies, and to have 2 servings of pasta at a time (or more in a day.) Is this...
  3. Do you mean this, or the pill form? Interested in trying it! Geritol Liquid Energy Support, High Potency B-Vitamin & Iron Liquid Supplement
  4. Miramar never did a thing for me. 1/2 a cup prune juice if I’m in bad shape or 1/4 cup every other day for maintenance. Nothing works better or as quickly for me. Colonoscopies are the worst for messing me up. Sorry.
  5. Red was the only color my doc didn't want me to use. Yes, it stains!
  6. What does this have to do with celiac disease?
  7. I'd hate to tell you how much it costs to feed my 3 teenage boys. But I sure wish it was that cheap! good luck with your back. I drive 100+ miles every day and it sure isn't helping mine. Mine hurts more every day. I'm now sure all the pt they had me do this summer, that I've been doing for...
  8. The on,y thing I can say is schedule the celiac blood panel asap. We can't tell you if he has it or not as there are 300 or so symptoms, but it sure sounds a lot like it to me. Keep him on gluten until all the tests are done.
  9. Your doc tells you that you have celiac and then in the same breath tells you it causes cancer? Omg! Really sorry your doc has a really poor method of conveying information.
  10. Also the use of a Neti Pot is great for sinusitis and anytime you feel stuffy.
  11. Relenza or Tamiflu asap! You get the script from the doc. They first do a test to make sure you have the flu. Tamiflu cut my suffering in half. Fyi flu always seems to have - at least- body aches and fever.