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  1. that sounds so good, i was thinking of getting enjoy life choco chips and doing that, but of ocurse they dont carry them here, and i think i heard they have soy, but not sure. will have to look that up. paula
  2. Do you have any other problems with dairy. I cant eat recees cause in casein intolerant, but i sure miss them, they were my fav candy bar for years paula
  3. i can eat eggs with no problem tho, so could it still be that. I do have alot of fillings, it kinda makes me wonder now. I will have to look into this in a few days when i feel better, my kids brought me home the flu and i can barely function today. paula
  4. I was just thinking about that. When i made fajitas the other night the onions did not bug me cause they were cooked, but when i had them raw i was in major pain. Maybe i will experiment with it one more time, i love my onions and garlic and i hate that i will have to give both of them up. paula
  5. Does anyone else have an intolerance to onions. I know garlic affects me and now im wondering if onions do. Last night i made some guacamole with onions. Well right after I ate them my stomach cramped so bad, i could not move and then my feet started to tingle and my legs felt funny(like i do after...
  6. Thanks for everyones responses. I will do an search later on today. I just had the thought and asked without looking. I try to search before i ask an question knowing it probably has been asked before, unless it is about something that only has 3 letters, and it seems most of my thoughts are words...
  7. Ok i know some of said u have to check for gluten in them. But i thought all i had to do was not use the first and last piece that has glue. But is that not the case. Do i have to use ones that are gluten free completely. And if yes, what types. Right now im using angel soft toilet paper and bounty...
  8. I use all dove products. I have thick hair and it seems to work great with my hair. I am so happy to have thick hair again, before i knew i was celiac my hair was falling out like crazy, but now its full and healthy all over again. paula
  9. i cant eat oranges cause of my ulcer. Does your hubby have an ulcer? paula
  10. thank you for listing all that stuff, im going to print it off and put it on my fridge, i need to see things in front of me to remember, and its easy to have such an big list. It seems everytime my hubby ask do i want this or that i have to run here and look it up, and the good thing most of the...