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  1. You could have ur water tested to see what stuff is floating around in ur water supply. I only drink bottle water cause our water had arsenic in it and it was making me sick. I would also look into an comprehensive stool test that test for parasties, bacteria and candida. When you took the celiac test, were u gluten free. If so the test could be negative.
  2. i get that pressure from soy products. Have you ever tried to give up soy and see how that goes. paula
  3. Thanks for posting the percentages on blood test. I never knew that o+ that was popular. I also use to think that O-was more rare then what it was. My mom is 0- so when she had me they had blood waiting for us in case she needed an transfusion. paula
  4. Rachel, I love both of your resolutions. Mine are too feel better and do more fun things with my kids again. I also want to start taking road ttrips again without being afraid of my health issues. I want to lose a few pounds but dont care if it takes me all yr to do so. I want more patience. paula
  5. Im 0 positive. That is the kind that does not need the shot. My misread my blood with my first child and they gave me the shot.
  6. Prayers going out to dan and his family. What an terrible lose.
  7. It is in a protein drink, i wonder if they are the same one. I did react when i was taking it. I broke out with DH. I just wanted to check with others and see if this could be the source of my breaout. I was kinda second guessing myself since many say oats are not an problem for celiacs. thanks for all the help
  8. if an label read free of soy, dairy and so forth, but then said gluten-containing ingredients are not added to this formula. But in the ingredient list it shows oat fiber and oat beta-glucan.
  9. Are you sure the rice cakes are 100 percent gluten free. I know it has been posted that some are not gluten free. I think since u were eating such bland foods for sometime now, that adding any new thing in would cause stress to your body. Especially eating that many rice cakes in 2 days. That is too many carbs for your body to handle.
  10. I was recently diagnosed with DH. My dermatologist said since i tested positive for Dh, that i have celiac disease. He also talked to an gastro dr that said, my chances of showing villi damage in the gi tract were slim because my celiac manifests in my skin.
  11. I have to write things down to, i think it has to do with my photegenic memory. Of course it isnt as good as it was years ago. In college, i would be taking an test and i would be like hey the answer is on page ? and on the left or right side and id see the answer in my head. I can still do that from time to time but i need more time doing it lol. paula
  12. Rachel. I started to work on something more private a couple of days ago. But then i had some other issues in my life that i had to work on, but now im going to go work on that project again lol. I know for me, if i cant share stuff, i will explode. even yesterday something was going on with my life and i was like ughh what rachel recommend or april or everyone else in this thread. But of course the board was down, so i couldnt even post it if wanted to lol. paula
  13. I just wanted everyone to know I wont be posting personal information on here anymore. If you want pesonal information to what is going on with my health, send me an pm with your email addy and I send out updates from time to time. Of course I will still respond on here with information, it just wont be personal information. Christine, I would not worry about the tsh until you get the t4 or t3 results back. paula
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