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  1. You make a great point about grains. My mother in law has been pushing me to put rice cereal on his bottle to sleep longer at night, but I won't do it, I refuse to add a choke hazard not to mention I knew what I was getting into when I decided to have a baby. He sleeps well anyway. If I do start him.at 4months it will be on vegetables/fruit. (Mashed of course) but I have not decided yet, probably will wait until 6 months, I will leave it up to my baby when he seems ready.
  2. My baby boy is 3 months old, he has a heart condition and just had open heart surgery, so I'm a little skeptic about trying new things with him. Now his Pediatrician knows that I have Celiac but she has told me I should introduce gluten at 4 months. My idea before he was born was to not introduce him until he could tell me how he feels. What do you all think? I would just hate to put my baby through more suffering but I also know that if gluten is introduced late there's more Chances of developing intolerance.
  3. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  4. Hi Gillian, I was just wondering the same, is it or is it not gluten free? I just read on their website that it is gluten free, yet I see a lot of people posting that they get symptoms of glutening when taking Pamprin. Yesterday I bought some without even thinking about the gluten, and took it while I was really full and felt bloated after but thought it was just the food. Today I woke up feeling weird, then I was fine for a few hours until I took Pamprin, about an hour later I started feeling my stomach cramp, I feel nauseated, dizzy, my mind is foggy and I feel weak, not fun on top of period cramps!
  5. Hi Lymie, I can sympathize with you! Right about the same time i was diagnosed with Celiac about a year and a half ago I began with a pain on the left ribcage, eventually it got worse and landed me in the ER several times, it went up to the shoulder, arm and chest and of course I was really scared, I've had xrays, EKG's and everything comes back normal. I was told it could be a hernia, who knows, might be worth looking into. But from my research online it all comes back to some type of neuropathy I believe it was called radiculopathy. I do notice that when i am hungry it gets worse, but that's because I have diabetes and it seems my body gets weak as blood sugar goes low. Either way, I would say that if you are responding to B12 supplements it sounds to me like it would be related to the nervous system rather than the heart, of course I'm no doc! just someone who's looked online a lot about left side pain AJ
  6. It's happened to me several times, one time I took a bite out of something and for some reason in my mind i swore i could "taste" gluten, I dont know, weird, pick up the package and read the label for a second time, and surely enough it had gluten, needless to say I spit it right out! and washed my mouth, I was lucky enough not to swallow any that time. Last weekend I went to Burger King and ordered a salad, I never ever order salads from there, got this Lite Italian dressing, read the label, nothing weird, ate half the dressing and for some reason I had a gut feeling it had gluten in it, 10 hours later I was with my head on the toilet throwing up. They're mistakes we make, we're humans after all
  7. Before I got diagnosed I would throw up every day several times a day, I always carried plastic bags in the car and still do because when I do get glutened, even the smallest amount, I surely throw up, but not before being bloated to the point where I look pregnant and of course the whole feeling of depression, painfulness everywhere, etc that comes with glutening and I'm sure you all know well. So yes, as for your question it is common to vomit, but not if she's gluten free! if she still throws up then there must be something she is eating that is making her sick, last weekend I got glutened by something that I didnt even see any gluteny ingredients on! Also, take her off dairy if she just started the diet, dairy used to make me sick too after I started the diet, then I found out it was just that, eventually she can add it back.
  8. Hi and welcome! This has been the most helpful website for me regarding gluten. It's great that you finally got your diagnosis, I never got a final diagnosis but every time I eat a tiny amount of gluten I'm sick for days, that's enough diagnosis for me! Healing your intestines is going to take a loooong time, and so will everything else, so it is completely normal that after a month of being gluten free you still don't feel a lot better, but stick to it and it wil be much worth it. A lot of people here can tell you how bad they were (and I include myself in that list) before being gluten free, and all that damage won't go away too fast, I've been gluten free for about a year and some months and I'm stilll battling symptoms and damage that will never be undone like my neuropathy, diabetes, short stature, bone issues/pain, anxiety. Make sure to eat fresh foods those are the best at the beginning, as processed foods will put too much stress on your digestive system, veggies, fruits, grains, meats, fish and all those things are the best. All thos things you see under people's signatures are conditions that come hand in hand with Celiac, a lot of people never understood why they had them and Celiac finally offers an explanation and hopefully a solution for many, so stick around this forums, it will be a lot of help and support and stick to the diet and you will see results AJ
  9. paula, the book by Dr Green is called Celiac Disease: a Hidden Epidemic, if that's the one you're talking about, I have it right in front of me! it is a great book and I highly recommend it. You can rent it from a Library if you dont want to buy it.
  10. Hi milelj, the consequences of continuing a regular diet with gluten are huge and different for each individual. Let me name a few of the complications you could face in the future if you were to continue this diet: -Other Autoimmune disorders like Thyroid disease, Diabetes, Rheumathoid Arthritis, I've heard people can develop Lupus as well, Fibromialgia, autoimmune nerve damage. -Neurological conditions such as seizures, Neuropathies, loss of balance, dizziness, clumsiness, ataxia, even spine problems. -Arthritis, asthma, muscle pain/spasms, vitamin deficiency, hair loss, sexual dysfunction in both male and females. -Gastrointestinal symptoms such as bloating, diarrhea, flatulence, yellow stool, vomiting, nausea. Some people come to a state where they cannot tolerate any food, I've heard of someone having to take vitamins through IV because he could not eat anything at all. -Anxiety, Depression and many other mental disorders. and the list goes on and on. Hope that was helpful for you, good luck with your test and if you do test positive, good luck with your diet, you should keep us updated and you will see people here are very willing to help others who are just starting the diet to cope. AJ
  11. Hi Foodie, welcome to the gluten free world I have to agree with lizzard here that you must see a doctor before you start your diet, I made the mistake of starting the diet with only a diagnosis from Enterolab, now no doctor wants to believe I have Celiac even though I have all the symptoms and then some, not to mention the fact that one breadcrum gets me vomiting and sick for two days. The healing process for your intestine if you do have Celiac will take a while, it took me months before most symptoms went away, but the vomiting went away after the first gluten free meal when I started the diet. After having been on the diet for a year I still experience certain symptoms, I guess some take longer, some never go away. But just a recommendation, if you do decide to start a Gluten Free diet, as lizard said, try not to eat much processed food. Add lots of veggies and fruits to your diet, try to eat brown rice. Grains are a very important part too, though beans do cause bloating, some of them could be very helpful in substituting nutrients you will lack from foods you will leave behind. Almonds are wonderful for protein and nutrients. Good luck and feel free to ask questions. AJ
  12. ugh, so I also have about 7 months to go? well not completely gluten free though because I had a few unfortunate glutenings that of course were not intentional, but let me tell you I would have the worst anxiety when i got glutened. Now I'm on Clonazepam for panic attacks and in like a month I'm going to see a psychologist I am happy about that though and have good expectations that it might help a bit. but im so tired of being depressed, its been so many years and anxiety too of course, now its better than it used to be a year ago before i got diagnosed but still my mood swings up and down so much even my family talks about it, one minute i'll be so energetic and happy and the next i'll be pissed off or completely depressed to the point i want to give it all up, and today is one of these days... i just want to cry and go to sleep just for no reason, ugh...
  13. I know what you are going through, I was a mess at first, so scattered I didn't know what to eat, how to make it, besides I have diabetes so somethings are still forbidden. I found that Gluten Free Pantry brand carries a bread mix called French Bread and Pizza mix, if you see it, buy it, it makes a delicious pizza, by the way, dont try mixing it with your hands! use a fork for mixing, and to make bread with that mix I use a breadmaker so I have not tried baking it in the oven as a french bread yet, just a big loaf and it's quite good compared to all the other mixes and premade breads, the worst ones are the ones that are already made at the store, they're dry, just bad. I try to eat as many vegetables as possible, even vegetables that I didnt eat before going gluten free. For example Butternut Squash goes wonderfully with mash potatoes, cook them together and mash, put some nutmeg on it and it tastes so good. Eat spinach, broccoli, carrots, lettuce, avocadoes, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans with butter, corn, zucchini, fruits. Eat seeds like almonds, peanuts, sunflower kernels, pecans, etc as long as youre not allergic to them.Eat fish if you like, I found that Cod and Salmon are the best tasting, i wasnt even a fish fan before. Rice, rice cakes, to make a rice cake [for one serving] beat one egg in a bowl, mix about a serving of rice which is about a small cup of cooked rice in the egg, mix it, heat a medium/small size pan [it has to be nonstick] with a tablespoon of oil, once its hot drop the eggg/rice mixture and flatten it with a spatula so that it will look like a round circle, in argentina that is what we call a tortilla let it cook for a few minutes, even cover it up for a minute or two to dry up the top a bit, once you think the bottom is brown turn it over [usually a spatula works] and cook for a few more minutes, if it comes out too watery/soft its because you need to add a bit more rice to the egg mix next time. Also use dipping sauces on veggies, carrots or broccoli with ranch dressing is really good. Make sure you introduce legumes to your diet, lentils are good for soup or just on their own, eat beans, there's good beans out there, i like butter beans, i make them into a salad [the canned ones] with chopped parsley and garlic. Garbanzo beans are good too. You can also make wraps, buy corn tortillas and fill them up with ham/salami or whatever cold cut you like to eat in a sandwich, lettuce and whatever you think would be tasty along with that and you got yourself a wrap, you can also make them with chicken or meat [cold as a wrap] or hot as a taco.
  14. Zinc deficiency is actually common in Celiac, as are many other deficiencies like B12. Here's a website that I found very interesting http://www.glutenfreeworks.com/symptomology.php and it also talks about zinc deficiency. AJ
  15. Well, they have mixes for all kind of stuff out there, where do you live? here in Texas we can find gluten free stuff in Kroger's also in HEB but that store is in Texas only, you can also buy online. There's gluten free cereals, breads, muffins, pancakes, waffles. For bread you will find that if you buy it already made it's going to suck, so the best bet is to buy Gluten-Free Pantry French Bread and Pizza mix, it is great for pizza and bread, for waffles I buy Van's and for pancakes Pamela's mix but any mix will work fine for pancakes. There are gluten free noodles/pasta too but I'm not a big fan of them, I prefer to buy rice noodles from the chinese market or just look in the Asian section at your local store. But i got to tell you, for me vegetables and fruits are the best, healthier and good just make sure you eat a wide variety. AJ
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