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Diagnosed with Crohn's disease June 2006 thru biopsy

Diagnosed with celiac disease December 2006 thru biopsy

Biopsy at Mayo Clinic - ruled out Crohn's August 2007

  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Thank you Jaime for all you help and concern, but Brianna did have the gastric study done at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL 8/07 It came back normal. We were so shocked because she was having all the symptoms you mentioned above. She has told me about times that food had sat in her stomach for hours and then she would finally throw it up and it was like it had not even started to digest. When she had the scrambled radio active eggs and toast, the doctors reported that her stomach emptied normally. Maybe she needs to live on eggs. haha My husband and I will be on vacation this week wh
  3. Sounds like you have things figured out. Maybe Brianna GI will finally do more testing and find out why she has all this throwing up and constipation. Yes she does get full easily. If she eats much at all (which is not much) she immediately throws up. I've tried to get her to eat smaller portions, but she says when she finally gets hungry or finds something safe gluten-free she then eats too much. What is Gastroparesis? I'll have to research this. Thanks for your help.
  4. Oh Laura, thank you so much for remembering Bri's appointment. You will not believe this, but she and I both forgot her appointment on the 4th. She and her fiancee were out of town and I just forgot. Are we crazy or what? She has rescheduled and has a new appointment 8/13. Too bad I didn't have you here to remind us and get Bri back in town it. What in the world is mesenteric adenitis??? Bri was in the hospital back in Feb. for 13 days with a gastrointestial infection, supposedly, it was days before they finally arrived at the gastrointestinal infection diagnosis. I don't think the
  5. She is 23 yrs. old and has lost a lot of weight. She weighed 145 two years ago and is at 104 now. I just can't figure out why her GI has not tested her for lactose intolerance! She loves cheese and eats it daily. Could that be the problem? Thanks for your help and concern.
  6. Krista, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR ADVICE! Bri has a GI appointment 8/4 and we're making a list of questions for the dr. That's a great idea to have her IgA levels checked again. She has never been tested for lactose intolerance so that could be what's causing all the throwing up. No she is not getting enough fiber, some how high fiber causes problems too. High fiber causes stomach cramps and lots of pain. The Mayo Clinic ruled out Crohn's and IBD, but she still has symptoms that goes with these diseases. Thanks again for all your help Bri's mom-Sherry
  7. No, it's not just when she is glutened. There are times when she eats meals with me and I know that my meals are totally gluten-free and she still throws up. Hopefully her GI will test her for lactose intolerance. You must have your hands full with your two daughters and yourself being celiacs. Having celiac has been a very humbling experience for my family! I admire you so!
  8. Thank you Jules. It sounds like you have a very difficult life. I sure didn't know that being totally gluten-free would make you prone to throw up. When you eat crackers with gluten, how does that help? Does the gluten not make you sicker? I always ate crackers for morning sickness, but I didn't have celiac disease.
  9. Thank you so much for writing back. Just knowing others experience these same symptoms, somehow makes it seem better. She has not seen her GI in a few months and the throwing up has gotten much worse since her last visit, I hope he will set up the lactose intolerance test.
  10. Thank you so much for your advise. My daughter was diagnosed through biopsey. She is a full time accounting student and she is not around any chemicals. She has not been tested for lactose intolerance. I hope her GI will test her for this and hopefully we will find out if it is the lactose intolerance that is causing all the throwing up.
  11. My daughter has been diagnosed with celiac disease for 1 1/2 years and has been on a gluten free diet since day one. She of course gets glutened occasionally, but tries her darnest to eat gluten free. After talking to celiacs at our local celiac support group, I found out that no one there has a problem with throwing up and constipation. I was dumb founded! My daughter throws up several times a week and has to take laxatives everyday. IS THIS NORMAL? Please, I need everyone's advise!
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