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  1. It may be the massage hitting a certain zone. Before I was diagnosed with celiac I saw an acupuncturist and after his treatment I would be totally wiped. I would fall asleep in car (my husband drove) and then go out cold for a few hours.
  2. I agree with you. My blood sugar is low but my doc's dismiss everything. I get very shakey and irritable when BG is low. Thanks though....
  3. I slept for 5+ months for 20+ hours a day! My husband would wake me for meals and I would fall asleep while eating. I cut back on gluten because I joined Weight Watchers and carbs count as a lot of points. I did not know I had celiac until 4 months later. So when I cut back/very close to elimination...
  4. I did a search after and I found a doc forum who said the pt. who has TONS of lipomas needs a Derm. Surgeon to consult. Then I went to the site below and then I came back here with the address before I forgot, so I haven't really checked it out, but it looked good. www.dermnetnz.org agiolipomas...
  5. I had no idea. I just thought it was from eating poorly - too much fats or something. I just had a lipoma removed from each flank. They thought possible cancer so they removed them, but they are benign. So I haven't thought about them since. I guess I'll do a little more research, when my brain...