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  1. jacqui

    Celiac Doctor Near San Jose, California?

    I saw Gary Gray at the Stanford Celiac management clinic. He does all lab work including gene testing day one/first appointment...
  2. It may be the massage hitting a certain zone. Before I was diagnosed with celiac I saw an acupuncturist and after his...
  3. jacqui

    Your Favorite Gluten Free Discovery

    Glutino English muffins? Really?? Where do you fnd them? I love everything Glutino but have never seen the muffins. We...
  4. I agree with you. My blood sugar is low but my doc's dismiss everything. I get very shakey and irritable when BG is low...
  5. jacqui

    Your Favorite Gluten Free Discovery

    Other gluten-free cereals... Rice Chex is now. This just occurred in the past 2-3 months. Little Einsteins is but we...
  6. I slept for 5+ months for 20+ hours a day! My husband would wake me for meals and I would fall asleep while eating. I...
  7. jacqui

    I Thought I Knew It All

    ditto regarding insomnia. I was dx'd in Dec. 2006 and learned from here too that many C's have insomnia. Very bizaare
  8. jacqui

    I Thought I Knew It All

    I keep forgetting but I too just recently had 2 lypomas removed from each flank that they were not sure what they were...
  9. jacqui

    I Thought I Knew It All

    Sorry to hear all this but I am very interested to learn from you b/c I have many of the same symptoms. I was told by...
  10. Hi All!! Thank you very much for your input and your experiences. M was gluten-free for a week and then went to...
  11. jacqui

    Need Advice!

    True, I forgot about implant bleeding. I had PAINFUL implantation, so the ER doc thought it was endo again but nope it...
  12. jacqui

    Son Newly Diagnosed

    BRAVO!!! A family member that wants to learn and help. You have no idea how great it was to read your note. I know you...
  13. jacqui

    Need Advice!

    Mine was always brown. I have a history of endometriosis and my periods were probably the same as yours. I had a period...
  14. jacqui


    After I was diagnosed my sis ter kept denying she had celiac b/c she did not have symptoms or so she thought. 10 mos...
  15. Hi this did not cut and paste right I don't think, so just e-mail me at home from your email and I will send as an attachment...