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  1. HI nuglugirl! are you still in evansville? i just started a celiac/gluten-free page on facebook..."celiacchicknewburgh". check it out, join in, friend me, and comment often! thanks, kristi

  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. Dear blondebombshell, Ortega is also safe. It is one I love. They adhere to a very strict labeling policy like Old El Paso. The last time I checked, all of their products were gluten-free. Daisy sour cream is safe if you can have dairy. The low-fat and fat-free versions are...
  4. Dear Elena, That is good it lasts a while! It is so odd how one store might carry something, and then another does not. I do not know why that is. We have some mainstream stores that do not carry things many of the same stores in other cities do. At our Super Wal-Mart, they do not always...
  5. Dear Julie, You are so welcome! They are delicious! Thai Kitchen and A Taste of Thai both make them. I think they are actually the same company, but go by different titles at times. Those will fill you up! Dear Elena, Choy Sun is the brand made by Lee Kum Kee. You...
  6. Dear Julie, Have you had Thai Kitchen's Peanut Noodles? They are delicious! They are very filling, tasty, and really hit the spot! I am almost always hungry. I really enjoyed these, because they taste great, and are keep me content for a while. Sincerely, ...
  7. Dear JustMeInMD, Thank you for sharing your recipe! I bought a huge cabbage I need to shred myself, when I could have bought the pre-shredded stuff! I know you have to be careful with those, because some may have cc issues unless they solely deal with produce. I am anxious to make Spring...
  8. Dear rajawali, Thank you for posting this! It is always good to have another confirmation! I need to get some of this stuff! There are so many things it would go great with! I need to look around for it. If I cannot find it locally, I know I can order it on Amazon! ...
  9. Dear runner girl, I read that Choy Sun is made by Lee Kum Kee, and safe. The site has not been updated, though. You may want to call and see if the sauce is still safe. Go to http://usa.lkk.com/Common/corporate/faq.aspx to find where I got the info. Also, if it is safe, you can...
  10. Hi. I am new to this site just 2nite.I have started a gluten free diet on 6-4 and just want to say WOW to your posts. I have seen a few and the LIST is aewsome. wanted u to know - and wanted to say thanks!!


  11. Thanks for all your helpful posts. It's nice having a veteran around for us newbies.

  12. Dear mcsteffi, Yoplait clearly labels gluten as well if it is present. The Whips are great! Especially the Latte Flavor! I had to stop eating dairy except in chocolate candy. For some reason, that does not bother me. If I eat pudding or yogurt, I get as violent a reaction as if I...
  13. Dear cdfiance, It is wonderful news to hear Alex is doing a little better! We were all so worried! It sounds like low electrolytes were some of the problem. The Pedialyte certainly is great for that! Also, it is great to know she tolerated her first IV treatment! I think it...
  14. Dear Disney323 and Cybermommy, You guys are so welcome for the lists! Cybermommy, I copied yours into a word document for future reference. There are a lot of people with toddlers on here. We get newbies all the time. This helps save a lot of time and energy! Don...
  15. Dear Ryan, It sounds like Alex's malabsorbtion has resulted in anemia. She probably was low on electrolytes due to the diarrhea. Gatorade and Pedialyte, which were mentioned by other members already definately is a good idea. Make sure she avoids fruit juice, because it can make...