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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I want to reiterate what many have already said. Mercury doesn't work alone and more likely than not you are going...
  3. I guess I should have clarified. I had ART done which is an advanced form of muscle testing developed in part by Dr...
  4. Charcoal and chlorella are good if you tolerate them. I had tried chlorella once and it didn't go over well with me...
  5. There are different protocols out there. It's hard to say what to do because everyone is different and has different...
  6. AndreaB

    Group Letter to Dr. Fine

    I'll be looking forward to the reply. Thanks to all who helped with this.
  7. Ravenwood, I had just read that and was going to post too. I'm encouraged about any further studies they do to...
  8. I have to agree that classicaly DH is considered celiac. Once you have a leaky gut it would be pretty easy for the gluten...
  9. AndreaB

    Omg...i Might Be On To Something

    Thanks for the link Ken. I've bookmarked it.
  10. I just saw your other post. Enterolab changed the way they do these since I had my test done. I guess it's the 020...
  11. AndreaB

    Group Letter to Dr. Fine

    Please include my name. Just use my screen name.
  12. That would be one of the main celiac genes (DQ2) and the DQ1,5 would be the one that a lot have reported neurological...
  13. AndreaB

    Omg...i Might Be On To Something

    Oops. Must not have signed me in last time I rebooted. Going to sign in now.
  14. AndreaB

    Omg...i Might Be On To Something

    Rachel and others, I like the idea of email's back and forth. There is a way to reply to everyone....at least I've...
  15. Sorry about that. I don't have the boxes in front of me and forgot. I think we've had Lemurs before if that's the chocolate...