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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I just wanted to say hi to everyone. I have been really crazy becasue I am moving tomorrow so I have not really posted but I have caught up. I hope everone is ok. And I look forward...
  3. I have finally caught up.... Rachel- I can't wait to hear about your results Andrea- Great news on T Donna- I hope your being good and staying on your butt Carla...
  4. Julie- I am so glad to hear the diet has been helping you. That is so great
  5. Rachel- yeah i know is hould be taking something for the other foods but I actually have been trying a little gluten and having mixed reactions I really would love to add it since...
  6. hey all- I know I had posted but it is one of the ones that was lost so I totally don't remember what I wrote. Kassandra- I am so sorry you are going through all of this ...
  7. yes poor andrea but i think its funny and I laugh everytime I read it
  8. Rachel- maybe julies right and it is rewiring you to eat pizza and ice cream
  9. Hey all- I am just reading along enjoying the trip down memory lane Rachel- I hope the zeolite helps you as much as it helped lisa Donna- I am anxiously awaiting your results...
  10. Rachel- I will call my doc on monda and find out about the calcium powder
  11. Rachel- my doc used to get me just plain calcium in posder form with nothing added I can try to find out where he got it if you want
  12. I can';t believe how much your situation seems to mirror my own. I am in almost the exact same place. I am currently on REglan and it is killing me it helped in the begining but...
  13. Paula- Ill be anxiously awaiting your update on the nachos
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