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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today

  2. Beverly, as has been stated here before, a clear premise of the SCD diet is that it helps move out parasites and bad bacteria from the intestine as part of the healing process and the whole point of SCD. So we do consider this on topic. Its discussed in BTVC, the book we are basing our diet on. Liz, it does take some time to adjust! Be kind to yourself. Also cravings for food are very common at first, it seems to be part of the killing of the parasites and bacteria that happens in the introduction of the diet. It does subside. Meanwhile, hopefully others will post ideas. I just didn't restrict honey at first. I needed it to get through this time, and used quite a bit--like in gelatin and in my yogurt. After a week to ten days that all quieted down, and I was no longer starving all the time, could cut back the honey and found the meat and veggies filling.
  3. Bea, its wonderful that you are progressing so well. The basic cabbage juice recipe I am using is on www.pecanbread.com 3 C cabbage, 1 3/4 C water. The first time let it sit 3 days, no probiotic needed, but you can add some acidophilus if you want. After that, make it fresh everyday and add 1/4 C of the previous juice. 24 hrs from the 2nd batch onward. Sherry
  4. Pele, that's great you like the cabbage juice. When I dilute it to drink I like it better, but its okay straight too. Did you notice improvement from the S. Bourdarii?
  5. I have the brainfog but not the migraines, sounds miserable. Ali, thanks for the leptin info, its interesting. It makes sense in another way for me in that I bloat more toward the end of the day. I wonder if water input should be shifted as well?
  6. Yolo, I agree with Ali in terms of it coming down to what works for each. My sense is that with your immediate improvement on yogurt you may be able to introduce things more quickly than some of us, at least I am hopeful for you! For me the crux of the matter about stevia is what is the chemical composition and can my very compromised digestive system handle it (while it may be totally fine for someone with a healed gut). I haven't done the research required for myself to consider it. My only additional thought for you to consider is to try going without and then challenging it. Ali, I agree about listening to what our bodies tell us regarding whether a food is good for us or not. Its hard when the body is sending many conflicting messages though! For all who are still dealing with bloating: Has anyone ever tried something like this? http://thyroid.about.com/b/2007/07/02/help...id-patients.htm Its simple and can be homemade easily to be SCD compliant. I'm going to try it over the next couple of days and see if it helps. Sherry
  7. Jan I've had the same reaction for a long time about fermented foods. However, to my big surprise, I find the cabbage juice quite palatable, it is especially easy to handle when diluted. Michelle, that's great news. Seems to me that a shift in the gut motility could take a bit of time to settle. I'm going to further explore the differences between using yogurt and just the cabbage juice, but for now I think I'll not worry too much about it until I get my thyroid problem under control, and my KPU testing completed. I do think the cabbage juice is easier to digest. I like the idea of the yogurt helping to carry the probiotic well into the gut, though. I did retry some almonds, not as much though. So far, I have had the same response as my last challenge. Have any of you tried the Sacchromyes Bouldari (sp?) that is available from GIProHealth? I recall that maybe it was Shay who found that extremely helpful. She's not been here for a long time, unfortunately.
  8. Bea, I haven't researched stevia so I'm only mentioning that I think it is on the not okay list. Usually that means Elaine researched the composition and found it to be too high a ratio of the wrong kind of starch, or too much dissaccharide. But I can't remember; it's probably mentioned on one of the web sites. Sometimes she says its not okay but the explanation of why is so complex she doesn't try to explain. Of course, now she is no longer with us and so we have to continue to look for our own research. I agree with you, Jan, each of us has to adjust this to our particular system. That's also a premise of the diet--eat what you tolerate well and avoid what you don't and try it again later. Bea, it seems you have made rapid progress on the yogurt, so perhaps you will tolerate more foods quickly. In my situation, on SCD I had an initial clearly positive shift in energy, a major cleansing effect with visible parasites (a whole clump one time---so very gross) sorry TMI there. Over a week or 10 days, lots of shifts in BM, then settled into the most normal I had ever been. However, progress didn't hold steady, but has been up and down, though I am convinced this has helped me way more than 15 months GFCFSF did. I also lost quite a bit of weight that was inflammation related. Currently I have had a setback related to the new version of Armour thyroid that has had me quite ill for almost 4 months along with much worsening GI. I am hoping the GI will improve now that I'm off that medicine (and will never ever try it again, believe me!) and shifting to a new brand, but don't know for sure what will happen. Like others here, I have a few safe foods, and the list has shrunk over the past 4 months. I have a lot else going on, so relying solely on a dietary approach hasn't been enough for me. I'm still seeking answers. Thanks for asking
  9. Bea, that's great news about the yogurt! The 24 hr process removes the lactose which may be a factor in your tolerance. I'm wondering if rather than a strict candida problem, you've had a general imbalance in the gut flora. Some of the herbs you mention are mucilaginous which are contraindicated on SCD. Seems like you know yourself and the herbs well, just a heads up. Stevia and all the sweeteners except saccharin are also contraindicated. I think you can use a tiny amount once a week. With honey, Elaine didn't recommend eliminating it entirely as I recall, if there is a candida problem. She said to cut back. The thing about honey is that because it is a monosaccharide, it should be absorbed high in the small intestines. The problem as I understand it with sugar is that due to damage in the gut, we don't break it down and absorb it, so it goes right down to the lower intestine where it causes havoc with the gut flora. Dripped yogurt is quite good. For a dessert, my favorite was a decadent cheesecake. I made yogurt from half and half, and dripped it. That takes the place of the cream cheese. Honey for sweetener. Almonds for making the crust but it would be fine with no crust. I cut up fresh strawberries, boiled a few with honey until it was thick. Put the "sauce" on the cheescake and added some more fresh strawberries. I think you said no eggs, but for a treat you might try to find duck eggs. Chicken and duck eggs are different so you might tolerate one and not the other. They are expensive in the USA though. (Not bad here, though--its what I use). Yogurt makes great smoothies as well. Perhaps you will both do well enough on SCD that you can "plan" a weekly foray into a sweet like this. Makes it easier. In terms of CC, I believe that we have eliminated much of the sources for this because we don't hardly use prepared foods, most of which are not SCD safe. Using whole foods, we don't have to worry so much. Also SCD gives a different explanation for continuing symptoms than CC. I still check on things, for example, I'm careful what almonds, vanilla, dried fruit I buy, etc. But not just for gluten, for starches and sugars as well. Sherry
  10. I know you are really restricted, but you might give Elaine's protocol for constipation a look. Its posted somewhere on www.pecanbread.com as I recall. What are you doing for probiotics? That's really important. I've cut back on yogurt recently and am using fermented cabbage juice, which is actually quite palatable. Adequate probiotic may help with C. Magnesium comes in many forms and some may work better than others. The intestine needs magesium in order to contract. Some people are low in magnesium. In my case, lyme uses a lot of magnesium, or causes magnesium wasting or some such. I tend to be quite low, and on gluten-free initially had to use huge doses of Mag to help with C. I was able to gradually cut that back. On SCD this problem has come and gone, although overall much better. Vitamin C can help too and isn't dangerous in high doses--you can go up to bowel tolerance. One final thing I discovered is that parasites cause C. The best test currently out there according to my doctor is by Metametrix. It checks for their DNA. SCD cleared out a lot of these, I know because I saw some (most are not visible though). TMI, sorry. However, I had one nasty remaining parasite that I have had 2 rounds of treatment for so far. Celiacs (and lyme patients) are among those more susceptible to parasites.
  11. Hi Pickles, welcome. Wow! The WHOLE thread!! LOL 4 months on SCD is still a bit early in one sense. The first year can be still a bit rocky with flares and improvements kind of unstable, I'm told by people who have been on this for awhile for various GI problems. My doctor is in Portland and is very good however, is only taking new pediatric (autistic) patients. I totally can relate to most of the doctors not being helpful. Have you been tested for lyme disease through Igenex? The joint pain and night sweats, fibro, energy, memory, dizziness, concentration, visual changes all stand out to me. It also can cause GI problems. If not, or if the test was done by a different lab, there's a blog that has lots of info and patient cases that could be worth reading. www.lymemd.blogspot.com In terms of remaining symptoms, what have you tried for constipation? My tendency is also that direction. I take oxy-mag, a form of magnesium. The other thing is cutting back on fiber as my system doesn't handle it--which is a principle of SCD of course. Berries are higher in fiber. I'm wondering if you have done the intro and very soft foods approach for your first 4 months?
  12. Cindy, soy not allowed on SCD so most of us here are avoiding that. I knew soy was a problem before starting SCD, too.
  13. Liz, that's just great. Hopefully what we've learned will be helpful to you and your son ( and all of you) will see some great progress.
  14. Michelle, I do 3 cups of cabbage and 1 3/4 C of water, blend it well, add 1/4 C of my last batch of juice. I put it in a quart jar at room temperature for 24 hours. Then I strain out the juice and discard the pulp. I do a fresh batch of cabbage every day. It fills my quart jar to 1-2 inches from the top. You are supposed to have at least an inch at the top. The first time you have to let it set for 3 days. I did add acidophilus to the first batch, but I later realized my acidophilus is now no good (it won't make yogurt). The recipe says you don't have to add any starter, as cabbage naturally has acidophilus. Bea, I have been increasingly sensitive (not sure why) but I am tolerating this quite well. No fiber is one reason, I think.
  15. Bea, welcome! Its nice to see you here. http://www.giprohealth.com/saccharomycesboulardii.aspx I'm wondering if saccharomycesboulardii might be of particular help to you? Sherry
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