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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today

  2. I'm still struggling with nausea off and on. Some of the factors I have found involved are h pylori infection, need for digestive enzymes, healing process component, allergy/sensitivity, and generalized sensitivity in the whole GI track as my body adjusts and tries to heal after many many years...
  3. I have trouble with coconut but haven't experimented enough to know which forms. For sure, canned coconut milk is an issue.
  4. 20% of celiacs present with constipation only, another large percentage have alternating diarrhea and constipation. Elimination diet would help, however, that will be very difficult in the military. If you have enough time, you could try the "rare foods diet" and see if your symptoms cleared...
  5. Hi Alvin, welcome to the board. The Chinese for celiac disease is 乳糜泻。 You might try searching for that on google, I found several articles in Chinese but didn't notice if there were any references to Singapore. I found that info about DQ2 in Southeast Asians interesting. The thing is, with t...
  6. Also there are many styles of Chinese food reflecting different areas of China. The same dish can be made differently in different areas. So don't assume it will be the same in two different restaurants. Several of the dishes mentioned here are Cantonese.
  7. There are a few dishes you could consider. You need to make sure they don't add MSG--which can be from wheat, though not always. Chicken or shrimp with cashews usually has no breading or soy sauce, probably has cornstarch. Sometimes the steamed fish but it can have soy sauce. Sweet and sour...