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  1. lol so im back after 11 months of denial and rebellion, i have decided the rash, allergies (god my nose never stops dripping), D, and sore belly are enough! so its back to lousy bread sticky noodles i go. ha ha all joking aside, i know what needs to be done and will be gratefull this time next month when im feeling better! look foward to being back on the site!
  2. hi there, interesting i had my bone scan at 32 and found out that i was in the early stages and had osteopenisis. my doc was shocked considering that i run, and lift weights and eat like a pig! so he recomended that i take a liquid suppliment every day and keep up with the weight bearing excersises. im sure it has something to do with absortion issues which is super common in celiac. vitamin D will help with that , good luck!
  3. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  4. hi i have used this test on my kids, i have had to go back on gluten so i havnt done mine yet. i like the idea of using it for a pre screener thouugh, and only 50 bucks is rather nice, if your on gluten still i would go to your doc and get tested.
  5. one kid down and 2 more to go, my 2 girls so far are negative, just the boy and the baby to test!
  6. hi, i too get swollen joints, usually in my hands and ankles and knees, i though they were running injuries but once i cut the gluten out they went away, i think its a reaction to gluten (just my thoughts) RA is sometihng you can look into as well it is autoimmune, its a simple blood test. your not alone on this one though i have read lots of post here with people who get this!
  7. yup i have deffenitely figured i have dh as well as gut symptoms, not feeling great today allready, pretty neusous in the morning and my guts arent to happy with this,but i would like to be properly diagnosed, we have other programs up here that you qualify for if you have the diagnosis. still gonna eat some donuts though!
  8. i have ordered a couple of kits, one for myself and one for 3 of my kids as the fourth was allready tested and is negatvie, this unfortunately means for me im back to a glutenous diet, ugh! i have never managed to test positive as i was gluten free for months when the doc finally tested me. i would like some kind of formal diagnosis though for my taxes. im am going to timmies for a donut, though, but ugh the itchies and D have allready come back, had the rash on my back allready to, oh well only for a couple of weeks than back to rice for me! ill give my thoughts on the test when i get them, im pleased that they dont cost a fortune!
  9. hi, im canadian as well im in alberta though, i did testing through entrolab and had to suck up the cost, there province wont pay for it and neither would my benefit company. i had no problem shipping through the border just sent it UPS, and make sure that you mark on the package that it is NON contagious biological sample, UPS knows how to mark it. hope this helps
  10. hi, as a mom with 2 autistic kids i have had this proposed to me numerous times. i refuse to put my kids on a gluten-free diet, being on it myself i know how restrictive and difficult it can be, i figure my kids have a hard enough time in the world as it is. as well there is not one study, (not one trust me ive looked) that shows any deffinitave positive results for gluten-free diets in autistic kids. a lot of the time when there is improvement after the diet is introduced there is also the additon of speech and OT therapies in the childs life as well. and something that i notice it is very wealthy and famous people who push this a lot and these are the people who can truly afford some amazing services for there kids so you know there is going to be drastic changes within those children. this is only my thoughts all parents of autism have there own thoughts on this, but my son and daughter eat very picky as it is and i cant imagine further restriciting them, as well there docs and dieticians do not reccomend it for them. hope this helps nadine
  11. hi niki, im 5'4" and 108lbs, at the height of skinniness due to the celiac i was 95lbs so i would say that you are very healthy. r there any groups in your area for celiacs to go to for support with some kids your own age maybe? i only hope with time that your friends will change there attitude and remember your not in high school forever!
  12. holy cow i dont even get a salad there, as it is one big crumb factory there and crumbs are the enemy!
  13. sounds like your doing awsome your body will adjust to the diet in time, good luck!
  14. ahh this sounds familiar, i know drink loads of fluids during the day, as well as more fruits and veggies then any human should, not to mention that i do drink tea that is a detox tea, its gluten free and it just helps things move along, it NOT a laxitive, its mostly green tea, dandilion, and a few other plants, you can get this in a drug store, i use one from Lame Advertisement, most of their products are gluten-free, itll take time but you will find something that works for you! GOOD LUCK!
  15. hi, it seems to me that she is at the the closest one can come to being positive, and it looks like the tisssue test is positive. did she have the skin biopsy done, is that what the tissue sample is? i dont know with those results i would be carefull with her, what did the doc say?
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