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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. A Note To My Non-Celiac Dad

    yes that's fine to copy it! i think the IgG panel tests are ok to give you a guideline, but honestly i didn't know what all i react to until i started the specific carb diet and tried things one at a time.
  2. i'm hoping to be able to cook with the dried baby lima beans i just bought from wal mart. the Great Value Brand customer service rep said there is no wheat in the facility but there are barley, rye, and oats. it is processed on a separate line, which is good. but - should i be worried about the possibility of anything becoming airborne?? or am i good to go since the beans are on a different line in the facility? i had her write an email to the supplier to see if they were making flours out of any of those grains, because i know that can fly up and get all over the place. has anyone reacted to this product? is there a safer brand that you've found?? thank you so much!!
  3. has anyone taken a supplement of butyric acid like this one http://www.vitasprings.com/butyraid-100-tablets-nutricology.html i got a test done that says my gut ecology is lacking in any sort of helpful bacterias that make butyric acid. it's supposed to help heal the intestines and prevent cancer. wondering if supplement form works, or if i would need to have the actual bacteria present, like clostridum butyricum or butyruvibrio fibrisovens - and if so, how do i get those??
  4. A Posssible Theory On Zonulin?

    yes i agree, everyone should eat less wheat than the S.A.D. usually includes. ESPECIALLY people who have a person with celiac in their family, which means they prob have higher levels on zonulin too!!
  5. i agree with riceguy about supplementation during healing! also here's an article about some symptoms that might be related to a yeast overgrowth, seems somewhat common with celiacs http://www.healingnaturallybybee.com/articles/cabout3.php
  6. Enterolab Results

    hi 1. you are definitely reacting to transglutaminase, so that is a big marker for celiac as i understand it. however the "gold standard" in the medical world for diagnosing celiac is a small intestine biopsy. i think that's crap and never got it done, i just went by my enterolab results and the million other clues that i was celiac. so yes i say i officially have celiac, and that is because i know i do, not because some biopsy confirmed it or not. 2. some people's food intolerances do go away and some dont. i dont know the real statistics, but it seems like things like corn and soy dont go away AS OFTEN (my personal theory is because they're GMO, terrible for certain people's metabolisms, and soy contains mycotoxins that are only rendered harmless with proper soaking and preparation/fermenting - which the soy industry in this country definitely doesn't do! but i've heard of people being able to introduce limited amounts of egg back in after months without it. be careful though. some people go on a rotation diet to keep the immune system from freaking out. personally, i think you should read about leaky gut and the candida connection. bee's Healing Naturally website has a lot to say about candida... there's gotta be a reason our bodies started reacting to foods! 3. no i could just tell i was absorbing better after 3-4 months, but it takes time. try to eat healthy and rest. drink a lot of fluids like home-made electrolyte drinks, broths, pure water... 4. it helped me to keep a food diary and do a food rotation, also taking my pulse before and after eating "suspect" foods. i would maybe give it a few months on a healthy, antigen-free diet and then if you have a gut feeling there's something else, remove and challenge it after that... but yeah take it easy on the nightshades as some people say the nightshade intolerance is common in people who had them in abundance. 5. i'm on a list serve for the Pecan Bread site and a lot of the people who write in know a ton about food intolerances. it's taught me a lot. they're all on a special diet but i bet you could just go sign up to be on their mailing list if you wanted...
  7. A Note To My Non-Celiac Dad

    hehe you guys are awesome thanks i needed to hear that.
  8. i agree that it has to do with the vagus nerve and immune system- i get it too. definitely don't eat things that you know make it worse. (unless you think it's a healing symptom, like some people get rapid heartbeat after eating coconut oil and say it's because the oil's a natural anti-fungal so you're having die-off of pathogenic bacteria in the gut. i'm still deciding what i think of that one). i also agree that a lot of celiacs respond well to a lower-carb diet and do ok with most protein foods. try to eat healthy and fresh whatever you do. about the timing - it may be that your immune system went through a big change when you went off gluten and now it has adjusted to that. especially if your heart symptoms were associated with hypothyroid (immune problem) in the past. some people feel great on the diet for months and then find new issues crop up - i'm not sure why this is, maybe more food intolerances if we still have leaky gut, or maybe the immune system "bounces back" enough to start reacting in other strange ways.
  9. it sounds like u might have a little problem with a small hiatal hernia - there is a lot of information out there about it but it is treatable in some people, and i recommend the book Hiatal Hernia Syndrome by theodore baroody, even though it's old it has helpful info. the pain is in the L side of your neck right? i've struggled with the same thing, i hope you feel better soon. the GI doc's weren't that helpful but these 2 things have helped alot -eliminate all foods that cause a reaction (gas in the stomach will make the lungs heart and diaphragm feel crowded-out) -go to a good chiropractor who knows the maneuver for hiatal hernia or a good massage therapist that's trained in Myofascial Release and Cranio-sacral therapy, they can help encourage the stomach to heal and move back down into place. this will help you breathe more fully!
  10. Hey Dad- How was your flight? Hey I was wondering if I could explain something to you a little more thoroughly than I have... 1. My first thing is: the reason I ask you to please be careful how you phrase things regarding my healing process. For instance, asking for (or making) estimations about my progress - it's tricky because from what I am reading I may be in for a loooooong process, and I hope we can have patience as my body takes as long as it needs to to get back to health. I have no idea what the time frame may be. If God doesn't heal me instantly (which He most certainly could!!) then I'm guessing 3 years - maybe not perfectly healthy at that time, but hopefully way better. So you can see why it would be too hard for me to estimate progress or give accurate observations this early, or at short increments like one week or one month. it's not a straight line- sometimes it doesn't even seem to be directional! haha But I know God is healing me, nonetheless. Anyway, would it be possible not to ask as many questions about rating my progress? Let me know what you think about that idea. 2. Also, it sort of hurts my feelings when mom and you mention things about me eating many other foods than what i'm eating now. The reason being, is it may be a super long time (years and years) and maybe never. A few times it has sounded like you guys assume I'll be able to eat many new foods in a few months. In reality people with food intolerances as severe as mine have to be very careful and some foods never come back. For example, I MIGHT be able to eat a tablespoon of homemade yogurt in April or May, maybe once every few days or so, but maybe not for a year or two. I'm so sorry I didn't explain this very well at the beginning and gave you the impression things would be faster. But I know I'll get there no matter how long it takes! So, I was thinking it could help me out if you could refrain from referring to that "far off day" when I'll be able to eat more variety, because it almost comes across like you may not understand the correct time table (not that there is an exact one, but I guess I just hope you can make similar estimations as I do, instead of much shorter). I know you're not meaning it to sound that way, and you're only being hopeful and you have an intense desire to see your daughter get well, but it almost comes across as insensitive to my feelings about food. It just doesn't help my heart to jump ahead too much - it's best to take it one day at a time and have lots of patience for however long things take. 3. About the "cross contamination" issue with gluten - again I probably didn't explain this very well and I apologize. The reason I have gotten frustrated a few times at your suggestion that maybe in the future I will be less sensitive to gluten is that from what i understand that is not the case for most to all celiacs. I understand that you hope God will alter my condition in that way, and I hope so too!! He certainly could and that's not beyond His Character or ability. But I hope you will also consider what if He doesn't choose to - meaning, this probably isn't just temporary. Like, I may have to remember about door handles and utensils for the rest of my days on earth. since you have never had to avoid a certain microscopic molecule, I can understand that you may not know how it makes someone feel when it's suggested to them that it could be temporary. It makes me feel like it belittles my situation, or like the person just doesn't really understand. it also makes me a little nervous that the person will do something with bread on their hands or touch one of my cooking things thinking it won't be a big deal, or that "the chances are so slim." I've gotten really sick when people take that approach, so I hope you can continue and learn to be "super paranoid" like me about even the smallest gluten. [it was interesting to me that while you were saying that you were making a sandwich and touching trash, fridge, and cubbord handles without noticing, hehe - It's totally fine because I don't touch those when i eat, but it was kind of ironic.] The reason I'd prefer you not say things about one day me not having to be so meticulous is that I need to be ok with the complications of avoiding gluten. I need to know that you're totally on board, not just riding it out until some day when things go back to the old normal - because it's very likely that this is the new normal. sometimes I miss the ease of life that has gone and it's kind of painful when you bring it up like it will happen again. Don't get me wrong, I'm fine with you hoping it will subside, I'm hoping that too so feel free! But I've had to embrace my new way of cooking/eating completely, so I don't get bitter or disdain it. If it changes some day great! but that would be YEARS down the line because of how the immune system works, so right now let's just take one day at a time and be patient while my body's healing. thanks for hearing me on all this; I hope your trip goes well! love you SO MUCH (name removed)
  11. hi Eric i also feel there is a candida connection to celiac at least in some cases when you did the program did u eat fruit? what program did you do- was it Healing Naturally by Bee? thanks
  12. thank you girls i'll add it to my list of supplements to introduce - trying to do everything one at a time and see if i react... but it sounds like it may work quite well!
  13. i'm thinking about taking an amino acid called glutamine to help repair my intestines. this is from the Great Plains Laboratory website: In celiac disease, there is also an increase in the blood of antibodies to wheat. There is also a marked increase in antibodies called endomysial antibodies. The exact nature of the endomysial antigen has recently been identified as the tissue transglutaminase enzyme. Researchers in Norway think that transglutaminase facilitates the physical linkage of the carboxamide group of an amino acid called glutamine in gluten to an epsilon-amino group of a lysine residue in transglutaminase in the intestinal tract. (The normal physiological function of transglutaminase is probably the repair of injured or inflamed tissue by cross-linking extracellular matrix proteins in the tissue, thus stabilizing the damaged tissue and protecting the surrounding tissue from further damage.) Since gluten has an abundance of the amino acid glutamine, it is especially vulnerable to this reaction with transglutaminase. This abnormally linked molecule is then perceived as a foreign antigen by the immune system and antibodies to transglutaminase begin to be produced, inhibiting the normal function of transglutaminase in repairing damaged intestinal mucosa. so my question is, would the amino acid L-glutamine help by giving the transglutaminase something to link with the lysine residue, or will it possibly cause an immune reaction (and further inflammation) because it is something found in gluten? i know that i have antibodies to transglutaminase present in my gut, so i don't know if i want to encourage its activity or not... or, should i wait and maybe those auto-immune antibodies will decrease with time away from gluten, then take L-glutamine later? i would love to know what you think. Thank you!!
  14. you might call Great Plains Lab and ask what tests to have for celiac. ask your doc but i would do a complete blood panel to see about nutritional deficiencies like iron poor blood, potassium, B12 etc. if you do that you could also ask for the fat-soluble vitamins since some celiacs are low in those. or better yet if you have a more naturopathicly minded doc, a nutritional analysis of the whole blood cell through spectracell or some lab like that. also it's great that you dont have any IgE mediated allergies. have you also thought about IgG mediated intolerances? elimination diets are best for figuring out intolerances, but a good igG assay would give you a snapshot of what your blood is reacting to at the moment. a good lab for that is immunolabs, in my opinion. there is also a test for the gliadin antibodies that some celiacs have periodically to make sure they're not ingesting gluten without knowing it. i am so sorry but i dont know the name of that one.