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  1. breavenewworld

    A Note To My Non-Celiac Dad

    yes that's fine to copy it! i think the IgG panel tests are ok to give you a guideline, but honestly i didn't know what...
  2. i'm hoping to be able to cook with the dried baby lima beans i just bought from wal mart. the Great Value Brand customer...
  3. has anyone taken a supplement of butyric acid like this one http://www.vitasprings.com/butyraid-100-tablets-nutricology...
  4. breavenewworld

    A Posssible Theory On Zonulin?

    yes i agree, everyone should eat less wheat than the S.A.D. usually includes. ESPECIALLY people who have a person with...
  5. i agree with riceguy about supplementation during healing! also here's an article about some symptoms that might be...
  6. breavenewworld

    Enterolab Results

    hi 1. you are definitely reacting to transglutaminase, so that is a big marker for celiac as i understand it. however...
  7. breavenewworld

    A Note To My Non-Celiac Dad

    hehe you guys are awesome thanks i needed to hear that.
  8. i agree that it has to do with the vagus nerve and immune system- i get it too. definitely don't eat things that you...
  9. it sounds like u might have a little problem with a small hiatal hernia - there is a lot of information out there about...
  10. Hey Dad- How was your flight? Hey I was wondering if I could explain something to you a little more thoroughly than...
  11. breavenewworld

    Maybe Not Celiac - Yeast Again.

    hi Eric i also feel there is a candida connection to celiac at least in some cases when you did the program did u eat...
  12. thank you girls i'll add it to my list of supplements to introduce - trying to do everything one at a time and see if...
  13. i'm thinking about taking an amino acid called glutamine to help repair my intestines. this is from the Great Plains...
  14. you might call Great Plains Lab and ask what tests to have for celiac. ask your doc but i would do a complete blood...