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  1. ok, she said she got the flour at the BB in Quinte, and that the gluten-free section is entirely removed from the regular gluteny section. I feel a little bit better, but I still think I will give it to my Celiac friend who isn't afraid...
  2. absolutely, not all carbs are created equal. However, grains, whether oats or rice, are still going to raise your blood glucose levels considerably, and whether or not you're diabetic, this is NOT a good thing. One serving of oats 103...
  3. Reba32

    Overweight With Celiac

    depends how much damage was done while she was eating gluten, and what she's eating in place of gluten. Most "gluten free" foods are nutritionless carbohydrates, that are not going to help anyone lose weight ever. They're made from white...
  4. [rant] well, the dizziness continues, and I have been for so many tests and appointments at the TGH ENT/Balance clinic at my last appointment the doctor suggested I may need to see a psychiatrist because they just can't find anything wrong...
  5. I didn't try gluten free oats until more than a year after going gluten free. Two reasons, I couldn't find any certified gluten-free oats anywhere, and they're way too high in net carbs for my liking! Now I eat them only on occasion, and...
  6. I don't know which store she bought it in, I will have to ask her. The only Bulk Barn I've been in since diagnosis had the gluten free flours directly UNDER the gluteny flours, with a shared! scoop! so I've just avoided them all for fear...
  7. there are a few local chapters of Celiac Association in BC, have you asked any of them for info? http://www.celiac.ca/index.php/about-the-cca/local-chapters/#BC
  8. For a recent family lunch, a cousin of mine went to bulk barn, saw some gluten free all purpose flour and decided "oh, I'll make Becky some gluten free bread for our lunch!". Which she was going to go home and make in her bread maker, where...
  9. I have cold cold cold feet and hands too, feet mostly, and I just can't warm them up, doesn't matter what the temperature is in my house. I went to a rheumaologist with my laundry list of symptoms, and she said it can't be Reynaud's because...
  10. are you sure it's muscle spasm and not acid reflux or hiatal hernia? Just by the area where you say it is primarily makes me wonder. 200mg might be too much, it might not be enough. Everyone is different. In large doses though, magnesium...
  11. Reba32


    if you do in fact have Hashimoto's, as well as Celiac disease, then yes, going gluten free can improve your Hashimoto's, but it's not going to make it go away. I don't know if Hashi's can go into remission, anyone know? I doubt it would...
  12. Reba32

    So Confused And Jumbled

    My friends who have anaphylactic reactions ask me if Celiac disease is the same thing. I say no, it's not an allergy, it's an auto-immune disease, and will cause a slow painful death if I continue to eat gluten. Which is true. Untreated...
  13. Reba32

    New To Celiac

    depending which province you're in RaeRae, you may be in for a *very* long wait!
  14. Reba32

    Malabsorption Issues

    with continuous glutening over the past 2 months, you're going to continue to have problems unfortunately. The only thing you can do is be more vigilant, and wait for healing.