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Saxophone, guitar, basketball, hiking, travel, art, learning (when not brain-fogged :( ), most types of music.

P.S. It's Celiac Disease, not Celiacs Disease, nor Celiac's Disease.

  1. Oops what'd I miss, reigning in absentia? Wayyy too busy w/ Ronaihna messin w/ his cousin Monti's head. Hope it just blows over. Ohhhh Gnikkers, hugs from me too. Screw that boiler tho, yah? Russel (hehe) awesome that the work hrs didn't change. How awful/worrisome that something as potentially...
  2. I've been eating Tjoe's almond butter regularly w/out issue for probably 6 yrs. Mostly the Crunchy, tho I doubt creamy vs crunchy is a factor. This label has the shared equipment warning for peanuts, tree nuts & soy. No mention of wheat. I don't know if an organic one should be any different...
  3. Woohoo 1 out of 4 done, Shad! I remember that type of relief well. Do ya leave the wasp there as a warning?
  4. How macabre! Is this Psillyville or a Horrorburg plot from SawXIV? Roasting our heretofore-loyal Yeti buddy? Good luck asking for a favoUr now! At least when I was found to be yeti-intolerant, I hadn't met him yet. Btw, "mammal-free" is definitely a new one to me as well. From all sides I've...
  5. That "billyclub" is looking more like a gluten-free pepperoni from here. (don't-pizza-w.out-me) Done! (Ooooo power going to me 'ead)
  6. Hey Gian-knit did I miss how Smackl's Jazz Band audition went? Is he on alto sax? (Feel like I'm guessing but maybe the back of my mind already knows )
  7. No doubt! Now . . .just how psilly can a badge get? Pretty sure the Deputy post also comes w/ a bullet to be kept in one's pocket. Pads' shirt have a pocket? Might be required while on duty anyway. Pretty crime-free around here, so it's not we need the long arm of the law, unlike the mean...
  8. Skiing feels like a lifetime ago. Love that spot at Heavenly where while crossing from CA to NV side you see the lake & peaks of the Sierra on the left & the wild contrast of flat high-desert to the right. Into it enough to work at a ski shop in HS, but other priorities dropped skiing weekends...
  9. Here's a nice one, by my little brother's old house.
  10. http://www.nature.com/ajg/journal/v107/n1/full/ajg2011311a.html Be Happy, camper!
  11. The credit goes to Emmmerley for that one. Grabbed the url right out of her congrats post.
  12. It's decided. In honoUr of the admirable efforts & all-around eptness of The Ripper & cohorts in the production of Woody Allen's Don't Drink The Water [ohbummeritwontshowimg]http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151309767266043&set=a.10150151170591043.343333.558001042&type...
  13. Hmmmm . .he's certainly got me all jacked to wield some power. I may quite well be apt to opt for ept. On a related note, our clement bayarea weather takes a 5 day break tomorrow.