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  1. packing anxiety !! (well, really severe packing ADHD in my case, surely that cannot be the same with YOU, Pads??) Frizzy hair !! chickens !! summit where we can't all gather Yes, better you tarted the Psummit chat thread on FB, else I'd be cryin my eyes out now. Miss my Psills, though I am rather certain not all Psills miss me.... ha. HAVE FUN!!! can't wait to see pics !!! <3
  2. Sills <confused face>. WHERE are me smilies ????? I logged on to get really sad about the Psummit I am missing.....expecting to read all about the parade, yeti's braided seashells and sequins, court jesters and crutch tips and.....nuttin ?????? WHAT IS GOING ON??? thought lots of peeps were going to converge tomorrow......but no info here! is there a psecret place you all are discussing it ?? fill me in !!!!!! xx.
  3. HOLY COW Emmel that is fan-freaking-tastic !! Now.....if only we could get Ellen diagnosed w Celiac....hmmm.....couldn't this be done....somehow?? I mean.....if we pooled all our money....did something tricksy.....
  4. it MUST be hard....three years is a long way off...but you have a DREAM and a GOAL, and you will do it....amazing ! but...um...yer gonna eat yer civkebs??? me too, Loey, me too.
  5. sans :lol: Geoss, cracking up at the BIG discussion ! are you really going to do this ?? magnificent.....are the chickens and turkeys and kittehs going to live on the boat ???
  6. I just quoted a million things but not only is it too hard for this Psilly Dingo to quote in between selected posts, I got busted for "more than allotted amount of quotes." BLAST IT ALL !! OUT OF MY MIND for Psilly Psummit !!! and yer funni-ness, all of youse. Proud of Vinsccent !!! but omg.....I cannae make it to Boston....cannot travel ANYwhere due to pets and expenses. but OH MY LORD, WHERE IS THAT YETI???? yes, yes, he can handle the bags/valaises (is that the write wwword?) but do NOT let him anywhere near the fridge. Selling clementines at Whole Phoods They would not let his stink-ass in the door, Pads, must have been an imposter. Oh.....if I win the lottery....I WILL BE THERE !!!! Where is Ptaum??? has ANYone heard from him?? he seems quiet for so, so long.... buying lottery tickets this week OH!!! some of youse will remember that pseudo-celebrity I (erronesously) dated in the late 90s....to 2000? I posted pics of him on FB today.....soooooo funny !!! (hint - Secret Agent Man)
  7. Am so soooooooper excited about the parade !!! I don't even know what section it is in...the operashuns of this new phorum really conphuzes me. Pads and Kareighhhnnne found it.....is it under weight/diet issues? I think so..... it's a terribly sad article and.....as celiacs, I think we would ALL have the same reaction in reading it, but I am curious to know. she hasn't approved my comment.....I read a couple dozen of the 300+ comments and they were all just supportive of weight issues, accepting who you are at whatever weight (her father struggled with weight all his life and died a slow, miserable celiac death - but this was never, ever addressed apparently).... OH Psills....I think I can join the parade.....where are the seashells for Yeti's braids? Whose got the filthy jester robes?? I have been sick for weeks with all manner of ague and now I think I am FINALLY WELL !!! OOMM!!!! <-----(out of my mind )
  8. HI Poeter ! I just re-wrote my whole introductory post. And, my comment is awaiting moderation.....sadly, I don't think she'll allow it. was hoping more Celiacs would join in and also comment. I don't know why but this article, in connection with the dietitian who posted it (this is most likely the reason - my intense concern about her methods/beliefs as a dietitian) has got me rather riled ! Must head out now.....gorgeous day here. my comment: I am sorry for the loss of your father, and his struggles, this is so terribly sad and this is how Celiacs often die. What SCREAMS OUT at me in your beautifully-written article is his untreated Celiac Disease (“scarred intestines” CAN improve!)….gluten kills Celiacs. Period. Had he followed a strict, gluten-free diet from the time of diagnosis (did he? I am presuming he did not – forgive me if I am in error), his life would have changed dramatically and he would have dropped weight very easily (assuming he didn’t load up on gluten-free snacks). You are Vikings….Celiac is hugely common in Scandinavia (you can get gluten-free Big Macs there!), and it is a *genetic* auto-immune disorder which kills slowly and is truly miserable. One may have it without displaying symptoms for a long, long while….but I would bet every possession and penny I own that you have it too, beautiful one. Please don’t suffer as your father did…it is entirely avoidable. If you are interested in learning more, go to a website such as Celiac.com (check out the topics in the forum) and read up because in this country, where medicine and doctors are controlled by Big Pharma and very income-driven, Celiac is grossly and sadly misdiagnosed…my own diagnosis took decades and I verged on the brink of malnourished death. God bless! x.
  9. Now I feel bad.....I am wondering if I should have this post removed? Didn't know my rants could be traced on FB....and the dietitian's identity known ! What do you think, Kareighnne? Could simply post the article the girl wrote..... I dunno. Where is Poeter? Let him decide
  10. Karen, I see you found me on there....my rants did you see the article that was posted today, on that same site? OH MY LORD......my ranting goes on there as well.....
  11. I ranted about it on a FB page.....probably showed up in the feed.
  12. Yes.....dietitian shared this on Facebook for her patients, but she didn't write it. My comment not there? hmmm.....maybe takes a while. Or maybe it was too stupid?
  13. beautifully put, Geoss. Loving that things never change in the 'Ville see? a PARADE ! ♥ ...and KAKE *snort* You been a-readin' some Steinbeck? love it - would not want to smell for the Yeti fer sure, Pads ! HI Sills.....I actually got so riled up over somethign on The Face Page (Facebook) that I posted an article on this here phorum today ! *gasp* does anyone care??
  14. HI everybody, I haven't posted in AGES here! [not sure I'm posting this in the right spot?] But this article - rather, the dietitian who posted it, got me rather agitated. Long long story (which I have just deleted) - but there is a dietitian with whom I am somewhat acquainted (who riles me up! she doesn't believe Celiac exists) who posted this writing (she did not write it) on her FB page last night. This article makes me quite sad.....the dietitian's intent was to convey to her mainly eating-disorder clients that it is okay to not diet, accept your weight, etc.....but I was smacked in the head with this poor man's untreated (I presume) celiac and slow, horrible death. HIs daughter wrote the article and i have left a comment today (SusieQ) which may or may not show up yet. Take a look - xo. http://morecabaret.com/2013/05/07/why-i-dont-diet-an-ode-to-my-father/comment-page-7/#comment-953
  15. :'( she certainly was, Pads. I haven't been around and now I want to go and read and savor her amazing words all over this forum.... I am stunned and also saddened to know that I am here too late to communicate with her....the card i purchased was never sent, as is my very bad habit. What a gal she was.....did anyone ever get the chance to meet her, when she came to the states? Shroomie