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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I received a response from Enzymedica. You can read it here. Looks like they're willing to change the website, to be more clear. Please check out the above link to my other thread, if you're interested.
  3. Yeah, A LOT less common. While there are other causes, they are VERY rare, especially comparatively speaking. Just that *one* reason is pretty darn key. Why dismiss it as unimportant, just because you don't have a problem with the rest? If you're not concerned, again, that's your prerogative...
  4. It seems like you're referring to something other than the paragraph I quoted. This is the paragraph I quoted: "Gluten exhibits a unique amino acid sequence which creates inflammation and a flattening of the villi of our intestinal tract. The villi provide the intestine with the ability...
  5. It does, however point out that a respected university agrees that Glutenease makes false marketing claims. Probably about as many times as "for non-Celiacs, this product may be perfectly fine" has had to be. I've recently found that Enzymedica DID claim, straight-out, that GlutenEase could...
  6. No. I don't have to know someone personally who has gone through it, to make the logical deduction that it happens. When something is misleading, it's a logical conclusion that people will be misled by it. Did you know that GlutenEase somehow ended up in goodie bags at an NFCA event last year...
  7. I don't mind saying it again... I know that there are other types of gluten intolerances, other than Celiac. And I understand that it's possible that this enzyme might help those people's lives get a little easier. And I never said that it shouldn't be available to anyone who wants it. But I'm...
  8. This is what happens! This is what happens as a direct result of these companies' irresponsible marketing! On this very board I have just read someone suggesting to a 13 year old child that it's ok to order food at a restaurant that has a little bit of gluten as long as you take your GlutenEase!...
  9. Thanks Jess, that was a great article!
  10. 1% of the population isn't a 1/2 bad marketing demographic for a dietary supplement. And yeah, the CYA statement is required. Everybody knows that because it's on every single bottle of supplements available in this country. And unfortunately, it is therefore ignored by every single person who picks...
  11. But it is what the thread became about, which is why I suggested you read the whole thing. It came to be about who the product was marketed to, because that is the big problem a lot of people have with it-- that it is marketed to those with Celiac Disease. And thank goodness, we also have laws...
  12. My suggestion would be to read those last few pages. It was pretty much agreed upon that the makers of GlutenEase do market it to Celiacs, regardless of their CYA statement. Having read the whole thread, I don't think any non-Celiac gluten-sensitives were bashed or maligned for choosing to take...
  13. Yup. They're in with all the other baking mixes. I think they've carried them for longer than I realized. It was only after I read here that some Wal-marts carry GFP mixes, that I purposefully looked for them. And there they were! One of the Wal-marts I go to also carries soy flour (which I don't...
  14. Both Wal-marts I go to (Winston-Salem and Mt. Airy, NC) carry basic DeBoles pasta- elbow macaroni, spirals and spaghetti. I'm not crazy about DeBoles, but it takes only takes 1/2 hour to get to Wal-mart and at least an hour to Whole Foods for my Tinkyada. They both also carry Gluten Free Pantry...