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  1. WoW! Peter, that is SO cool. That Flash Forward sounds right up my alley. Looking forward to it! Has anyone else planted vegetable gardens this year? My dad and I collaborated and did a big one. We've got two kinds of bell peppers, zucchini, cantaloupe, green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, and even CORN. Yeah, we kinda went nuts. The boys have been helping, too. It's been fun, but something has been nibbling on the green bean plants. How is everyone???
  2. Hi everyone. I had been under the impression that Hunt's pudding packs were not gluten-free. But I just went hunting around on the internet to try to double check, and couldn't find much of anything. Anybody know anything about Hunt's pudding packs? Thanks!
  3. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  4. Hey everybody. Jess, I hope you feel better soon! Hi to all the new people I haven't met yet! Just stopped by to make sure everyone here knew about the Corn Chex thing. I found the post- I should've known it would have been been-there-done-that around here. The boys and I are doing well. I mean, yeah there's always some new drama every other week, but I'm starting to think that's just how it's gonna be for quite a while. This past week was really hard for me- Wednesday was my 9th anniversary. (Do you think it was a bad idea to get married on April Fool's Day?) But anyway, it's over, next week will be better. I finally was able to find a job, albeit it is at what my mom calls "The Poison Factory" (McDonald's.) I work in the early mornings, and yes indeed there is biscuit flour EV-ER-Y-WHERE, all morning. So I don't know how long this is going to last. But I was desperate, and so far I haven't gotten sick. But I just started a week ago and I sure don't get my hands anywhere NEAR my mouth... I try not to breathe through my mouth either. If I can just stick with it till I've saved up enough money for CNA school, I'll be ok. BTW, just so everyone knows... it's the Biscuit Maker who makes the salads and the yogurt parfaits every morning, and she is, of course, covered head-to-toe in flour. Gotta run for now. I think about you guys all the time!
  5. I've been giving Ez 3 softgels, although the bottle says you can give 4. For 4 softgels, the total Omega 3s is 252 mg. Also 120 mg of Omega 9, and some Vitamins A, D, and E thrown in. Which one is Smack? Your boy or your girl? eta: I wasn't sure about dosage at first either-- the only reason I started out with 3 softgels, is because that's what our family doc said she gives her son.
  6. Actually I have been thinking about that! I checked the requirements, and I already have enough credit hours. Something about never knowing when I'm going to be working puts me off, but I've been thinking I should do it anyway... quit being so chickenly.
  7. Oops, sorry I missed this last night! I was pretty sure I was seeing a difference in a week, but in two weeks there was no doubt in my mind! It was about the same time table for his teachers. I didn't say anything to his teachers ahead of time, or tell them about the Omega 3s... I just waited to see if they noticed any difference-- and they did, enough to mention it to me. The brand I have been giving him is Nordic Naturals. I got it at Whole Foods, in the children's supplement section- about 13 bucks for 90 softgels. It's a blue and white bottle that says Children's DHA in rainbow colors. It has no gluten, milk, yeast, artificial colors or flavors. Let me know what you think if you decide to try it out!
  8. Oh, I forgot to tell you guys-- I started Ezra on a children's DHA Omega 3 supplement, and a B complex. This combo is starting to gain popularity for children who have all kinds of issues: bipolar, ADHD, Autism spectrum, etc. I just want to add my ringing "endorsement." I have noticed a BIG difference in Ezra's ability to focus, and control his temper. I mean, big. His teacher noticed it, too. Just wanted to throw that out there for anyone interested. The Omega 3 that I got for him is formulated for kids, and I believe it is primarily cod liver oil. I give them to Luke sometimes too, although he can't swallow pills easily yet (yup, he's older, but he gags on them.) So he prefers to CHEW them. :shudder:
  9. Hi guys! Had to stop in, I miss you all so much! I've been job-hunting like crazy... the lack of prospects around here is utterly dismal. I've offered myself up as a volunteer at the boys' school, just for something to do, which will be fun. Also, maybe then the next time a paid position opens up, I'll have a better chance. I'm sure the principal currently thinks I'm a basket case. Between our confrontations a couple years ago, and the drama this year, that dude has not seen me at my best. Ezra got his cast off last week, and is NOT being careful of his arm at all. Orthopedist said it's only 60-70% healed, which surprised me. But he's not having much pain, and so far he hasn't whacked it or slammed it around too much, so... Lucas is a lot more emotionally volatile than he used to be, but is doing relatively ok. He's doing really fantastic in school, and has a lot of friends. B had a full-out nervous breakdown and is in therapy. He almost lost his job, but saved it by going to part time (child support just got hacked in half.) He now jumps back and forth between wanting me to be his best friend, and treating me like I'm his biggest enemy, who ruined his life. He also goes back and forth between being emotionally unable to handle the kids visiting, and accusing me of keeping them away from him. It's pretty hideous, but I'm doing ok. Trying to keep all this crap from the kids, so they can just heal. I think I've been mostly successful in that... but they don't really trust him anymore, especially Ezra. They know they can't count on him... which breaks my heart. I wish I could tell them that they can, but I can't- it would be a lie. We all had a great Halloween- no barphing this year! I hope everyone's doing ok. I saw a message that Amanda's dad is having surgery? I hope he's ok, my thoughts are with you Amanda. Love you all, -S.
  10. Whoops, that's what I get for trying to skim, copy and paste. I'm going to try and be around more often again now. Starting to get straightened out.
  11. Thanks, Laura, I was hoping you'd see this- you're quick! I thought there were 5, but I probably was thinking of the gene test, too. Thanks again!
  12. Hi guys- An old friend contacted me, who I haven't talked to in many years! She has been dealing with gastro issues for the past 5 years, numerous misdiagnoses, meds that don't work, etc. You know the drill. Well, she came across Celiac in her own research, and remembered me, so... I'm putting together some info for her, and I can't find the 5 blood tests! Can someone let me know the specific ones to ask for, so that she gets the full panel? Thanks!
  13. I just read this thread for the first time, and I had the same thought as Janet. Example-- prepackaged foods are always stamped with some sort of expiration date for that batch. I don't see how adding another stamp to specify ppm would add a huge amount to the consumer's price (strictly as a cost/labeling issue.)
  14. Sad a lot of the time, crying a lot again last night, and a ton of anger, but... nothing can take my smile away for long, when I've at least got my boys. I think they're the only thing that's kept me sane. Ah, I like those too, especially to make nachos. Ya know I had to run right over there to see the bullet holes, hehe. Everyone around here was furious at "that crazy city boy" for coming up here and shooting up our only ATM! We have more ATMs now, though, so if anybody gets any ideas, I'm covered.
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