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  1. Thank you Adalaide. I agree, it does seem in my daughter's case that a glutening from wheat is far, far worse symptomatically for her. But even if she isn't having abdominal symptoms I can always tell just by looking at her if she has had exposure to gluten--something very subtle and very distinct happens to her pallor and the area around her eyes, and she definitely looked that way these past few days. I almost said something to her at dinner time yesterday (before I discovered the glutening), but she is at an age that she is so darn sensitive to my noticing her that I just kept my concern to myself. Of course, a few hours later it all made sense when I read that label. Imagine how mad I was--I had just spent tons of money and 3 long days preparing an entirely gluten free AND ketogenic Thanksgiving meal, then discovered I had messed up so easily. I'm glad that you had the presence of mind to double check before you consumed it. I had this unfortunate reminder of why it is soooo important to be vigilant about checking every label first I've been on top of this for so long perhaps I need a refresher, sort of a renewal of my advocacy license. I can't believe I was so naïve about this, when I am so hyper vigilant all the time. I agree that sometimes kids need to learn for themselves...once, when she decided to just go ahead and eat a wheat pastry when I wasn't looking--pain be darned--she got a reminder. After being symptom free for so long (she was very young when she was diagnosed), I told her maybe she needed that pain as a reminder of why she can't eat those things anymore. Hardline, yes, but it is how we learn sometimes. I told my husband to just take the rest of the box of tea to work with him (with a reminder to tell the two Celiacs he works with not to drink it). I did go looking around the Celestial Seasonings site and they state very clearly which teas are gluten free, however I did not think that herbal tea bags were a gluten containing product--my bad. Doh! I feel horrible about it and hope others won't make this mistake, but I also want to add that the Celestial Seasonings labeling is not at all user friendly. The disclosure was in small print no where near the actual ingredient list and there was no allergen warning whatsoever, which with my bad eyesight is usually what helps me catch it. I think that we all need to keep pushing for better labeling and disclosure, especially in regards to non-wheat gluten ingredients such as barley, rye and oats. Just my two.
  2. Hi gang. I'm so angry I could scream...I accidentally glutened my daughter with a cup of Celestial Seasonings Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea. I have been at this for a very long time, reading labels diligently, teaching my child as she has grown up to be her own best advocate, and we have literally had not one single glutening issue in more years than I can remember. Until now. I recently purchased several boxes of tea by different companies, because it is cold out and we all wanted something warm to drink. I do check labels diligently, a hard lesson learned for all Celiacs as we know, but I swear, it never even occurred to me that an herbal tea made by a reputable company would add gluten to the mix, so I did not read the ingredients when I purchased this item. Big mistake. The tea is called Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride, so that should have been my first clue to check the ingredients, but it also boasts itself to be an herbal tea, which threw me off. I am embarrassed to say I did check the side label for nutrition content, but I was checking only for carb count, as we only eat sugar free now. I did not read the ingredient list until last night, and boy am I miffed! I made myself a cup of the tea last night and it just tasted way too good to not have something questionable in it, like artificial flavoring or corn syrup solids (after not eating sugar or any variation of it for it so long my palette is highly sensitive to sweet tastes). When I looked at the ingredients it said it contains ROASTED BARLEY. Roasted barley! And it did not list any allergens whatsoever! Ugh... So I inspected the entire packaging as carefully as I could and nowhere on the front of the packaging did it say it was not a gluten free food, however it did say--way on the bottom of one side where it is very easily overlooked--that it "Contains Gluten". Well, Dear Celestial Seasonings, you just glutened my kid. She only drank one cup of the Sugar Cookie tea 4 days ago, and tells me she didn't notice any symptoms, but I can tell you that for the last several days she looked different to me--peaked, pale, circles under the eyes, etc. I told my husband that it wouldn't surprise me in the least if she had a stuffy nose for the next few days--a sure sign of glutening for her. The only good news is that she did not get the resulting abdominal pain and symptoms of a high dose of gluten. But on the other hand, she seems to think that because it didn't affect her that way she can get away with occasional gluten. Wrong! I feel like we just lost years and years of hyper-vigilant avoidance and education. So there it is, a hard lesson re-learned--always, ALWAYS check labels. Sigh.
  3. Hi Em. So nice to read you again, luv. You're still just as silly as ever I don't why, but this whole post just had me picturing the "three-legged jeans" spoof on Saturday Night live
  4. Nice to "see" you too Padts! Gosh how I've missed talking to you guys...sigh. So, did I just read that you're in Maine now?! No more big tex-ass air conditioning bills for yew?
  5. It really does sound pretty exciting, but I don't want to get too worked up yet. There is still only a slim chance that it will happen, but the reality seems to be closer than I thought so I guess I should start gathering some info on how to feed my daughter while there. Who knows--it may only be hubs that gets to go, or maybe not at all. We just don't know yet. I was hoping he'd be asked to relocate to Portland and even secretly wishing his company would open an office in Canada, but no such luck. I've never been to Maine but we've always wanted to go. My husband had to go to Virginia Beach for a conference last fall and I keep kicking myself for not just spending the money (read: "racking up the credit card") and going along--I've been promising to take my daughter to the wild horse refuge for years. Are you guys hoping for a transfer?
  6. Well helloooo psillyville I was just tootin round the forums looking for info and couldn't leave without popping in and saying hi! How is everybody doing in the great blizzard of '11? We only got about 9 inches here, not too bad--at one point they were predicting 15-20 inches so we got lucky. The roads were cleared by the next night and it was much adieux about nothing. I know others didn't get that lucky, tho Not much going on with us--same ole same ole. We are thinking about the possibility of a job related transfer overseas--that's what I was looking for info about. There may be a slim possibility of hubby's job temporarily relocating to Italy--we'll see. Other than that, nothing new. How are all of you all?? Missed you guys
  7. Hellooooo Padts So nice to speak wif you again! I haven't been very active on the forum for quite a while (sorry). Lots goin' on. I'll be posting next week after I attend a celiac support group meeting here at my library, let peeps know about it. I left FB when they changed their privacy. I left a message up b-4 I split but I don't think anyone saw it. Life in Dey-trois is interesting. I've been doing a lot of volunteer work--helping out at the community food bank in my county and getting active to call attention to the economic disparity in Detroit city proper. Also, we had a tornado in my hood last week--big mess. Lots 'o clean up, no bad damage. All is well. How are all the psills? Is Padts still in Texas? How are things across the pond w/ Nik? Anymore quakes (doesn't that make 3 psills who've had them now? ) What's up in Fres-no with Suze? Is Judee still smokeless? (I confess, I tried but didn't succeed .) How are Bev and Jess doing and all the rest of youse cwazy kidz? I know several of you started blogging--how is that going? Hugs to all!!
  8. Hey everybodee! Long time, no psilly I saw the earthquake on the news last night and I am so worried about Neroli . Take care love, and be safe. I sincerely hope that you and yours are OK and that you will not have too much damage to deal with. XOXO--{{{big hugs}}} How is everyone else doing in the 'ville? I feel like I am completely out of the loop.
  9. Thank you all for so many delicious ideas! Can't wait to try these great recipes. I'll let you know how they turn out
  10. UPDATE! gluten-free Cucina's sells some of their entrees frozen/uncooked to take home from the restaurant but for those in mid-Michigan they are now selling them in the freezer section at Hiller's Market in East Lansing. He is also trying to get Vince & Joe's Market to carry them.
  11. Hello everyone! I am in need of a tasty gluten-free fried chicken recipe (or oven fried). Does anyone have any experience here? The last time I tried it the chicken had a decidedly fishy taste and smell I soaked it in buttermilk before coating it w/ gluten-free breading recipe I found online and used my electric skillet to fry it. It was so bad we called it "chicken-fish". I now have a brand new electric skillet. Is the poultry seasoning found in grocery stores safe to use?
  12. I had no idea food consumption could affect the burnability of one's dung Pfft! In a pinch <snarkle>
  13. X 20! I hear they've done great things with latex Ewww, VERY creepy I had some freak hack his way into my mother's private office line to find me once. I think this weirdo is stalking you, Geoss. "Damn and blast"--me new fav-o-rite expletive!! And Tel's big tool--gah! A new beaverage in da ville. Plum wodka, huh? Hmm...I seem to recall tossing me cookies on too much lime wodka once :greenpukeyguy: Heelaryus I'm pulling for ya Nik. Hang in dere. You know, some survivalists say you should burn your own dung for heat. <stinky> Free range martians. Yum-o Good one, Shroomie. Really? Really, really? I saw Nikkers had hers up. I must ask my friend for permission. Any advice on how to approach this highly unique and seemingly bizarre request? Shall I send photos, copied text from forum archives? A doctors note explaining my recent head trauma?
  14. Dan, you are a brave soul indeed, for joining this forum to ask what you must have known was a question that could invite criticism. Good for you! You have inspired a great discussion here on this post, and as always, I have learned something new from our members My child was in the second grade (8 years old) when she developed her worst symptoms. I won't outline them for you, as It seems they have already been covered in excellent detail. Let's suffice it to say that my baby was horribly, chronically, helplessly sick and misdiagnosed for a long time. A day and a half after removing gluten from her diet she was symptom free and remains so to this day. She was diagnosed by blood testing, endoscopy and positive dietary response--but it took ALL of those things AND an open-minded doctor to get us there. I don't know if you are aware of this, but for those with celiac disease gluten damages the villi of the small intestine (among many myriad other health problems). If my child ingests even a crumb of wheat bread from a peanut butter jar or butter dish she develops symptoms almost immediately which makes trusting anyone else's food prep impossible. We are not even remotely willing to bring her back to the point of damaging her small intestines again just for a night out of the kitchen, but there have been times--vacations, family parties, etc.-- when we have to work around it. That's where you, all restaurant owners and staff, are our greatest hope of surviving such outings with health intact. Please, Dan, understand how very crucial proper food prep is to someone with gluten intolerance, and that when we say 'intolerance' we MEAN IT! We mean complete auto-immune intolerance. We need you to educate yourself. We need you to approach health issues with patience, understanding and a willingness to help. Our health depends on it.
  15. I know--isn't my av wonderful? Thanks to me sil for chopping it 4 me OMG! Just the THOUGHT!! I'm game if you guys are game. I have a confession to make tho--the man in the photo is...not...my husband He's a friend from school and also on my FB (a very deep and sensitive soul). I told him about me manatar and he seemed OK w/ it. Do youse think he'd mind me sharing it on the vast viral waste land of FB? Going to my folks new condo to celebrate my dad's b-day this aft. They have returned from Mexico straight into the frozen jaws of midwestern wintery hell-O! I am running out to get him some warm new driving gloves. Made a Betty Crocker gluten-free cake to bring, have to frost it. Have a good day every-bodee PS--almost forgot to say--good luck with all that work. Don't forget to enjoy yerself, too:)