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  1. MIMMS!! Sasha rubbing your feet tonight? ;)

  2. Hi, and thank you so much for responding. I have been trying to get medical help for my pain for almost twenty years and I'm tired--tired of hurting, tired of being offered dangerous meds without knowing what's causing it, and tired of feeling decades older than I am. You mentioned UBO'S--what...
  3. Hmm...very interesting. My little girl started sleepwalking, sleep talking, moaning and crying in her sleep, all when her worst symptoms were taking place prior to diagnosis. It was really weird--I would wake up because I felt someone staring at me and there she'd be, silently looming over my bed...
  4. Hello everyone. First off--thank you ALL for being (bar none) the BEST RESOURCE FOR CELIAC AWARENESS out there!! Now, my question is this--who among you has inflammatory issues? I ask for my own self, not my celiac child. I have read several other posts on other threads about these problems,...