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  1. Thank you Adalaide. I agree, it does seem in my daughter's case that a glutening from wheat is far, far worse symptomatically for her. But even if she isn't having abdominal symptoms I can always tell just by looking at her if she has...
  2. Hi gang. I'm so angry I could scream...I accidentally glutened my daughter with a cup of Celestial Seasonings Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea. I have been at this for a very long time, reading labels diligently, teaching my child as she has...
  3. Hi Em. So nice to read you again, luv. You're still just as silly as ever I don't why, but this whole post just had me picturing the "three-legged jeans" spoof on Saturday Night live
  4. Nice to "see" you too Padts! Gosh how I've missed talking to you guys...sigh. So, did I just read that you're in Maine now?! No more big tex-ass air conditioning bills for yew?
  5. It really does sound pretty exciting, but I don't want to get too worked up yet. There is still only a slim chance that it will happen, but the reality seems to be closer than I thought so I guess I should start gathering some info on how...
  6. Well helloooo psillyville I was just tootin round the forums looking for info and couldn't leave without popping in and saying hi! How is everybody doing in the great blizzard of '11? We only got about 9 inches here, not too bad--at...
  7. Hellooooo Padts So nice to speak wif you again! I haven't been very active on the forum for quite a while (sorry). Lots goin' on. I'll be posting next week after I attend a celiac support group meeting here at my library, let peeps...
  8. Hey everybodee! Long time, no psilly I saw the earthquake on the news last night and I am so worried about Neroli . Take care love, and be safe. I sincerely hope that you and yours are OK and that you will not have too much damage...
  9. Thank you all for so many delicious ideas! Can't wait to try these great recipes. I'll let you know how they turn out
  10. UPDATE! gluten-free Cucina's sells some of their entrees frozen/uncooked to take home from the restaurant but for those in mid-Michigan they are now selling them in the freezer section at Hiller's Market in East Lansing. He is also trying...
  11. Hello everyone! I am in need of a tasty gluten-free fried chicken recipe (or oven fried). Does anyone have any experience here? The last time I tried it the chicken had a decidedly fishy taste and smell I soaked it in buttermilk before...
  12. I had no idea food consumption could affect the burnability of one's dung Pfft! In a pinch <snarkle>
  13. X 20! I hear they've done great things with latex Ewww, VERY creepy I had some freak hack his way into my mother's private office line to find me once. I think this weirdo is stalking you, Geoss. "Damn and blast"--me...
  14. Dan, you are a brave soul indeed, for joining this forum to ask what you must have known was a question that could invite criticism. Good for you! You have inspired a great discussion here on this post, and as always, I have learned something...
  15. I know--isn't my av wonderful? Thanks to me sil for chopping it 4 me OMG! Just the THOUGHT!! I'm game if you guys are game. I have a confession to make tho--the man in the photo is...not...my husband He's a friend from school...