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  1. Three of us are celiac in this household and we don't react to Rice Chex. My daughter is very sensitive and she is good with it - she is my gauge. Hope that you find what it is!
  2. This is a FREE family concert by allergy awareness musician Kyle Dine featuring "The Gluten Free Blues" and more at Calvary Lutheran Church in Clarkston, MI. Calvary is located at 6805 Blue Grass...
  3. I grew concerned after reading Richard's comments on Log Cabin because I had read that they were gluten free at another location. That is what I have been using daily for my very, very celiac toddler. She has shown no signs of reaction (and she is very sensitive) I immediately wrote to Log Cabin...
  4. I contacted Gevalia about their coffee and did not specify flavored or not. My resonse was that the coffees may contain traces of gluten. Again, I did not ask for clarification of regular vs. flavored. My children are celiac. I am no longer drinking their flavored - just the non-flavored. Can't tell...
  5. When my 3-1/2 year old daughter gets gluttened, she has projectile vomit (she throws up with a lot of force) and she is constipated. In fact, she tries to hold the poop in since it is so hard and hurts her to come out. She refuses to eat again until she feels better. My other daughter gets very grumpy...