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  1. happygirl

    Need To Find A Dentist

    Yes, definitely tell them. In intake forms, they will usually ask about allergies, and you can just list it there. Then...
  2. Hopefully this info will help you make decisions for their products.... http://www.sodeliciousdairyfree.com/health/allergies...
  3. You don't need both genes to have Celiac. If you had neither gene, and negative tests, then Celiac could essentially...
  4. happygirl

    Introducing A New One

    What a great Mother's Day present! Congratulations! She is beautiful and is lucky to have you as her mama.
  5. happygirl

    Should My Son Go Gluten Free?

    One step that you can take is ask the ped. to test him for the genes associated with Celiac - HLA DQ2 and HLA DQ8. Over...
  6. You need to be eating a normal gluten containing diet for the tests to be accurate. If you have been gluten free (generally...
  7. We generally switch cup for cup with Better Batter gluten free flour.
  8. happygirl

    The Funny Pages - Tickle Me Elbow - The Original

    Know this has been discussed - but I finally tried Udi's white bread. I am quite certain it was the best ham and cheese...
  9. Of the tests you listed, the only test for Celiac is the tTG. The IgA/IgM/IgG -and IgG subclasses -(as you wrote it)...
  10. More info: http://www.celiacdiseasecenter.columbia.edu/C_Doctors/C04-Biopsy.htm
  11. Some NC resources: http://www.gluten.net/branches.php#North Carolina http://www.celiac.org/index.php?option=com...
  12. See info on this website: http://glutenfreeinsd.com/manufacturers_statements.html (under general mills) about their labeling...
  13. http://www.betterbatter.org/?page_id=1512&category=1&product_id=1
  14. happygirl

    Total Serum Iga?

    Definitely find a new doctor!
  15. happygirl

    So Confused

    Could you share a few days worth of your food diary - I'm sure people can help pinpoint if there are any red flags (prob...