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  1. Wow!! thank you sooo much! that helped me a lot. I figured it could have been the seasoning. This isnt the first time I felt odd and had some sores on my lips and in my mouth after I ate it. And, it helps explain my daughters itching. Thanks again!!
  2. Hello, does anyone know if Cavenders ( I think thats how its spelled) Greek Seasoning is gluten free? My daughter has been gluten free for a couple of months now, and suddenly she is itching, and breaking out again, and we are trying to figure out what could have happened. That seasoning is the only...
  3. Hi all! yep, I am definitly getting a second opinion. I cant wait to see what they say! Ill let you all know, thanks
  4. HI, actually, that day I had both done. The "flattened mucosa" was seen within the "terminal ileum" whatever that is. On my report, he does say No evidence of ileitis or colitis was seen. Also, had a biopsy, that said negative for microscopic colitis. So, safe to say it isnt colitis? Wish I knew...
  5. Hi ShayFL! I didnt think that was normal at all either. I finally get my health insurance back on the first, I will request a second opinion. Im just going to take all my reports, along with a list of symptoms, to the new doctor. Although, this past month of October I have been gluten free, Im staying...
  6. Hello all, I may have posted this before, I cant find it, but, can someone help explain what this means, in my pathology report, it says "somewhat flattened mucosa was seen in the TI." Can anyone tell me what that might mean? is that a normal finding? Im asking because in my follow up appt, my doc...