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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/24/2018

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  1. Biopsy negative

    Last check(last fall sometime) my b12 and folate were fine. He did check my iron and it was fine. My potassium is technically normal, but lower than my cardio wants(I'm on q med that depletes it). Last time I had a full and extensive panel run was years and years ago. I recall my copper being high(but no one ever retested it), vit d and a couple others were low. I have tested positive for labs used to evaluate malnutrition, but it's been q couple of years since they've done those. Just going to put it on the back burner for now I guess. Can't afford to lose much more weight, but they tend to get more serious the lower my BMI goes(not on purpose, I'll have periods where I can gain a bit because I'm not vomiting a lot. Past two days I've been throwing up again after I eat.) Maybe my next colonoscopy will finally show something useful. It's just 3 years this time and I've been arguing about my gut for 18 years now so what's a little More?
  2. Biopsy negative

    So Dr called. Labs normal. See ya I. 3 years.
  3. No anti-sm(lupus)? Yes, anti dsDNA is for SLE(lupus). No ENA panel,anti-RNP, anti-SS-A, anti-SS-B, anti histone, scl-70, etc? I'd ask for a referral, if you feel that there is something going on. I think that would be a logical step because of the positive ANA and lack of investigation. 1:640 is definitely positive.
  4. My MCH is always high too. Have some other oddities but doc always say labs are great as well. I dont think they ever really bother with the MCH. I'm also in testing and showed negative on the same ones you did. My IGA is fine though. As far as the other tests, maybe your girls GI can order or you could try your primary.
  5. Biopsy negative

    Blood work in so far- Tissue Transglutaminase IgA Ab 7/18/17 <2 U/mL Comment: Negative 0 - 3 Weak Positive 4 - 10 Positive >10 Tissue Transglutaminase IgG Ab Reference Range: 0-5 U/mL <2 U/mL Gliadin (Deamidated) IgA Antibody Reference Range: 0-19 units Results 07/18/17 4 units Comment: Test Name: Deamidated Gliadin IgA Antibodies Negative 0 - 19 Weak Positive 20 - 30 Moderate to Strong Positive >30 Gliadin (Deamidated) IgG Antibody Reference Range: 0-19 units Results 07/18/17 2 units
  6. Have you not been sent to rheumatology to further investigate the positive ANA? A positive ANA alone can't diagnose anything but it does warrant further investigation and more blood work, ie lupus, RA, scleroderma, etc depending on symptomology. There is also an anemia of chronic disease which I think can be connected to certain connective tissue disorders.
  7. Biopsy negative

    I do not partake in alcohol so that is not a factor. I will add that 5 years ago I had a MRI of my hip which revealed an incidental finding. I was rushed over to oncology to rule out cancer in my femur. I had a MRI 6 months later which revealed a stable area in my bone marrow. In the end the oncologist ruled it either an infarct or fibrous dysplasia and I was told to come back if my femur broke. I was released and it was not followed after that. My sternum was also noted to be deteriorating which is another area of bone marrow in the body. In iron deficiency anemia, isn't the TIBC typically higher in the second stage as the body starts preparing to take any iron as it comes in?
  8. Biopsy negative

    Just to keep this going in case someone later on is in a similar situation- I did my bloodwork today. I don't have all of it back yet of course but do have some. My RBC is normal for the first time in over 13 years. It's the lowest number that normal can be on the ref range. My transferitin and TIBC are both low. Iron level is normal. MCH is high. My IGA total is 132(normal). As a side note, last month my monocytes were high. And last year, my amylase and lipase were both low(which I was told was of no consequence) although I'm reading now that can be found in celiacs and other issues. A couple of years ago my last check on prealbumin was very low. Will update as i get more info in.
  9. Biopsy negative

    I read that. I'm going to do the blood work tomorrow, but will keep my current diet(what little there is) until all is said and done. Just in case.
  10. Biopsy negative

    Yes to the sleep. I was diagnosed with idiopathic hypersomnia after a sleep study with a MSLT. Can't do energy drinks as i have another issue that causes tachycardia. I do not dream, ever. And yes I am diagnised with polyperiphrial neuropathy of unknown origin plus patches of skin that has no feeling. I often lose grip on stuff, have terrible perioperspection, and am clumsy. Also have other health issues though so it gets confusing. Ehlers Danlos syndrome is my big one. Does the mag citrate cause Melanosis coli? Doesn't matter much but am curious. I had an endoscope in 2015 but celiac wasn't even on the radar then. So only biopsy was to check for h.pylori after they found several ulcers in the antrum part of stomach.
  11. Biopsy negative

    Just got a call from nurse. Dr will do blood work. Anemia panel, CBC, and Celiac Panel, Antigliadin Abs, and Human ttg. That's what in my file as ordered. Will go tomorrow to do those. Are those the right ones? No idea what celiac panel means, just what's listed in there.
  12. Biopsy negative

    Thanks. He noticed the flattened mucosa during my colonoscopy so that's why he decided to check. I had a EGD two years ago but no biopsies for that.
  13. So never had blood tests. Did a repeat(5 yr) colonoscopy after polyps were found on previous colonoscopy(rectal bleeding due to fissure, 8 colon polyps non cancerous, ulcer and few other things). One biopsy taken of terminal ileum due to flattened mucosa. This one showed melanosis coli(rarely take stool softeners and never laxatives-they make me cramp really bad), internal hemmrohids, polyps plus the flattened mucosa of ileum. Results came back today. My new polyps, 3 this time, were all benign and celiac biopsy negative. Was just told to repeat colonoscopy in 3 years. That's all, good day folks. So..... now what? What's causing that flattened mucosa? Nurse couldn't say. Should I ask for the blood work Anyway? Or do you think insurance would deny it now? I am always worried about gut stuff mostly due to nearly dying as a kid(bowel rupture, sepsis, burst "cyst" my mom called it-hospital has destroyed records so I can't get those to see if it was an abcess instead). Have ulcers in stomach(antrum), h.pylori negative. Chronic constipation(go maybe once a week), nausea, vomiting, intermittent diarrhea and cramping, blah blah. My kid is exhibiting similar symptoms as well so I'm doubly anxious to solve this. I'm also chronically low on RBC but nurse said doubtful it's GI related when I asked. Oh and after my colonoscopy he had said if all looked good we could wait 10 years(putting me at 46), but now hes moved it to 3 years. Can anyone help me with what to do next?
  14. Thanks. I'll call on Monday. Dr said 2 weeks before results of mine, so maybe this Friday but might be next Monday before I hear any results. Going to try her pedi first, but if denied will try my GI.
  15. I was already having a colonoscopy for other reasons. Had polyps before so was on a 5 yr repeat. Dr saw something in terminal ileum and took biopsies.