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    im in high school ,im 16 and i'm celiac
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  1. i'm 16 i've been celiac for four years now i've just started having nausea and reflux and tired but not so much i just had an ultrasound of my gallbladder and i got some cramping in my belly all around my belly button my mother thought it was gas but i wasn't exactly sure whats been going on ...i take nexium it dont work for my reflex i try pepcid it help for a while but comes back later on the day or night i also try family dollar acid reducer that don't work as much either,i wake up really nausea feel like puking and i have anxiety so its twice as worse,and i'm on meds for that and bipolar if anyone has any ideas please please please give me any ideas -trisha
  2. almay ,phsician formula mary kate , avon , cover girl, wet n wild gluten free makeup
  3. gluten free hair products biosilk therapy got 2b tresemme mousse garnier fructis
  4. doe anyone know any hair products thats gluten free? like for after the shower for dry hair and split ends
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