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  1. I will be there and very excited!
  2. Businesses such as bakeries or those who use flour in a commercial manner can very well have air borne gluten that can be breathed in, can kick off a reaction. Since your father was using flour a week ago, it's most likely something you came in contact with after that, unless he is a very, very...
  3. Bartfull, I have always admired your attitude and even more so now. I hope you are surrounded by family, great friends and enjoy every day to your fullest.
  4. I travel to St. Pete frequently and have had no issues with restaurants or grocery shopping. In larger cities, most of the staff, I have found, is knowledgeable regarding gluten. And nothing is better than fresh gulf shrimp!!! Publix is a super grocery store, where I buy my gluten free Van's waffles...
  5. I'm not too sure if you mentioned this already, but dairy may be an issue for him until some healing can happen, in most cases. I still can't enjoy milk after over ten years gluten free. Perhaps you can switch to almond milk or a non-lactose milk and see how it goes.
  6. This is information regarding "Certified Gluten Free"... http://www.celiaccentral.org/gluten-free-certification/ Please note, that "certified gluten free" makes no claim of ZERO gluten, it is an endorsement from celiac organizations, that a particular product is with compliance with the federal...
  7. Yup Lea & Perrins is not gluten free in Canada, but I believe they have other brands that are gluten free. It is gluten free in the US.
  8. Coke is FULL of chemicals, non of which contain gluten. Perhaps it's a chemical reaction that is bothering you. http://productnutrition.thecoca-colacompany.com/
  9. Deanna - I have used Sweet Baby Ray's for years. I've been gluten free for almost ten years. Caramel color is no longer considerend an issue and safe to consume. Modified food starch (unless it's emphasized or followed by "wheat", by law) is generally corn. All of Sweet Baby Ray's are gluten...
  10. "The Other Woman" is a great name for a sailing blog. I have seen one or two boats by that name. A gentleman's ship is truely a mistress. Um, maybe a good thing?
  11. ahhh....gonna travel through your fair town on Tuesday. Safe travels.
  12. No, HE does. It's in the back yard and will be for sale. SOOO, if anyone is in need of a leaky dinghy...letmeknow.
  13. <SIGH> Indeed, sad! We have explore the thought of finding the slow leak, but it might take lots of feeling around with bubbles and stuff. Might send it off the auction with trailer. Yes, limp 30 year old dingy need a trailer to haul. But must send you a photo of new restored skiff...
  14. I have one around the same age in my back yard, and it get's pretty limp lately. Hand pumps do nothing.
  15. This is true, although the amount of barley is barely detectable and and well below the level considered safe for people with Celiac Disease to consume. I have had extensive conversations with the company. It is in keeping with Unilevers full disclosure policy. None of the other Lipton Dry Mixes...