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  1. Lisa

    Gluten-Free for Life Expo - St. Petersburg, FL

    I will be there and very excited!
  2. Businesses such as bakeries or those who use flour in a commercial manner can very well have air borne gluten that can be breathed in, can kick off a reaction. Since your father was using flour a week ago, it's most likely something...
  3. Bartfull, I have always admired your attitude and even more so now. I hope you are surrounded by family, great friends and enjoy every day to your fullest.
  4. Lisa

    Trip to Clearwater Florida

    I travel to St. Pete frequently and have had no issues with restaurants or grocery shopping. In larger cities, most of the staff, I have found, is knowledgeable regarding gluten. And nothing is better than fresh gulf shrimp!!! Publix is...
  5. I have never had an issue with Lipton Tea. Not even on my radar. Please state why you consider Lipton Tea unsafe HauntedEyes.
  6. Welcome Cara! Glad you found us. Determining your level of sensitivity may take a year or more. Lots of time being totally gluten free, because it takes a varied time to heal to feel what a glutening is. In the beginning, most foods...
  7. Sorry, I guess I was not clear about the reason for the SIBO test, my apologies. My reply was less than helpful.
  8. What did you blood work indicate? It might show some essential deficiencies you may have. When I was first diagnosed, I had B-12 shots once a week - it helped me tremendously with my balance and speech . Folic was low as well. After...
  9. No, I am not familiar with that test, but I do know that a breath test cannot diagnose you with Celiac Disease. General means toward a diagnosis is with a blood test, endoscopy exam with a biopsy, gene testing and, in association, a positive...
  10. I'm not too sure if you mentioned this already, but dairy may be an issue for him until some healing can happen, in most cases. I still can't enjoy milk after over ten years gluten free. Perhaps you can switch to almond milk or a non...
  11. As Karen said, it took me six months of healing before I recognized a gluten experience.
  12. I am certainly not knowledgeable about night shades. I have no experience, nor issues. But I will say, that being gluten free for two weeks (assuming you do have Celiac, as your tests are not in yet) is a relatively short period of time...
  13. The origin of this post is over three years old. After being gluten free for more than ten years, I decided it was time to try all the wonderful named brand cereals after such a long hiatus . Yes, the lactose intolerance reared it...
  14. Keep a food diary. Breakfast, lunch an dinner - and in between meals Gluten free is to feel good again. Document foods you eat and what brand. Document every thing you eat. If you have a questions about a product, ask us. Read...
  15. As said, welcome to the club and the road to recovery - free of drugs, nor surgery. Please, let us know how we can be helpful to you.