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  1.  I  take B-12 shots  weekly  &  keep my levels  close to750/  800  I  retest  with blood work every three  months....

    Wow, that surprises me, after so long.  Do you have other concerns mamaw?  After diagnosis, I received  shots once a week for 4 weeks, then once every four weeks.  I was retested and no longer need it.  I do take pre-natal vitamins that are high in folic and b-12, daily.


    At my worst, I could not walk a strait  line, nor complete a sentence.

  2. I also live in a small town....6,000.  Yeah, we are pretty small.  We have one restaurant that will take the time to answer my questions and often make sauces and other options safe for me, the other just doesn't care after all these years and they have other patrons attempting to order gluten free.  The waitresses know more than the kitchen staff.  Two weeks ago, I ordered some crab salad and I asked if the crab meat was real or imitation. She was told it was real......wrong!  Imitation crab meat contains gluten.


    Just try to order 'clean'.   Steamed shrimp, shrimp cocktail or other seafood. For salads bring your own dressing and croutons.  Sometimes a stuffed baked potato is good.  Often times, I order a Wrap for lunch, unwrapped. Or a Chief Salad, with my own dressing.  And if I have to pull some dressing or sauce from my purse, I don't find that any one minds.


    I have found that most restaurant don't mind.  They don't want to you be sick any more than you do.  And for colleagues, just say you have food allergies and you are being creative.  Smile it off.  I can assure you, no one will be as concerned as you. :)  And after a while, you can work with your local restaurants and with hopes, they can work for you too.

  3. I see that many are using separate sponges on their separate pots and pans. I have not done this (reasoning that it all rinses off), and now I'm concerned that I could be taking on extremely small amounts of gluten. Is there a consensus about separate sponges?

    Correct, it does rinse off.  If a gluten pan, I hand wash and then run it in the dishwasher.  A sponge does not last more than a week in my sink, before it's tossed and a new one appears.,,,due to bacteria and germs, rather than gluten.  Or use a plastic scrubber and run it in the dishwasher when you run it.

  4. Hi.


    My grandmother have strange symptoms during her lifetime, but never tested for celiacs. 

    I have the DQ2 so I think I inherited the gene from mother or father. My aunt tell me my grandmother have stomac and liver problems, anemia, weakness, was underweight all lifetime.


    Is it possible she was maybe celiacs ? She never stopped eat gluten so.... if a celiacs don't stop eating gluten what's happen ?



    Hi Whitefairy.  You MAY have inherited a gene associated with Celiac from your family, but that does not mean that you will develop Celiac.  But you should be aware.  If you develop symptoms associated with Celiac, get some test done. If not, continue on.  :D

  5. I applaud Carrabbas!  They are adding some new exciting things to their menu.  And, regarding gluten free pastas in restaurants....well, even at home it's mediocre.  Why pay money for the same in a restaurant (ie. Olive Garden, yuck)  There are so many other new options at their restaurant.  It's nice to feel normal.  Thanks Carrabbas!


    BTW - I have heard that if you bring in your own pasta, they will cook it for you, with all the safe guards.  That's pretty accommodating.


    Thanks Karen for posting this.

  6. I have eaten Van's waffles every day for many years.  What do you put on the waffle?  Perhaps a shared butter container or non gluten free syrup, shared jelly?  Or perhaps, it was one of the other ingredients.  Some times, we never find out.  I would put them aside for some time and then try them again later.  If they continue to bother you, maybe you can pinpoint the issue.  But so often, it's will remain a mystery and just something that you body does not like.

  7. I just called the company and spoke to a customer service supervisor. She said the change was made in July. 2014. I guess the new stuff just got to my store. I told her about the thousands of people who could no longer use their product. No reason for the change that she could find. Maybe if a whole lot us us complain they will change it back. She did say they log the comments and turn them in to (somebody?) week WE can make this change.

    We can make this change.  Who's in?

  8. Sometimes you have to make your own judgement calls.  I feel that MOST things can be washed well with soap and water. If I owned a roller, it would be marble as it would help keep the batter/dough cool as well as  easily washed.


    Before your kids, or other kids delve into the gluten free play dough, ask that they wash their hands well (perhaps with supervision) so that the play dough can be used for another day. :)

  9. Another technique I use at my pharmacy is having them add a note to my file that pops up when the Pharmacist is verifying, that says "Please consult with patient before filling an existing RX with a new NDC.  Please keep same manufacturer if possible."  This way, as I am on a lot of meds for my health conditions, it makes everything easier to keep track of.  Helps put it in their face a little bit, so ask them if they have something in their system that will show a note each time something is filled.

    Yes.  And I do think they can flag your account as gluten fee as well. I know my pharacist personally and she always verifies for me. It helps to know your people. :)