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    Running, social media, baking, writing and blogging.
  1. Eleanor Creasey

    The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

    Cabbage & Ham Soup:)
  2. Eleanor Creasey

    Gluten Nightmares- Literally!

    Yes! I dreamed I was eating Oreo cookies one time. There were others but it's been a while, I have been gluten-free for...
  3. Bone Suckin' Sauce is gluten-free and so good! Not sure about Hunts..sorry.
  4. Eleanor Creasey

    Travel In Berlin And Brussels

    Gluten free travel site.com is the site without the spaces! Thanks:)
  5. Eleanor Creasey

    Travel In Berlin And Brussels

    Who spammed? I just tried to post a link to a very good travel resource? It's free info and it's not my blog or website...
  6. Eleanor Creasey

    Amazing Flourless Chocolate Cake!

    Does anyone here use Pamela's Baking Mix?
  7. Eleanor Creasey

    Amazing Flourless Chocolate Cake!

    Agree totally! Sometimes I need chocolate.
  8. Eleanor Creasey

    Peanut Butter

    Peanut Butter doesn't bother me at all. Thank God! Gluten-free pepperoni gives me heartburn sometimes.
  9. Eleanor Creasey

    Travel In Berlin And Brussels

    http://(Company Name Removed - They Spammed This Forum and are Banned).com/Germany/Germany-gluten-free-restaurant-reviews...
  10. Eleanor Creasey

    Kidney Stones

    Usually it's a result of dehydration but it seems like many people with Celiac/gluten-tolerance have kidney stones. I...
  11. Eleanor Creasey

    Favorite Protein/power Bar?

    Not sure how much protein you want but Nugo Bars and Kind Bars very good.
  12. Thank you for the adding me to your friend list! I am still learning how to get around on this forum.:)

  13. Eleanor Creasey

    I Want Macaroni And Cheese!

    I use the recipe on the Carnation evaporated milk can for baked mac & cheese. Just use your favorite gluten-free...
  14. Eleanor Creasey


    Placing a link to that article just gets it more attention. That is what this person wants. Just sayin.
  15. Eleanor Creasey

    Pf Chang's

    P.F. Chang's is my favorite! They are a roll model for restaurants that want to truly have a gluten-free menu & trained...