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  1. I've been to France a few times and spent a couple years living in Europe. I found it EASIER there! I never heard of...
  2. Mango04

    Restaurant Japan Town San Francisco?

    The gluten free grocery store in the Dogpatch Mariposa Bakery in the Ferry building The Plant Cafe Organic I...
  3. Mango04

    Hot Enough For You?

    59 and foggy
  4. You won't have to look very hard in SF or LA. I don't know if this is the type of food you prefer but in SF I like The...
  5. Mango04

    Traveling Overseas ... Any Guidance?

    My advice is to not worry too much. I lived in Europe for an extended time and have spend a lot of time in London. ...
  6. Mango04

    Gluten Free Deoderant For Daughter?

    I would recommend contacting Bubble and Bee Organics. They make extremely safe and effective deodorants (safe as in...
  7. You don't really need to change anything then except the grain part, which you can replace with gluten-free whole grains...
  8. Mango04

    Going To The Cinema

    I know the OP isn't drinking soda, but I want to point out that the ingredients in Coke, Pepsi etc. in the US are completely...
  9. gluten free dining cards, maybe some sort of plastic travel fork, and an open mindedness toward getting yourself food...
  10. Europe is much more celiac-aware than the US and generally more willing to accommodate a special diet. When it comes...
  11. Mango04

    "can You Eat This? What About That?"

    "I have a medical condition that restricts my diet. I'm not comfortable talking about it right now. It's not an eating...
  12. If you cook and or/bake, gluten free girl has some excellent recipes on her blog (and good advice for people newly diagnosed...
  13. Mango04

    First Time On Plane Celiac

    Europe is actually quite easy and much more celiac-aware than the US. I find traveling around Europe easier than traveling...
  14. I would use the product you called about, but if you're looking for a company that completely and fully discloses the...
  15. Mango04

    Does Anyone Here Eat Trader Joes Products?

    I eat TJ's food extremely regularly (practically live next door to one) and don't have any sort of problem. Their gluten...