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  1. Mango 04...did you do a trip to Australia a few years ago? Very interesting to follow you. EvieLS...formerly evie..been awaay from celiac.com.

  2. You could completely take her off dairy for several weeks and then reintroduce it slowly. And yeah, allergies can start/ become triggered at any age.
  3. If you're in New Zealand you should really ignore the US company statements. It's common for seemingly identical products to be completely different in different countries, especially regarding ingredients used and possible gluten. There's a good chance your version is still safe...so worth checking...
  4. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  5. Sweet and sour chicken is breaded. I know some celiacs (though not the ones on this board LOL) who will order sweet and sour chicken or orange chicken, and ask for it to be breaded with corn starch. You'd have to know the restaurant well though and be comfortable communicating with them. Sometimes...
  6. You are my dairy free inspiration!

  7. Thanks for the helpful info! have a wonderful day! :-)

  8. Kiss My Face makes one that's just olive oil, water and salt. Not exactly "mainstream"...but it can be found at many mainstream drug stores these days.
  9. I was kind of thinking the same thing. Highly processed milk proteins combined with artificial colors, flavors and msg cannot be good for anyone's digestive system, regardless of milk or gluten intolerances. Most people probably feel horrible after eating Cheetos, but would never think of attributing...
  10. I gave you 5, Cathy

  11. Oh yeah I have that Real Salt too (dang I spend a lot of money on salt! ). It's not as good as Himalayan or Celtic, but it's good too.
  12. You can get it at health food stores, usually in the isle with the seasonings. It's usually in a little bag. It is not cheap, but if you ever try it you will not go back to regular salt ever again