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  1. Ours was in the freezer when the DHL guy picked it up. He asked me if there were flowers in the box!
  2. We love these products. We've tried the lunch meats and the bacon. They're awesome. The bacon is quite delicious and the kids are greatful to be able to eat bacon more often, now that it doesn't contain the sodium nitrate. It doesn't fry up the same for some reason. It doesn't cook as evenly - I don't know why. But anyway, it's great. I didn't know they had hot dogs too in their naturals line. Can't wait to try it!
  3. Nausea Question

    Melody, sorry about your hyperemisis gravidarium. I had the same thing with my first pregnancy and was fed through a central line in a hospital all the way until my second trimester. What a nightmare! Few people understand how horrible this condition is. I remember wishing I would die when I had this. But congratulations! You were quite brave to go for a second child after having experienced it during your first pregnancy! I don't know if cutting out gluten stopped your vomiting, but if you truly had hyperemisis gravidarium, I seriously doubt it did. This condition is caused by an excess of HCG (the pregnancy hormone). It usually levels out at or about the beginning of the second trimester, which is where you are at now. If you start to vomit when you eat gluten now, well then it would seem to me that the cause of your vomiting is the gluten and not hyperemisis. I still encourage you, however, to remain gluten-free if you suspect you have Celiac or any other gluten sensitivity. I'm sorry to hear about the baby's cleft palate. You know, they can repair that beautifully now, so don't let this news bring you down in any way or prevent you from getting excited about your new blessed blundle of joy. I'm glad you're feeling better and wish you a healthy remainder of pregnancy.
  4. We like the Gluten Free Pantry's Favorite Sandwich Bread. Don't bother making it in the bread machine. Make it right in the oven. It slices well, freezes well and tastes pretty great.
  5. Sorry for the problem your little one is having. We home school our children. We use the K12 curriculum, a quality, advanced, award-winning program. I love it, and so do they. They have plenty of friends they spend time with, so they are well socialized. And they get individual attention, so they are getting a first-rate education. Every lesson is planned out for them on line and they supply you with all the necessary materials. The parent is the teacher and received teacher manuals for every subject detailing how to teach each lesson. You should check it out at www.k12.com when you get a chance. Good luck!
  6. Guhlia, do you like this cook book a lot? I've been thinking about buying it.
  7. Where do you guys buy the Sweet Baby Ray's brand? Is it in a regular grocery store, or a specialty store like Wild Oats? I'd love to try it.
  8. I wish I had some crispy, yet greasy, KFC fried chicken right now. The wing is my favorite (orig. recipe)...with the biscuit...mmmmmm
  9. Mamaw, how are the S'Better Farms corn dogs? Are they worth ordering? As for Ians, I'm pretty disappointed with their chicken nuggets and fish sticks. They don't taste like anything! Even when you add tons of salt.
  10. Hi everyone. I've been gone for a while because we took our first gluten-free vacation out of the country. We rented a gorgeous villa in Turks & Caicos with a private beach. We snorkeled in gorgeous coral reefs in just 2 feet of water right outside our door. We packed some gluten-free food (like pasta) and bought the rest at an IGA grocery store. The whole experience was wonderful, but when we returned we all ended up with horrible vomiting and d. The doctor said it was the travelers' virus (Norwalk?). We ended up at the children's hospital in Miami (it's such a "great hospital" that many travel from all over the Caribbean and South America to seek specialized medical attention for their children. So you could imagine my shock when after filling out the gluten free menu for my kids (who were there 5 days), we received Kellogs Corn Flakes for breakfast. I told the nurses and doctors about the malt flavoring containing barley and they were shocked. They were so upset at their kitchen who promised to go over all their ingredients again. The next day, we got Kellogs Rice Krispies for breakfast, malt flavoring being the 2nd ingredient. It seems like every level of personnel came to see me to discuss this with me...they were definitely concerned. The next day I ordered bacon for breakfast, but penciled in a note saying, "Hormel and Oscar Meyer brands are gluten-free." The assistant kitchen supervisor personally came to see me to inform me that she didn't send bacon in my children's breakfast tray because it was not Hormal or Oscar Meyer brand. It didn't even occur to her that she could call their bacon's manufacturer and ask if it was gluten-free. When the director of the hospital came to see me, he was so impressed with my knowledge of the gluten-free diet that he asked me to be on their parent advisory council. I told him I'd gained all my knowledge from this site and all of you really smart people! Maybe they just don't want me to make a big stink of it or sue them, who knows. Anyway, they had to release us early because they could not guarantee a gluten-free meal for my children and I told them I didn't trust their kitchen anyway. The supervisor called me before I left because the director insisted she make a gluten-free dinner for my kids. I told her that she should look on this site for a lengthy list of the many names gluten can go by. She was so nasty. She just said, "We already have a list." My kids were released at 4 pm that day without eating anything but a banana because I couldn't trust their kitchen. Sad. Bottom line. Many people who suspect their diet is gluten-free at this hospital are actually getting poisoned, not just celiacs, but autistic children and hiv patients, many who are on strinct gluten-free diets. You'd think such an institution would be better educated. As for me, I'm horrified. Please don't take just anyone's word for it when they claim something is gluten-free. Who'd think you could get glutened from something off the gluten-free menu of an internationally celebrated children's hospital? Makes me wonder about the gluten-free menus in restaurants.
  11. Sis, what did the doctor tell you about the findings? Did he seem concerned at all? Maybe it's no big deal(hopefully). Also, how do you know your pain is unrelated to your celiac? Lots of celiacs are gluten-free and still have pain. Quick question: what was that capsule endoscopy like? The doc wants to do one on my son, but he's only 8!
  12. Wow, this is great. I hope my kids get to that level soon. I don't have celiac, but I am gluten free for their sake. When I pass cakes, donuts, etc. at the store, I now cringe as if it were poison. A year ago, I would have never believed it was possible since I am the JUNK FOOD QUEEN.
  13. Thanks again everyone. You are TRUE friends. P.S. Yeah, don't ever turn to food for comfort when you are down. The next day, you just wake up fat.
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