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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. i have problems finding plain foods besides vegies and fruits ( i buy lots of vegis and fruits though) when it comes to meats every place in town pretty much only carys meats with additives besides pork,steak its really hard to find chicken the closeist i have found is tyson that only uses a broth...
  3. how long did it take u guys to be able to handle beans? they still pass right thru me with no digaestion
  4. meh not like i dont get email spammed anyways so s0l32@hotmail.com and the 0 is a zero also this is kinda unrelated but can you form allergies to foods?? or just intolerancys? i had some peanuts yesterday (planters) and withen 5 minutes i could barly breath and my neck broke out with small...
  5. im thinking gluten was not the culprit as today iam back to normal besides slight brain fog and not perfect bms but not like D or anything. probably was just me reacting to the dairy (first time having any dairy for a month)
  6. well its been about 30 minuters now and i really feel like im going to puke... god i should have avoided that enchalada bowl if i puke i am never gonna eat amys again and im bloated (but i seem to get bloated easy if i have beans so that could be why on that one) yeah i know but you know how...
  7. indeed indeed, but like i said i had the mj around say 5ish and its 8:30 so i dont think thats the culprit as for the dairy that may be indeed, the small amount of dary that is in this bowl was the first dairy i have had since going gluten free so that could be as well. i just am nerviuse because...
  8. well since it seems like u guys trust amys i went ahead and ate it i hope it agrees with me. it tastes really really good by the way the best product i have had from amys so far i only ate half of it and i put it ontop of my sald mmmm. but i figure if i eat half and react it wont be as strong...
  9. well im not sure if i have the delfi list buti have lists as for reading ingrediants and what not i do but by the time i go shopping the 1800s are always closed and then i dont know ifi can eat what i got for dinner i guess i will just eat it i need to eat something before it gets to late...
  10. i got the list i just dont trust the flavorings. i meen i know that they say it but i just want to check to make sure no one has had problems with it
  11. alright cool yeah i was not worried about the soy just about the skin that the sausage is in itself are you sure its safe?? i know i know i really do ask to many questions about food but im just so scard i will mess up acually im so scaredi keep having nightmares (my dream last night) was...
  12. ok so i desided to go out and do some grocery shopping so i could cook my own food instead of buying prepackaged stuff, i was walking in the deli and i spoted all the hillshire farm sausages, now they list right on there if has soy so i figured if it has wheat they would probably list it so i got...
  13. i usualy do cook for myself, but i have problems straying from the normel pork and salad or chicken and salad or steak and salad and sometimes substatue the salad for homemade frys. other then that i am pretty limited on my skills so i like to buy premade stuff for work as for your comment about...
  14. ok so i just read the back a nd it says its manufactured in a place that also uses wheat, so now im nerviuse to eat it i rember someone saying that the Mexican bowl glutend them so its still sitting in my freezer but what about this one? anyone had problems??