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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Recently I have became physicly active again. Started to do alot of skateboarding and biking all over town everyday. three days ago I skated my board up a huge huge hill the whole...
  3. Infestation

    i smashed the larva with a spoon but lost visuale on the guard bug
  4. Infestation

    So for months now randomly you would see little black bugs flying around can barely notice them unless your looking for them zipping around the house and landing on my monitor...
  5. well not to reply to my own question but i was look at the one on my under arm and its right at the spot where the skin folds when you put your arm down ( my guess is i have been...
  6. hrmm i know i dont have DH i have been tested and such is not the case. but today has been weird. my left upper side right below my ribs is off and on hurting not like tender to...
  7. so i have been babying my stomich now and its been like 4 or 5 days and still on the green side.. have no clue as to why but i know its not right. the pain in my lower left has...
  8. good guess raven u should acually look into possibly being a doctor or something. diverticuli was the first thing last year that my doctor thought i had. when i was first really...
  9. yeah well so far i know i have gastritis,"ibs" and also possible celiac disease (cant get a 100% dx because i have been on the diet to long) raven nope no feaver. just the really...
  10. so recently 3 things have happend. I seem to be internaly brused or inflamed on my left side. like in the middle of my left rib on the side. there is a small spot that hurts to...
  11. besides for them possibly adding something after distalation (possibly flavord vodkas?) it as said is theorticly safe. Personaly most liqure stores do the shelves in teers the lowest...
  12. Corvallis here. erm... hmm i seem to have lost the ingrediant list for one of there breads. ah here we go i found there busness card Living Earth Bakery fresh and deliciouse gluten...
  13. nothing much proud of myself been clean for a long time now i lost count as to how many weeks/months its been. Stomich has slightly improved it seems that as long as i eat 6 small...
  14. so my town aparently now has a dedicated gluten free bakery (YAY) so i went down and got a loaf of bread and some really really good cookies, tried the bread by itself also the...
  15. is there such thing as premade fajita mix? like the peppers/onion stuff or do you have to make it yourself? if there is what are some brands that are safe? if there is not what...
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