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  1. Hello...I would say if its a leaky gut, try Symbion for life. It is a "super probiotic". It saved me. I wasn't able to eat much. It takes time, but you'll soon notice a difference, you'll be able to tolerate more with less to little stomach upsetment. Google "Symbion for life". It has all the info you'll need. Good luck
  2. I have an idea about the acid. The last time when I wento to see my MD, I was complaining about the pains in my stomach. I found out that the last endoscopy I had came back with "gastritis". I was furious! So I found this book called "Great taste No pain". It teaches you about foods that are acid, and foods that are alkaline. It guarantees that after the first day or so, the pain will lessen...And it works!! The book tells you that you should never mix carbs, with protein. You can google the book, and actually, the author, Sherry Brescia, will let you download a 4 day diet just to show you how wonderfully it works. Good luck~Janet
  3. Hello all... Just got an email from my celiac group who received an email from general mills stating that Betty Crocker will now have gluten-free vanilla and chocolate cake mixes, also brownies and chocoate chip cookie mixes!! It will be available as of June 1, 2009. I was so excited, I just wanted to share. Janet
  4. I agree with Gemini. I had 2 endos and was told by the GI that by law, they are only able to go 2 inches into the small intestine. I'm not sure but with 22 feet of small intestine, how accurate can that be? It was fine for me, but for for my daughter who has alot of " celiac symptoms" she is scared and does not want to go through that. She simply is gluten-free, and feels much, much better. I know as a parent it is a big decision to make.
  5. I know that when your body is in crisis, it needs to be supported through the tough times, and then some. I think that vitamins, minerals are important now at all times. Lovey25-I have to tell you that I am such a baby when it comes to food. I grew up in a very old world italian home. My mother never put a cold bowl of cereal down in front of me for breakfast. It is really hard for me to have a shake first thing in the morning. I would try the soygurt, that doesn't sound bad. I do think that the golden seal f is helping me. So we'll see. Next month my husband and I will be going to florida for a vacation and all I can think is how will I feel? Its such a hit or miss thing. I am so sick of worrying about what can I eat..will I be able to find a place that won't set me back 2 weeks of misery... I think I will have to bring somethings from home. I do love home made popcorn w/olive oil Alib-Nuts doesn't bother you? And peanutbutter is ok? Meline had PM me, and told me about the healing naturally by bee. I didn't get a chance to read it all.
  6. Msjan...Thank you for your suggestions. Yes I did try threelac. Ironically, it did seem to help at first, but then it petered out. Maybe because I had such a leaky gut. (I do believe that is better now) Also, I am not sure if there is a difference, but I cook alot with fresh garlic. I'm not sure that I can be that brave to eat it just like that lol Alib...you are so right about the antibiotics. Growing up I really can't remeber being "off" them. I always had chronic sinus infections, strep thoat and fevers. I was born in the same place that I live now. The Drs would say that my infections were environmental. Funny, I haven't any any infections in the past couple of years...Ya think maybe they were wrong? Lovey25...OMG!!!! Is that what happened to me? I was rinsing with peroxide each time I brushed my teeth, then I would leave my toothbrush to soak in it. I probably stripped all the good bacteria from my mouth...my mouth has been sore and on fire for the past couple of days. Do you think that I am overloading myself with probiotics? I know my PH is off, and I belive that if were balanced, it would help with the candida. I was diagnosed with hashimotos in 1999. Six months later, the Md told me that all my levels were fine, and that I should be on the top of the world. Ugh, I still had neuropathy, fatigue, brain fog insomnia(one MD thought I had MS). It makes me crazy....why couldn't someone just check my vitamins levels ? One time when I went to donate blood, they prick your finger, and I was turned down because they said I was iron deficient. When I told that to my MD, he just brushed it off...There were so many signs that I was heading for a downfall...uhh...do I sound like I have any grudges?? Can you give me some ideas what to eat. I am a morning person, i love a cup of tea with a little something for breakfast. Anything, as long as its not a piece of meat...I don't think I could handle that.(and I think it would confuse my dog as to what time of day it is, he usually waits for the leftovers, lol) Lunch and dinner are ok...Also, what kind of snacks do you eat if any. I do like to munch on a little something at night. (oh, the days of ice cream sundaes are long gone) Have a great weekend!
  7. Riceguy...I take daily 600mg of magnesium/potassium along with a long list of other things. Each day I eat differently because some days I react to one thing, and then the next it seems ok.(Its got me nuts) Breakfast maybe yogurt or lite toast(7gms carbs, no sugar) I can't have cereal...too many carbs, and I can't tolerate the milk. Once in a while, I'll have fruit..berries Eggs off and on bother me. I do eat alot of salads. I only drink water and hot tea. Dinner is always meat and veggies. There are times that I would rather not eat because I hate to feel the way I do. I must at this point have a huge list of allergies/intolerances. One day I can eat raw almonds, the next day they bother me. A glass of wine is a thing of the past. I can't figure it out. Lovey25...Golden seal f is thyme, licorice, lapacho, marigold, cayenne, tumeric and golden seal. Ya know, just another thing I am trying. I will always be gluten-free, I am an extremely sensitive celiac...How annoying! It would never cross my mind. I am a fanatic when it comes to shopping for my family. My home is completely gluten-free for 2 years now. Even when we have guests, they eat what we eat. I would love to eat raw vegetables, but can I have carrots too? I thought they were too sugary. I am excited to hear about the throat lozenge, I will get that this weekend. I also wanted to mention that since June I have been taking "symbion" That has saved me from losing my mind all together. I had such a leaky gut, and symbion promises to heal it...and it did. It is loaded with different strains of probiotics. If you get a chance google it, it is something I cling to every day. You know what I don't understand is if my immune system is so bogged down, why haven't I gotten so much as a sniffle in the past 2 years. Not that I am looking for one, but I just can't understand what is happening to me. We go to bed at night listening to the music that my stomach is playing, that means the following day will be a difficult one. I hope this makes sense to you. I can't even begin to tell you how much I appreciate your help
  8. I was on 1 week of dilucan in December, and one week in January..But since January of 07 when I was diagnosed with celiacs I believe that really was the start of it all. I was on b12 shots, and deficient in all vitamins...I didn't have the strength to get out of bed. This was followed by 3 months of antibiotics...I think that did me in. I think I have tried every anti-candida under the sun. I begged my md to let me go to a specialist during the holidays and reluctanly he let me go. Actually, I have another appt at the end of the month. I am now taking golden seal f. My insides feel like they are pulling apart, and I get dizzy. I also have it my mouth. I have these under the skin blotches on my forearms, and my hands look red from time to time. I know that I am having a hard time digesting, and so I take enzymes before I eat. I can't remember the last time I had sugar..I use stevia. I also have muscle twitches or spasms. I do take vitamins and probiotics. I had my vitamin levels checked..all is good except D..just a little low. I just don't know what to do anymore...I would say pull my hair out, except I don't have too much left. I also have hashimotos. Any thought would be wonderful.
  9. Lovey25, I hope you see this...I noticed that you have been fighting candida also...do you feel any better? Some days I feel strong, and others(like today) I just want to cry. Last night I had complete insomnia. I have a wonderful husband, 2 kids, a beautiful home and a great job....but I can't enjoy any of it becasue I always feel like crap. I can't function on no sleep. I feel my candida coming back 2 fold. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  10. Yes, I just came off of a week of diflucan, and now I am taking golden seal f. I also take digestive enzymes when I eat. I am noticing that for a short period after I eat, I sweat, followed by alllooootttt of gurgling in my belly. Something just isn't right?
  11. Hello everyone...I was def glutened 2 days in a row, and I have candida issues that I try to keep under control. Does it make sense that if you are glutened that it can make the candida worse? The stomach soreness, daily headaches and over all feeling crummy is back big time. I would appreciate your opinions. Thanks
  12. As a mother of a 24 year that has been sick since the day he was born, I can say that my son has had every test that there is...and allergy testing x4. Same thing every time, no allergies. It has been a long journey, and we are now on the right path with his health. (by the way, my son was on a strictly soy formula...) After 22 years of sickness, he is at 99%...he has come a long way. He is happy and healthy(and very silly at times ) He will have to work on that belly, but that is the least of it.
  13. OH. I wish that I would have seen your post when it first came out. My son had the same rashes from the day he started drinking formula...And at 5 days old, he stopped breathing, due to a reaction from the formula. I can't tell you throughout his childhood how many times I had to rush him to the pediatrician because of high fevers and rashes. (by the way, the dr would say it was just a virus passing through body) He had those rashes up unitl 2 years ago when we had him tested, he is now 24. The rashes are now faded, but if you look close, you can see some outlines of it. He still has the distended belly...which he now nick-named it the *grande* lol My son was always sick, with projectile vomiting, and I could go on and on. Maybe you can get him gene tested...at least its a place to start. I'm not sure that I understand why the blood tests are not always accurate.
  14. Two months before I was diagnosed with celiacs, I had those same kind of pains. They did the HIDA with cck, and when the cck was injected the pain and the nausea was intolerable. Upon reading the results, the radiologist deemed it a "normal functioning gallbladder" But when the GI heard of my discomfort during the test, he made an appt for me to see a surgeon to have it removed. When pathology came back, they found that the gallbladder was not only not functioning, but also diseased. Sometimes those tests are really not that accurate
  15. We would like the see the Amish, and visit some farmers markets. We really don't know anything about the area, so any suggestions are appreciated. Wow! B&B's that serve gluten-free??? I think thats the most exciting thing I've heard in a long time. I am looking into Willow Valley, Do you know of any other ones? Thank you!
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