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  1. missy'smom

    Multiple Food Allergies/socializing

    Thank you love2travel for sharing. I can relate to some of that.What a guy you have to say you are the most fascinating women he's met!
  2. What do you all have for breakfast? as your carb/starch I am getting tired of pumpkin, cranberries and apples in things. I have a few muffin recipes that are corn, potato and tapioca-free, by alteration, originally or use very little starch...
  3. Sorry my contributions are not always grain-free since I have nut and seed allergy and I need the few grains I have left for dietary balance but I have many grain allergies as well. Hope that it's ok to share things that are not grain-free...
  4. missy'smom

    Nilla Wafers Sub?

    How 'bout gluten-free lady fingers? I forgot what the brand name is but they are available and they are made to be soaked in stuff and layered with pudding and such.
  5. Great thread, I will have to come back and contribute! for tonight I am off to an event/dinner which I am being accommodated at but I made these brownies which are waiting for me when I get home since I have to skip the ones provided. http...
  6. missy'smom

    Multiple Food Allergies/socializing

    It's very true. I get grumpy, in part, because I feel better so I want to do more but my body's not quite up to all that and I can't do as much as I want. I get mentally and physically tired. My DH keeps reminding me that I am doing a lot...
  7. missy'smom

    Multiple Food Allergies/socializing

    Bartful, I am so glad to know that you stop on the hikes! I may just have to give it a try now. This group adviertizes that they are freindly to the slower ones but it's still too far even that. I had to laugh at your feeling like you...
  8. missy'smom

    Itchy Mouth

    I have an unfriendly soy allergy. There are chocolates with no soy out there. I could have no soy, no dairy and had to watch the sugar carefully for a while and I still found a couple options...until I ended up allergic to the chocolate...
  9. missy'smom

    Multiple Food Allergies/socializing

    I was a faithful attender at our very good celiac disease support group but I quit going maybe 2 years back because I can't eat anything and don't really need the celiac disease support or info. anymore and I found myself feeling out of...
  10. missy'smom

    Multiple Food Allergies/socializing

    I think that is one of my problems too. I just feel too many negative feelings to be very good company sometimes these days. I used to do better but if I feel uncomfotable these days I get a bit grumpy. Sorry to say but true. I really am...
  11. missy'smom

    Multiple Food Allergies/socializing

    Thanks for you response and for sharing. It helps a little to know I am not the only one. I don't think you are selfish for chosing not to have kids. I have an acquaintance who had 3 a bit late and I won't get into all her issues but she...
  12. missy'smom

    Itchy Mouth

    Yes, definitely allergy symptom. I get that with many of my food allergies. It is often the first symptom when I develop a new one. I have a chocolate allergy but there are other ingredients in chocolate that can be allergens as well, soy...
  13. I am having a hrd time socializing with multiple food allergies on board. I've got about 25 including dairy, soy and gluten(not an allergy ). I find that I am just alone al the time now since everything revolves around food and I truely...
  14. My son had eczema when he was little that went down in proportion to how much gluten got eliminated from his diet when I went gluten-free. He would still eat it out of the house at parties and such and still had a small band around his ankles...
  15. missy'smom

    Middle School Book Club

    How about jello? lots of fun jello creations to be made out there-rainbow jello to start with and coconut milk or coconut beverage(more neutral tasting) could be subbed in the creamy layers for the milk or condensed milk fruit leathers...