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  1. missy'smom

    Multiple Food Allergies/socializing

    Thank you love2travel for sharing. I can relate to some of that.What a guy you have to say you are the most fascinating women he's met!
  2. What do you all have for breakfast? as your carb/starch I am getting tired of pumpkin, cranberries and apples in things. I have a few muffin recipes that are corn, potato and tapioca-free, by alteration, originally or use very little starch compared to most. I could share if anyone wanted. I often have mufffins, but as I said, tired of the same old recipes. I also have steel cut oatmeal or leftover squash or sweet potato, occasionally a bowl of rice with some kale sprinkled on top. I don't eat eggs unless thay are an ingredient in baked goods so that makes breakfast a bit more challenging.
  3. Sorry my contributions are not always grain-free since I have nut and seed allergy and I need the few grains I have left for dietary balance but I have many grain allergies as well. Hope that it's ok to share things that are not grain-free, all my food is free of the others. Today I had Whole Foods meat case bulk sausage as patties for my Breakfast, with part of a satumaimo-Japanese purple skinned-yellow fleshed sweet potato with a little ghee on it. Here is a "sauce" recipe I use on fish or chicken. Salsa Verde(not my choice of names) 1/2 c. finely chopped parsley 1/2 c. olive oil 3 Tb. capers, drained and chpped 1 Tb. lemon juice 1 tsp. fresh oregano or 1/3 dried 1 glove garlic, minced salt to taste Mix. Will keep 3 days in the fredge, press plastic wrap to cover the surface.
  4. missy'smom

    Nilla Wafers Sub?

    How 'bout gluten-free lady fingers? I forgot what the brand name is but they are available and they are made to be soaked in stuff and layered with pudding and such.
  5. Great thread, I will have to come back and contribute! for tonight I am off to an event/dinner which I am being accommodated at but I made these brownies which are waiting for me when I get home since I have to skip the ones provided. http://freeeatsfood.com/2012/01/11/brownies/ I use my own special flour blend free of potato and tapioca starch because of other allergies.
  6. missy'smom

    Multiple Food Allergies/socializing

    It's very true. I get grumpy, in part, because I feel better so I want to do more but my body's not quite up to all that and I can't do as much as I want. I get mentally and physically tired. My DH keeps reminding me that I am doing a lot more than I used to, but it's not social stuff much. I finally this year said to someone I feel like I am finally on top of the clutter and house cleaning.
  7. missy'smom

    Multiple Food Allergies/socializing

    Bartful, I am so glad to know that you stop on the hikes! I may just have to give it a try now. This group adviertizes that they are freindly to the slower ones but it's still too far even that. I had to laugh at your feeling like you'd rather go home. I feel like that! And all this work for what?! is it really worth it? I was never a social butterfly but now I want to be more social so I kinda have to learn how too but with all these limitations/irritations etc. attatched. It's hard to find people who have common interests as well. I like solitary type things as well but I'd like to share it with someone. I was thinking after reading your previous post, maybe I should think about starting a stitch and b%$@# off the local celiac disease group, at least we'd have similar things to "b%$@#" about! Thanks for listening and caring
  8. missy'smom

    Itchy Mouth

    I have an unfriendly soy allergy. There are chocolates with no soy out there. I could have no soy, no dairy and had to watch the sugar carefully for a while and I still found a couple options...until I ended up allergic to the chocolate itself. I have been abe to gain back a few foods after long avoidance but my allergist has a protocol I follow for re-introduction and a different protocol for foods that are riskier for me. I am currently enjoying a little chocolate again-soy and dairy-free on an occasional basis, after maybe a year avoidance.
  9. missy'smom

    Multiple Food Allergies/socializing

    I was a faithful attender at our very good celiac disease support group but I quit going maybe 2 years back because I can't eat anything and don't really need the celiac disease support or info. anymore and I found myself feeling out of sync and not pleasant company. I used to think I was a patient person but all these health issues have tried that to the max! I've spent years in recovery and trying to get a life back and so much waiting in between. Results do come but painfully slow and I haven't reached a stable status quite yet-getting there maybe. Starting a sewing group is a good idea. The stitch 'n b%$@#es are always a bit out of my area but I am not sure where we'd meet or how to get one started. Have to think on that a bit. I don't quilt, crochet or knit. I do other things but I'd like to learn a bit, very slowly, of those 3. I so want to join the hiking meet up in my area but they walk twice as far as I can right now. I am thinking lately of just going anyway and stopping half way and reading a book or sewing until they turn around and meet up with me again and then walk back the rest of the way, maybe gradually increasing my distance. Thanks for the HUG !!!
  10. missy'smom

    Multiple Food Allergies/socializing

    I think that is one of my problems too. I just feel too many negative feelings to be very good company sometimes these days. I used to do better but if I feel uncomfotable these days I get a bit grumpy. Sorry to say but true. I really am trying to just push myself to "try" some new things this year in order to help find something that fits. I try not to have any expectations and if it doesn't fit I just move on.
  11. missy'smom

    Multiple Food Allergies/socializing

    Thanks for you response and for sharing. It helps a little to know I am not the only one. I don't think you are selfish for chosing not to have kids. I have an acquaintance who had 3 a bit late and I won't get into all her issues but she clearly doesn't enjoy motherhood and does not do well in many ways, she could barely manage her first but she wanted that certain family image. I would have loved another well but I knew I couldn't handle many things and I would rather do well with one than have another that I couldn't handle. It's not fair to the kid. I do attend church but it's another part of my problem in some ways. It's a church that exists to serve a foreign population and while I am called to serve them, I don't get my needs met there. I need balance for me. I am trying to get out once a month and visit other churches. I do feel like such a freak and it is so awkward! I was so embarrased to communicate my needs to the lady coordinating my son's soccer banquet. I felt like, here I am such a falling apart mess! this is what I've come to I have to be picky even down to what greens can be used in my salad, and they don't even know about the diabetes. And then I advocate all those details for the meal and you can take one look at me and see I have problems as adult onset type 1 diabetes has left me underweight and the food allergies keep my from being able to gain it all back. It was a whole nother thing just to get some clothes to wear...Part of my cry session yesterday was "why does everything have to be so hard!" I couldn't have made it without some online friends and forums. They've been a real blessing but I need to talk with people face to face sometimes and not just cats, teens and non-native English speakers.
  12. missy'smom

    Itchy Mouth

    Yes, definitely allergy symptom. I get that with many of my food allergies. It is often the first symptom when I develop a new one. I have a chocolate allergy but there are other ingredients in chocolate that can be allergens as well, soy and dairy. You should consider reporting it to an allergist. Look for one who is used to running large panels for foods and belives in elimination even if you don't have anaphylaxis. Many mainstream allergist don't really bother with foods and won't recommend elimination/avoidance unless someone has a severe reaction. I find that I get big payoff by avoiding my "milder" food allergies.
  13. I am having a hrd time socializing with multiple food allergies on board. I've got about 25 including dairy, soy and gluten(not an allergy ). I find that I am just alone al the time now since everything revolves around food and I truely can't eat a thing and it is just ot working anymore to bring my own. A big part of my problem is two-fold, besides the actual food. We moved here when I was at my sickest and I went gluten-free just a couple months after but it took a long time to heal and I had undx diabetes at the time too so I didn't go out of the house for a couple years and didn't get connected with people. Now, 6 years later I have been well enough to get out the past 2 years and get to know my way around but I still don't know anyone. I've searched around for non-food activities that involve meeting people but it's hard to find. All the "meet-ups" and other activities revolve around food-exploring local restauraunts, various potlucks for this group or that etc. I don't feel comfortable bringing my own to a group of strangers. I could and I did in the past but these days but I end up feeling so out of place. I tried again this past weekend with a few of my DH's soccer friends and their wives who I see other places so we know each oth a little but I sat there at the reastaurant with nothing but a cup of water watching them eat and talking about their toddlers and I have a HS kid. I can relate to people in different places in life than me but we are just at such different places and I ended up feeling so out of place with the sum of everything and coming home and crying. I've thought about becoming the hostess with the mostess to get people into my home and share food that I can eat but it plays against the fact that I am the oldest in my family and the caregiver and I want so much to be the one cared for. So I feel a little resentful about having to serve everyone. I have the skills I just am lacking the desire these days and I don't want to be the super volunteer mom at school in order to meet people either. Maybe I'm being too selfish... I am not well enough to do strenuous exercize so that cuts out some things and my son is a high-schooler now so all the Mommy" groups are out and I have a feeling 40 something moms are all working...I don't know, what do 40 something moms do? I am becoming my grandma sewing at home and cooking all the time...
  14. My son had eczema when he was little that went down in proportion to how much gluten got eliminated from his diet when I went gluten-free. He would still eat it out of the house at parties and such and still had a small band around his ankles regularly. It went away completely and stayed away never to return, when we took him gluten-free. There are vaarious rashes that can be associated with wheat allergy. We are still sorting out what is up with him and wheat/gluten. My son also had pos blood and skin test for wheat allergy at the time. His Celiac status is not clear so we are re-introducing gluten after 3 yrs gluten-free and watching and waiting and planning re-testing. It seemed that he got hives a couple days after re-introduction. Your kiddo's rash looks a bit like the rash that started us allergy testing several years ago. My son ate a frozen pizza and vomited and got a small rash within 5-10 min. of eating it. The doc only tested for top 8 allergens at the time but later we changed to a different allergist and had a more thorough panel run. There's no one rash that everyone gets for allergen x. Everyone's bodies channel the reaction differntly and even in the individual it can vary from time to time as it did with my son. I have a soy allergy and have had a number of reactions but suddenly got a rash a bit like your kiddo's, only a little bigger-pencil eraser size this last time from a medication that contained soy oil. My rash came up suddenly and red spots consistant in size and itchy. They took a while to heal. Never got p%$#@# or anything just red. I don't get rashes often and that was the first time I'd gotten one from soy. I am hard-wired for GI inflamation, immediate diareeah, mouth burning with my various food allergies. I know others who have the same allergies and get usually get rashes or other types of symptoms. I think each of our bodies are programmed somewhat to deal with it in our own way.
  15. missy'smom

    Middle School Book Club

    How about jello? lots of fun jello creations to be made out there-rainbow jello to start with and coconut milk or coconut beverage(more neutral tasting) could be subbed in the creamy layers for the milk or condensed milk fruit leathers-lots of "natural" kinds if you have concerns about fake colors etc in mainstream brands fruit snack packets these types of things would show people what "notmal" foods your kid can have we've done "krispy treats too" with various cereals-chex type, coco krispy type, regular style crispies with the freeze dried berries in it can your kids have sunflower seed "butter"? in place of nut butters?