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  1. I don't like chickpeas at all -- the texture gets to me -- so I always use Great Northern (white) beans as a substitution. Great in hummus and also in chana masala (both traditionally chickpea-centric).
  2. i am absolutely shocked at how many people here have scoliosis. I do know that it is quite common - 1 in 10 women have scoliosis and something like 1 in 25 men - although the vast majority of cases are ten degrees or less. Severe scoliosis is not nearly as common (although I do work with two other...
  3. My orthopedic surgeon advised me NOT to go to chiropractors - but I did go to physical therapy for six weeks to learn exercises to strengthen my back. Eventually, when I stopped growing, my back no longer bothered me. Unfortunately, I have both a 45 degree thoracic curve and a 47 degree lumbar...
  4. I have had severe scoliosis since I was five years old. I wore a back brace for three years and had to endure cortisone shots. I was also told that scoliosis is an idiopathic condition... no one else in my family has it. My question is: Is there a correlation between scoliosis and celiac? ...
  5. Oh that news could not have come sooner - the recent cold(er) weather in the midwest seems to have gotten everyone at work sick. Thanks for the info!
  6. Wow - I just noticed that my pinky is half the size of my ring finger. WEIRD. I did a google search, and here is what I found: http://books.google.com/books?id=o7ZFv772l...une&f=false
  7. Ingredients in Light & Fit Mayo water soybean oil modified food starch egg yolks distilled and cider vinegar HFCS salt sugar lemon juice spice xanthan gum potassium sorbate DL alpha tocopherol acetate (vitamin e) <---- ??? beta carotene natural flavors contains: egg
  8. I finally got an email back from Aldi about the labeling on some of the products I either have purchased or have been interested in purchasing, but did not know if they were safe. Anyone else find it odd that mayonnaise is not safe? Dear Monica, Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding...
  9. I get really bad anxiety after a glutening. I get shaky and what my fiance calls "crazy-eyed". Anxiety was actually the symptom my doctor saw that caused her to test for celiac, oddly enough.
  10. Kettle Brand Thai Spice chips... that was not a fun next morning... Also, "gluten free" mostacolli and red sauce from a local restaurant. I was sick for 2 weeks! Then of course my own airhead moments like dressing (I figured it couldn't be gluten free... boy was I wrong!) and Amy's corn crust...