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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I wake up screaming - this is something that started when i was 19. My husband has to shake me to wake me up. I have frequently thought dead people were in the room. One night I fell/rolled out of bed and really hurt myself. It doesn't happen hardly at all now that I am good about my diet - but...
  3. Muscle testing isn't for everyone--that is for sure. It works very well for me, and it takes practice, patience, and an element of belief. I do feel strongly that we should check the labels, but sometimes it is the chemicals, additives, or other allergic reactions that can get us from a food or...
  4. I use a technique EVERY TIME I buy new food or products (shampoo/soaps, etc...) that has literally saved my life. I have gotten so good at it that I can tell if my body will reject something just by holding it in my hand (if I will have a huge reaction). It is called muscle testing. This ancent...
  5. If you can have dark chocolate chips, you might be able to make quick fudge. I take chocolate chips, microwave them (just a handful), stir once melted, quickly add peanut butter (and butter/sour cream if okay), powdered sugar, roll into little balls, refrigerate, and eat - easy and yummy!