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  1. RollingAlong

    Food Sensitivity Testing

    You might also consider histamine. That can aggravate things and it is tricky to test for. However, eating "anti-histaminically...
  2. RollingAlong

    Extended Interview Situation

    It all worked out - the key - cargo pants packed full of snacks!
  3. RollingAlong

    Extended Interview Situation

    ok, that sounds good to me. thanks!
  4. Well, FWIW, DH never had any positive blood tests and he saw several docs, 4 or 5. He has had a positive fecal TTG...
  5. DH (celiac and casein free) is up for a job opportunity. So far, the application has been handled online and there...
  6. RollingAlong

    Celiac Type Forum For Dairy Intolerance?

    You could try looking for resources for casein intolerance and milk allergy. Those search terms will be more effective...
  7. Wow, great news! I can't help but think that the mood improvements are an especially good sign. I hope your daughter...
  8. http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:l6ZvvaiyAgcJ:https://www.csaceliacs.org/servlet/sf%3Fid%3D248%2...
  9. RollingAlong

    Does Dairy Affect Your Mood And Mind?

    My spouse noticed this as well. He dislikes goat, but does tolerate sheep milk products. He also has the MTHFR issue...
  10. RollingAlong

    Prosciutto Brands For Super Sensitive?

    Boar's Head is very committed to gluten-free/CF but I am not sure about certification. I do know that now all salamis...
  11. RollingAlong

    Prosciutto Brands For Super Sensitive?

    My spouse does well with Boar's Head and Salumi. He is gluten and casein free. He handled those sorts of products...
  12. RollingAlong

    Paleo Diet... Did It Really Help?

    My spouse has done well on Paleo starting around 2009. He's added back more foods, such as legumes, rice and potatoes...
  13. Do they check your vitamin D levels? You will need vitamin d, and k2, and protein (particularly glycine and collagen...
  14. RollingAlong

    So Discouraged

    Make sure that you keep an eye on levels of zinc, iodine, vitamin d, b12, iron. Deficiencies will aggravate.