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Gluten-free since 2005, self-diagnosed with an elimination diet. My doctor told me how long and how much wheat I would have to eat for blood tests and I laughed at him. Pretty sure I'm celiac and not merely gluten intolerant since I had borderline anemia, hypothroidism (now have Hashimoto's), aphthous ulcers, signs of B-complex deficiency, intermittent carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic fatigue, bipolar illness, IBS, gastritis, white spots and ridges on my nails, tooth enamel problems, and food sensitivities possibly from "leaky gut". All but the bipolar illness and thyroid disease resolved on a gluten-free diet.

The bipolar illness is a story in itself. Gluten gives me depression and fatigue, and even now I have an episode of a few days of anxiety and depression along with GI symptoms if I'm glutened. Rather than doctors figuring out I was celiac, I was treated with Prozac in my 20s and it helped some. SSRIs are now known to trigger manic episodes in susceptible people and after eight years of Prozac, I had my first manic episode. I had seven years of bipolar illness treated with lithium and depakote (later Lamictal) and I had breakthrough episodes all the time and awful "brain fog" from the meds. I was so malnourished from malabsorption, half my hair fell out from the depakote. My doctor said he'd never seen that happen in someone my age.

After going gluten-free and finally having some energy and less depression, I decided to take on the bipolar illness. On the advice of a remarkable psychiatrist friend, I went off my meds that weren't working well anyway and onto on the rather controversial EMPowerPlus vitamin and micronutrient supplement from TrueHope. To my delight, it worked! I had monitoring by my own psychiatrist (not the friend) and therapist as I did this, and both were quite surprised at the improvement. I was declared "in remission" after nine months by the psychiatrist. My therapist followed me for another year and then told me I didn't need to come any more as I was well.

I now enjoy good mental and physical health as long as I can avoid the ubiquitous gluten and keep taking my EMPowerPlus and fish oil.

  1. I can't do high-tyramine foods or nitrates either. Fortunately I only have to avoid the super-high ones like red wine, aged cheese, and cured meat like ham. I'm going to have to try that Hormel bacon if I can find it and see if it works out. Glad I found this thread.
  2. Skylark, you've been such a help as I have started my gluten-free journey. Thank you!

  3. Punkin seems to eat a lot of junk food. It's probably affecting her mind.
  4. We need a good cheer emoticon! I want a clapping one too. Grass fed beef burger with mushrooms on Canyon Bakehouse bread and baby spinach salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar tonight.
  5. ubiquitous gluten is right. I can relate to the emotional experiences of bipolarism and have had my horomones balanced in order to get back on the right track. Worked well. Glad you have come through so much! I am also glad you posted the celiac panel tests, a friend of my mother's is looking to have that done to find out for sure. Thanks!

  6. Glad to hear I'm not the only CLL. I'll have to try breading them in cornstarch or maybe cornmeal the way I cook fish. I made black bean soup yesterday, with chicken broth I'd frozen from my last roasted chicken, black beans, onion, garlic, celery, carrots, chunks of potato, salt, and some...
  7. Before you go off gluten, you need proper celiac testing. Celiac testing only works on a full gluten diet. (Four slices of bread a day worth of gluten.) If gluten turns out to be your problem, you won't want to re-poison yourself for two months to find out if you have celiac disease. Tests you...
  8. Sauteed chicken livers with onions and celery. (Yeah, I'm weird. I love chicken livers and I found organic ones at Whole Foods!) Steamed baby bok choy, and a slice of Canyon Bakehouse gluten-free bread.
  9. I told my mom about this pizza. She is not celiac and doesn't have to adhere to gluten-free perfectly in order to feel better. She was really pleased becasue she likes Domino's, she can get it delivered, and this pizza will probably work for her. I feel a little better about this product - it is...
  10. Well, Domino's could have had my business. Instead they made pseudo gluten-free pizza and lost out.
  11. I love Larabars. Also most of the Tiger's Milk bars have no gluten ingredients. Last time I looked, the cruch flavor was the only one with gluten.
  12. They didn't do the right tests to pick up celiac-related neuro problems. They would need to do the old anti-gliadin IgA and it's very prone to false negatives. Someone just pointed out that Cyrex is doing assays for autoimmunity against the neurological transglutaminase, TG6. It's part of...
  13. I liked your post in the "Cross-Reactivity" thread so much that I tweeted it <3

  14. They've never heard of a WHEAT ALLERGY? Plenty of celiacs are allergic to wheat too. Sorry you didn't get help. That's insane. I might try making an appointment with my Dr. and asking for an inhaler.