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  1. Yes. I had a nasty reaction and since a Think Thin was the only thing I'd eaten that afternoon, I suspected the sugar alcohols. I'm not a fan of them.
  2. Yep, you might also want to drop a note to corporate headquarters about the lack of knowledge. at that restaurant It's bad enough that you're sick, but someone with a wheat allergy could die. I've eaten at Qdoba several times with success, but I only eat the rice, beans, meats and fresh toppings...
  3. "Natural and artificial flavors" are always questionable. Remember, those can be barley-derived and since barley's not a Big 8 allergen it doesn't have to be disclosed. Contact the company.
  4. I wonder. My dad (the parent from whom I think I inherited gluten intolerance) had to have his appendix removed when he was a 22-year-old newlywed. He is first-generation Mexican-American and grew up eating a more traditional Mexican (low gluten) diet. Then he married my mom, who is entirely of...
  5. K8ling, actually we're the ones who have it easier in the long run. We have major incentive not to eat gluten. Thus, our guts can actually heal and we can recover. If we were asymptomatic, we'd probably be fine with cheating every so often, destroying our health slowly without even realizing it,...
  6. Mine seem to be coming on faster now that I've been gluten-free for a while (8 months). I took an accidental direct hit a couple of weeks ago eating Thai food in Japan- I ordered what was supposed to have been a safe green curry over rice, but it's entirely possible that wheat starch or flour was...
  7. Sounds very familiar. Last year it got to the point that I had to constantly medicate myself with antihistamines and sinus meds because I was constantly puffy and stuffed up. That all went away once I went gluten-free and flares right back up if I'm CC'd.
  8. Yes. I can eat pistachios now and have tentatively tried walnuts with no problems so far. I never had anaphylactic reactions to them, but I did have a bad contact allergy. I also thought for years that I was intolerant to peppers but am having no problems with them now that my gut is healed. I also...
  9. A little extra info for some added hope. 2 years before my diagnosis, the docs told me I would need an egg donor due to my poor FSH levels. Hubby had his own severe issues. We tried IUI, but never IVF because my numbers were so bad. I'm 35 now 6 weeks into my first pregnancy. I wish you the best with your emotional journey through infertility. I bought a 2 seater car for a child-free positi...

  10. Give it a few months. By the time I went gluten-free I couldn't eat broccoli or any other brassica veggie. I have no problems with them now.