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  1. sorry for the delayed response, I have been busy looking for work lately. I guess I will look closer at what I am eating as far as dairy. Last night I "sinned" and had some gluten free pizza but so far this morning I am not having to bad of problems this morning but that is all the dairy I am having for the next month if I can help it. I think the hardest part of this is going to be cooking. Im not going to have my wife stop using milk in what she is cooking with as far as gluten-free pancakes and baked goods as those haven't been giving me any problems from what I can tell. However, I will have her try and avoid using cheese when she is cooking....we just use so much cheese when we cook! gah! this disease has been hard to get used to even though I have been trying for about 2 years now......does lactaid work well with celiacs?
  2. Hi, I havent been on here in a LONG time. I was diagnosed with celiac disease about a year and a half ago and stopped eating gluten immediately. However, I am still fighting frequent diarrhea. I originally thought that I just needed to give it sometime and let my body heal itself sinc I was having problems for 4 years before I was finally diagnosed....which required a change in doctors cause the one before just said it was "stress". Anyways, starting about a week ago I started to try and eliminate dairy....I say try because I LOVE dairy and me and my wife cook alot and cheese is used in a good amount of dishes. I have started to buy lactose free yogurt and I have been drinking almond milk since I was diagnosed with celiac disease. I dont seem to be badly affected by milk used to bake for some reason though. I have also stopped putting cheese on sandwiches. Judging by how much better I am doing I think I can "treat" myself every so often to a small dish of ice cream but I think I need to try and avoid dairy even more than I have been since I have seen an improvement. however, I was wondering if there were other areas in my diet that I should like at? I eat alot of chicken and pork, I only have beef once or twice a month and my wife makes some great fish....something that I need to learn....we usually have vegetables of some sort with dinner and quite often potatoes as well so I can get that starch in my system. Lunch is usually a wrap in a corn tortilla or just left overs or cold cuts on a plate....breakfast is usually gluten free pancakes or gluten free cereal with almond milk, (chex or fruity pebbbles). I can hardly stand eggs as when I was on my honeymoon the cruise boat was notified of my diet restrictions and said that they could accomodate me but I kept getting sick so I resorted to boiled eggs and fruit for 2 weeks solid and I can hardly stand the smell of eggs now..... I also need to eliminate chocolate from my diet as I never think it is a big deal because I eat dark chocolate....which there is still dairy in but I really like chocolate....
  3. I would avoid Hall's BReezers. I became VERY ill to the point that I was throwing up and extreme stomach pain. IT Was so bad that I had a colonoscopy as a result.
  4. hey all. just got back from my honeymoon where i was sick for most of the trip regardless of avoiding dairy and gluten. today i am still feeling extrememly sick with severe stomach pain and nausea and i have not had any gluten or dairy. all i had today was a scrambled egg with some leftover steak for breakfast. I am 100% positive that this had no CC as i do not even keep gluten in the house. I also had some hot tea as I have a soar throat. THIS and the splenda used to sweeten it was double checked to make sure there was no gluten. THE only other thing that could be a problem is the throat drops for my soar throat. THIS Was also double checked to have no gluten. I have not idea what it could be and I don't think this is normal. DOEs anyone have any suggestions?
  5. That makes me feel alot better knowing that Italy is very accomadating for celiacs. It is a cruise I am on for the majority of the trip but most of the stops are in italy with a few in greece, turkey, and egypt. I have decided to try and avoid dairy completely for the time being to see how that helps. I go to the doctor today to check on the thyroid as I have completely stopped taking it as I always felt bad the days I did. This added to the fact that the doctor I was going to before didnt seem to give a hoot that I was having so much stomach trouble and I wonder if it was just a simple solution from him. I went to the same doctor for 3 years complaining about stomach problems and the last straw was when he told me that I should start sticking pills up my rear for hemroids when I was complaining about my stomach. The new doctor is very good and immediately referred me to a specialist in town who diagnosed me right away and tested to follow up on it. Lets cross our fingers and hope that dairy is the culprit at the moment as I do tend to eat alot of cheese and cereal in the morning(gluten free chex).
  6. Ok, I am going to make sure and take lactaid when I eat dairy to see if there is any improvement there. My doctor said that if I knew I was gluten free and still had problems that he wanted to start looking for limfomic(sp-i know its wrong) cancer. Before they performed an endoscope that looked at everything except the colon but I cannot do that at the moment as I am getting married next week and going to italy for my honeymoon and so I need to get this fixed ASAP
  7. Hello, I am new here and I was diagnosed with CELIAC Disease about 2 months or so ago. The Dr. ran a blood test and I came back positive and then proceeded to do the endoscope that was already scheduled which showed that all of my digestive track to be swollen. Therefore, I immediately stopped eating wheat and anything with gluten and I am very safe when I go out to eat. However, when we ran the blood test again 2 weeks after the endoscope I was negative for celiac but I proved positive for the genetic mutation. The doctor said that that doesnt mean I dont have celiac disease but that it is just very odd that I no longer have the antibodies already when it takes most 6 months before they fully disapear. Anyone else experience this? Furthermore, I am still having some stomach problems. I noticed that when I dont take my thyroid medication that I seem to do better and I think the doctor I had before was crap and didnt even want to try and find anything wrong with me. Therefore, I am going to get tested again to see if that could be a problem tomorrow. Once again though, I am having stomach pains again and I know that I have not consumed gluten and have not taken my thyroid pill today. However, I have eaten alot of dairy as of late I guess as I had cream in my coffee this morning, ice cream yesturday afternoon cause it was a hot day, and my fiancee put sour cream in the soup we had last night alont with left over pizza. Is it common for celiacs to also have a hard time with dairy? My doctor told me that if I continue to have problems that he wanted to start looking for cancer. WHich scares me. However, I was doign so much better for a long time before all this started up again. Before I was diagnosed and I was still eating gluten I was on the porcelean throne about 9-10 times a day and when I went gluten free I was down to 3 and if it was more it was because I was being paranoid and just had to make sure I didnt have to go as I was used to going to much. can anyone help me? I dont know what I should be looking at.
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