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  1. Hey, does anyone know if Curly's Baby Back Ribs are okay? I ate some tonight thinking they were (DH is usually really really careful about label reading) but now have terrible heartburn, aching, exhuastion. Now it could be a coincidence, and I am only about one month gluten free so it's still up...
  2. Thanks guys! I had a small (black) coffee from DD today and it seemed fine - phew! I don't particularly like to drink it black but right now dairy doesn't agree with me Maybe I'll get used to carrying around a gluten free non dairy creamer
  3. Hi everyone! I am fairly new to this and still in the ongoing testing stage, but have been gluten free for a week now with some pretty big changes (long history of health issues - never thought they could be Celiac!). Anyway, I have read that Dunkin' Donuts coffee is okay...I love their coffee...