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  1. Luvbeingamommy

    When My Child First Went Gluten-Free, I Noticed _______

    Give it more time, what were his main symptoms??? I know for myself, I felt worse before I felt better. We did...
  2. Luvbeingamommy

    How Soon After Gluten Do You React?

    Interesting....my joint pain is def better, but my stomach systems are still going, but I am sure that is my body detoxing...
  3. Luvbeingamommy

    Dear Pf Changs,

    Yum!! We went to PF Changs post dxn and had a super yummy dinner, I got really sick the next day and I thought it...
  4. Luvbeingamommy

    Do Any Of You Wear A Med Bracelet?

    Is your son Celiac?? My ds is only almost 3 now, but when he gets older and goes to preschool, etc I think this would...
  5. Is it always instantly?? I made a stupid mistake last night and ate some tastee sandwiches, well just the meat,...
  6. Interesting, I am part a diocease that doesn't do wine either, just for priests/alters, etc. The asst. preist at my...
  7. Mom's who use woolies, do you keep your favorite sets??

  8. Luvbeingamommy

    White Cake Recipe?

    Yeah I saw that when I was searching, I don't know if I can find it sold around here. So it tasted pretty good, like...
  9. I am looking for a good white cake recipe, think birthday cake white . Thanks!!
  10. Luvbeingamommy

    Digestive Enzymes?

    Has anyone used these to help heal their stomach?? If so what kind did you use and did they really help??
  11. Luvbeingamommy

    Was Food Allergy Tested Today....

    Yeah that's why my allergist said I can try the foods I have to do it over a month I guess. Not for awhile though, but...
  12. Luvbeingamommy

    Was Food Allergy Tested Today....

    So you take allergy meds year round then?? I do have seasonal allergies and take it on and off during the allergy season...
  13. I decided to go ahead and do this even though I didn't really think I had any true allergies. I figured it never hurts...
  14. Luvbeingamommy

    This Is Gluten Free Right?

    Hmm, so it is gluten free, but probably has cc issues then??
  15. Luvbeingamommy

    This Is Gluten Free Right?

    Well something is still getting me, but could be another food, not sure. I was thinking CC might be a risk. I guess...